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  1. Try Sleepers with that rental Spear or Ahlspies and fireendow. Spear Mastery/ Quicken and Cavallery Mastery. I see people doing 400+ dmg with fast attacking. Enough DEX for reasonable hit, add a pantie and AGI for reasonable flee but no more than 90 as you want at least a few points in STR too for dmg. For GC you want a carded shield with 30% dmg reduction and a garment to reduce dmg like deviling/raydic.
  2. This did take longer than i expected it to take. Review, formating and overworking in 2/3 Days as of comming overhours Your suggestions and thoughts are welcome. This guide is for all who want to make a Stealrogue and have no equipment or zenny. If you decide to follow this guide always keep in mind you dont follow the best or quickest guide avaliable. Its the easiest class and gameplay avaliable while still beeing able to farm zenny at a reasonable pace. If you farm zenny in GH prison or want to have more than 300k at your lvl 80 char, this is for you! Pro: Improved Dodge = 30 flee Double Attack = 180% dmg for every 2nd hit Steal avaliable Intimidate Con: Not the best but the easiest char to play Multiple clients required Before you start: Novice: Thief Part 1 cash up: Buff Slaves Part 1 Thief Part 2 lvl up: Rogue Part 1: Buff Slaves Part 2: Farming preparations: Before you go to farm Mavkas:
  3. Read this: https://wiki.talonro.com/Starter_Guide i wrote it to spare me the time of answering all the same questions all over again. As well as the questions you get by answering your questions! Iam sorry to say but in your case start with the basics, pick a easy to start char and stick to it for some weeks! Thief->Rogue isnt best but the easiest char and cheapest. Looking at your aco state distribution i can only highly recomend you play a autosteal or bow rogue untill you have a greater understanding about game mechanics. I would skip eden quests except maybe for some good weapons. Pantie undershirt combo for agi chars is far superior and probably more easier to get. There are easy gears farmable/questable which will have more impact that eden stuff. You arent required to donate, voting helps but knowing gamemeachanics is just priceless. Read at least 1 hour in forum or wiki for every 4 hours playing.
  4. 1] Voting Daily. is still recomendet even if you are no longer a newbie 2] Poring Catch 3] Poring Rally Both is still here and playable 4] Blue herbs Best nebie zenny! Stay at the map after all blue herbs are farmed and level aco/mage for a buffpriest and endowsage on another gameaccount (Not forumaccount). 5] Monster of the Week replaced by tamtams region of teh month 6] Bingo with friends or Random people Still good CC 7] Mining and Jewel Crafting possible but i highly doubt its newbiefriendly. Better farm wolves for strawberry. 8] Garbage cleaning Well yes. 9] The Talonian games Iam not sure didnt see Talonian for a while 10] Iron Method I think if you have a priest and blacksmith you are no longer depending on newbiefarming. Do the math yourself if its paying off. 11] Bi-weekly Screenshot Contests Hmmm was a while away this may be no longer possible 12] Selling Holy Water Still sells every now and then just dont expect to sell thousands of it. 13] Meat into Jellopy/Fluff/Clover. Why not? Same as for holywater. Demand vary from none for weeks to all in a hour...
  5. Hello GM Seiren Actually i cant be 100% sure as i did it a long time ago. If i enter lvl4 Biolab it doesnt look like a questinstance, my party is there i can hunt Monsters and i have some vague memorys of a failed mvpattemp. Also if i enter lvl4, there is no popup like seen in the questguide under step 3 so i must be done already.
  6. Questboard say Biolab lvl 4 entrance is done. I can enter lvl 4 by walking. But i cant enter by using Warper. It say Quest not done or on cooldown. After reading the questguide from Trowiki under https://wiki.talonro.com/Biolabs_Level_4_Entrance_Quest It says there: " You may now gain access to Biolabs Level 4 by going through the Biolabs Level 3 warp shown in step 2. " So it have to be completed. Else i couldnt enter. Anyone have a idea why i couldnt warp? I did the quest as tehre was no warp years ago.
  7. Look here: You can skip a good bunch depending on what you have in your Kafra.
  8. Your master/form account can have 10 gameaccounts. Do yourself a favor and make a 2nd game account. I suggest a making a thief there. Novicequest and a quick visit to payon cave. Buy somewhere a cheap Pantie and Undershirt as well as a +5 Damascus. While using your Priest to buff and heal, level the thief on wolfes to 60. It gives a good ammount of strawberrys. People buy them for 1000 or more zenny each. At this stage you probably make already more cash than your priest in Glastheim. After Jobchange around Job 40 or 43 get some quick jobs at wolfes. Try to get your hands on a cheap burning bow and use Fire arrows with it. If you preffer to use autoatack i advise to do baby chick hat quest which alows you to use lvl 10 double attack on your rogue with bows too. Else get many GJ and use double straf as much as you can. (only spamm GJ on monsters woth to farm else the drops wont pay for GJ used) Level/ farm as long as you can bear it at Toy2/ Mobsters. (Maybe take some lvl ups at geographers or Moscovia lvl 1 if you have access) Then its time to do Moscovia dungeon quest with your thief and Priest. Let Priest stay at dungeon lvl 1 and get back for some heals and buffs. If youre short of some stats lvl a bit in dungeon lvl 1. At lvl 3 hunt for mavkas only: https://calc.talonro.com/?_S07DjE/Dik8MSUxKcgTDosOkw4QkIMOMTkzDjk5PS8KEwoJUUxgrMSs3MTEFw4hNLU3DtU9Mw4wpSkxMw4sAw6JCCAbCg8O0w6xsKCsJwogzwoxBLMKPw4TDgQMA Take some meat and fly wings for emergency if you go to lvl 3. Only hunt Mavkas and always try to steal from them. Use intimidate if its too mobby. As you see i didnt calculate buffs from priest as you want to be able to survive if buffs run out. (theoretically you can go mavkas at lvl70 already thought you will have a hard time doing the quest) Looks great but i wont lie to you its still hard and you will still be away from farming easy and quick cash. The map is usally farmed by too much people but the loot will pay for it. Think of it as a boost to get better farming gear. Expected zenny for this gear= 250k Burning bow +75k to make it +5, Pantie & Undershirt is probably less than 100k together. +5 Damascus is like 125k. If you vote daily just sell 1 TC and after shopping you still have 550k zenny left. Thats enough cash to buy supplies. Aim to farm 18m to buy a ice pick to easy farm sleepers or for GEC shoes to always spamm double staff without using grapejuice. Both items will always sell for the same price you bought them as long as you buy at an average price. Keep in mind that there are other classes and guides which may result in faster farming but i always suggest going thief -> rouge as its a pretty easy to learn and a cheap setup (Double attack, imp. dodge 30 flee, easy element with arrows, steal, ranged attack possible) Just in case you REALLY want to farm cash with Priest ONLY, your best choice may be hunting verits as Immortal Hearts are always in demand. Everythink else you can do with priest for cash isnt as reliable or rewarding.
  9. Buying: Leak card or Leak in Beach Manteu Hodremlin Card Agav Card or Armor Vesper card or in int mid Send me a PM
  10. You have to select how many of the SG blows realy hits. Took me a while to find that error. Your setup should already 1 hit most Necros
  11. shar

    Newbie need help

    For politcal Reasons i state the oposite position: https://wiki.talonro.com/Starter_Guide Based on 30 extra flee from skills, posibillity to switch to cheap bow usage and steal skill makes Rogue a pretty good starting char. Besides it is one of the easiest classes to play. (Vertical firewall skyrocket every thief class but which real newbie do we want to give headaches by learning vFirewall) Every other class can be played too for a good start but they all require knowledge of how to play em propperly where Rouge is a "foolprof" char. Keep in mind that Rouge isnt the char you will play forever or hit 90+ fast, its just a slow kickstart for some early zennys to get a better starting position. Just had the fun a while back. Showed a whining thief how to go on propperly. To be honest its a pain in the butt to lvl with a +0 Damascus and pantie undershirt! (No buffs, kaho or stuff..) but we made it in some hours to farm Toys. It still involved fleeing those dammned cruisers and we killed the whole wolves population many times but we made it. Best use for early zenny is GJ to powerlevel a buff/heal aco! To farm some money as thief its like lvling. There is no place like wolves. It stinks, it sucks, it hurts but they die somehow quick, have good XP for that lvl, drops dont make you poor, i thought i where stuck there till 55 or 60. Dont put too much AGI because STR adds more DPS than attackspeed.
  12. You are right Ship Captain hat require the Hat from Vocal which isnt as hard to farm but still hard to get for cheap or fast
  13. shar


    Hi i assume there are around 700+ "real active" player online round the clock. Sounds less compared to the tracker of up to 2000 online. I always sayd ragnaroks most needet feature is a "AFK drop". check some citys there are always the same characters siting with same headgears at the same spot the whole week(end). But we have still the most active gameplay at talonro. If you start from 0 i guarantee you there is no "better" server out there! You may need a while to catch up to high end players but in my years of expirience it just guarantees you some years of real ragnarok feeling MVPcards are a nice thing most are bought by Taloncoins which can be obtained by minigames, region of the month, events and of course by donations. The best thing is despite that many MVP cards we still have a demand on regular cards! Which is a unique balance in economy i have never expirience in any other server.
  14. Well try healbombing using GJ to recover SP it may be much faster than using GC to only kill 2 Prisoner. Have a loot at https://wiki.talonro.com/Starter_Guide by collecting some Blue Herbs you can get some easy zenny. However GC isnt cheap or fast without some expensive gears. Once i saw a spear build at Sleepers he used fire endow and a rental spear(Brocca i guess) dealing 400dmg with high aspd on sleepers at lvl 85.
  15. Hi and welcome. Read here for a smal guidance: https://wiki.talonro.com/Starter_Guide Be patient have fun and browse the forums.
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