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  1. IGN: Zonk Honk Didn't do any Painting since like 20 Years the chance to be the first made me do it again Sadly iam too slow > my first 3 trys get a incarnation as a Paperplane. Somehow i remember doing stuff with Paint was more easy that it actually is
  2. IGN= Clara Constance (in case you suspect this may be photoshoped pm me id like to get you there just prepare some Food they will be verry Hungry...)
  3. You guys know that the damned review ONLY allow 255 Letters! :/
  4. Here some Pics of awesome Guildevent part 2 And PVP IGN: Zonk Honk
  5. My ingame Name is: ZonkHonk LoL How to use the IMG button here? http://s14.directupload.net/images/120410/tooxr5k8.jpg] Somehow it worked but its not as it should be
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