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  1. It sure is nice to see so many friendly faces still around. Maybe I'll make a new character and just hang around in town to chat or something one of these days. I dunno. I don't really want to start logging onto my old accounts 'cause I think it'd be way too easy to get sucked back into addiction that way. ;P But I do miss you guys! Especially GM Ires. <3
  2. Hi! Nice to see TalonRO is still alive and kicking. A lot of you current players probably don't know me or have forgotten who I am, but I played here from the server's launch all the way til last year or so. You may still see my characters wandering around, being played by an impostor *-*. Just thought I'd leave these here. How I look now, since I cut my hair quite short last month: How I looked last year, in case you forgot: Okay, that's it for now! See you again in another few months!
  3. Non volevo più passare tempo in TalonRO perché c'erano troppi amici miei che avevano già smesso di giocare qui, e troppe altre persone a cui non piacevo... Mi sentivo molto sola e non sapevo cosa fare nel gioco comunque, quindi anch'io sono "quittata." Questi giorni, sempre sto giocando a DotA, haha. E STO IMPARIANDO L'ITALIANO! Davvero, in un corso universitario e tutto. Pensate che sia migliorata?!
  4. Sono d'accordo con il titolo del thread.
  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL On the bright side, I guess it could be a good thing that some people do manage to forget about bad things that have happened in the past.
  6. Mine tends to do that. I'm tired of having to adjust the white balance and exposure manually. NEED A PRO-ER CAMERA IMO
  7. AHAHAHAHA Eu sempre sabia que isso seria seu futuro!!!!!
  8. z3igarnik


    My português was always ruim.
  9. z3igarnik


  10. z3igarnik


    Eh, doesn't necessarily mean they're right, just as many English speakers have a poor grasp of their own grammar. You should ask Tokei for confirmation. But I'm pretty sure that "Les discussions Française" means "The discussions French woman." Hahahaha wow, je ne l'avais pas aperçu... mais bien sûr, c'est très pro.
  11. Jajaja hola Felix, ¿qué tal? (Me parece increíble que, aun con los idiomas extranjeros, este pendejo arriba de mí logre hacer spam.)
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    Eu ainda vou entender o que escreves. CUIDADO!
  13. z3igarnik


    Mais personne ne parle français ici. o_o Also, it should be "Les discussions françaises"... lower-case f and an s at the end.
  14. Damn, I wish I had a kitty...
  15. Te odio. Tene cuidado, ou faço a seus mensagems o que fiz a los quais de Infinate-Arrow. :angry:
  16. Don't you dare insult Carrie like that.
  17. ... Why did each of you edit your previous post, then make a new post with the exact same content as the one before?
  19. MOSKO YOU SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE <33333333333333 I'm totally driving up to Massachusetts.
  20. The level 99 Whitesmith Howard owned me in, like, two hits... (Look at all those misses. That thing has haxed ASPD. *-*) But then Tokei resurrected Lola and me, and we killed it together! And everyone lived happily ever after.
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