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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL On the bright side, I guess it could be a good thing that some people do manage to forget about bad things that have happened in the past.
  3. The level 99 Whitesmith Howard owned me in, like, two hits... (Look at all those misses. That thing has haxed ASPD. *-*) But then Tokei resurrected Lola and me, and we killed it together! And everyone lived happily ever after.
  4. AAAHHH GM IRES ILUSM :wub: :wub: :wub: !!! Congratulations !! This resting system seems really cool. Also, yay for the quest event. Thanks for everything, GM's!
  5. Yes! Finally, my chance has come to make an NPC named Becca on TalonRO!!
  6. Si ya tienes todos los ingredientes pero te falta sólo el zeny, creo que podrás pedir un intercambio o algo así cuando estés listo de hacer tu SQI.
  7. Oooh, this event sounds really cute.
  8. Wow, every update is pretty awesome. Yes!! I've been waiting for this for ages! Also, hi to GM Alecto.
  9. ^ Amen to that, lol. This is a really cool update. I'm glad to see the new four-bar battle mode and super-Kafra back. Like Dabe, I also don't really care for having Alt+Q bring up both equips and stats, but I guess we'll get used to it. AAHHH NEW HEADGEARSSSS
  10. Oh wow, has it been a year already? I don't really have anything interesting going on, and when I do, I always forget to run TalonRO as admin so I can't take screenshots anyway. I guess I'll turn down UAC someday... So here's a picture of me sitting with my clones. Which one is fake?! I think it should win for sheer cuteness. :)
  11. Yeah, lol... summer's ending, man! Enjoy your vacations, though.
  12. Wow, what a party that'll be!
  13. Oh, lol. Well, he showed it to us for TalonRO promotion purposes. I guess... :x I'm so jealous that you're closer to the Säiläs than I am, Stef.
  14. AAAHHH I LOVE IT! All of it! Especially the biography of your wife and your own page. Idle and I had a nice chat about it: The Säilä family is adorable.
  15. Also, double post because I can't edit my previous one: Why did my Champ lose a level? It was 96 with 22% EXP before the update; now it's 95 with 97.8% EXP.
  16. Interesting changes. Comic Sans, though? Oh my God, are you kidding me?
  17. Aw, Uriel beat me to posting Boreas' "joke." Well, here's another one:
  18. Here's Tokei BEING A JERK !! :angry:
  19. Haha, that's pretty good, Amarra.
  20. Well, I'll miss you! I'll try to do enough sitting at home for the both of us.
  21. King vs. Pope in PvP! Not sure if this was taken after the previous deadline - I think I recall the event thread being closed already, but I'm not sure. Hum, thought I had more but I guess I don't. Maybe I'll upload this thread later if I do anything cool.
  22. In party chat shortly after we finished, when we were all sitting around in Prontera. I asked for the Bunny Slippers[1] in Ventrilo, then typed out my request in party chat. Nobody protested either time so I PM'ed Seri and she dealt them to me.
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