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  1. The instance disappears very quickly, 10 seconds iirc Suggest to increase to say 2 minutes. Gives more time to loot in case a "ghost" mob is on the loot. Gives time for a screenshot of the party in the instance. Don't see how it gives any unfair advantage to let the party stay a few minutes. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Your chance is always 0.03% per kill, this is just using estimated probability for your chances after say 3000 kills. You could still not get a glove even with 20k+ kills
  3. For a calculation for estimated chance of drop using probability use the following formula. N = drop chance T = times you had the chance for the drop (in this example Stings killed) 1-(1-N)^T So for glove with a chance for glove to drop of 0.03% or 0.0003 as a whole number, the formula simplified is: 1-(0.9997)^T So if you kill 3000 Stings, your estimated probability of a drop is 59.3485% for a glove to drop for example.
  4. You shouldn't need that high of STR to 3 shot with MA or 1 shot with SBK. You can lower STR by at least 10 if not 20. Then you could get more INT instead so GJ heals more SP and you'll still 1 shot with SBK. Also this build seems a bit uneccesary seeing as you can do it with much cheaper gear and also because I'd rather invest in Sherwood Bow and use Stalker with BB as opposed to getting +3 DEX D. Vest, +4 DEX Excalibur, and +6 DEX Ice Pick or even +4 DEX Ice Pick. In conclusion, it's very good, yes, but Stalker with Sherwood is at least as good if not better. Also if you're worried about missing because of blind just use Green Pot and then kill them. Tip : use Osiris accessory to give level 5 Agi up for more Flee and then you drop AGI even more and get INT 251 Flee gives 95% Dodge of Violy and most other mobs there in groups of 3 or less. Dunno where you got 240. Also, that is very easily obtainable if you just fix your stats. Finally, use Eddgas so you can actually loot stuff and mob effectively.
  5. Bump (mainly because items were added and updated/organzied list)
  6. Selling all of the following Usable Items : Dragon Breath Cocktails Fantastic Cooking Kits Old Purple Boxes Weapons : Eraser +9 Lich's Bone Wand Hunting Spears Grand Cross Staff of Thea Armors : +4 Unfrozen Saphien's Armor (Water armor w/ Marc card) +7 Survivor's Manteau +4 Excellent Bradium Shield (Andre Egg card) +4 Tendrillion Hat Cursed Hand Ignite Orlean's Glove (Imp carded) Tidungs Bradium Shields Heavenly Maiden Robes Vali's Manteau Skin of Ventoss Assassin Masks Morpheus's Bracelet(s) Cards : Alicel Card Fabre Card Comodo Cards Snowier Card Argiope Card ETC items : Pieces of Shield Pieces of Darkness Hands of God Bloody Edge You can also PM me In Game on either : AllTehMobs FearlessOne EDITED : Organized list, added items
  7. It seems that this card suggestion is solid, it may just need to be available for PvM only. Adding this to PvP would more than likely have too great an effect on it. In PvM it would not only be useful, it would be awesome for many good classes that can seem to be underrated and underused currently. Sorry if necropost just my 2 cents. Would be a great PvM addition!
  8. I have an Imp Clip that I can sell you
  9. Kris w/ +4 Int total [1], Morph Bracelet, Chakram, Staff of Thea, Heart Breaker, Giganto Axe, Assassin Mask, Eraser, Bradium Shield, Pole Axe, Helm of Dragon, Hunting Spear, Tidungs, Orlean's Server, Grand Cross, Doom Slayer, Vanberk EWE, Valkyrja's Shoes w/ Gargoyle C, 2 Krasnaya, Garm Claw w/ Hydra card, Long Horn, Crown, Boots, Fricco's Shoes, Heavenly Maiden Robe, Lance Piece of Darkness, Hand of God, Piece of Shield, Ygg Berries, Ygg Seeds, OCA, OPB, Gift Box, Green Salad, Dragon Breath Cocktail, Immortal Stew, Professional Cooking Kits, Royal Cooking Kit, Fantastic Cooking Kit, Emperium Kasa, Alicel, Argiope, Comodo, Gold Acidus, Archdam, Red Ferus cards
  10. Hasty Shoes, Purp Glasses w/ Vesper Valentine Hat, Spiked Scarf, Andre Egg Card Bradium Shield 4 Fabre Main Gauche, Naght Seiger Flame Mant w/ LoD card, Berserk, +7 Luna Kaleet with 3 AK cards Succubus Str Mid, Monocle [1], Kris w/ +4 Int total, MP w/ +3 Int (no card in it yet) +7 Survivor's Manteau, +7 SB with Medusa card, Morph Bracelet, Chakram, Holy Stick with Drops C Survivor's Rod (1) (dex), Staff of Thea, Heart Breaker, Giganto Axe, Assassin Mask, Eraser Pole Axe, Helm of Dragon, Hunting Spear, Tidungs, Orlean's Server, Grand Cross, Doom Slayer Invoker of Death w/ 2 SG cards, Vanberk EWE, Valkyrja's Shoes w/ Gargoyle C 2 Krasnaya, Garm Claw w/ Hydra card 11 Piece of Darkness, 15 Hand of God, 12 Piece of Shield, 179 Gold Over 500 Ygg Berries, 74 Ygg Seeds, 13 OCA, 125 OPB, 51 Gift Box, 136 Mastela Fruit, 25 Green Salad 6 Dragon Breath Cocktail, 7 Immortal Stew, 1 Hwergelmir's Tonic, 320 Professional Cooking Kits, 34 Royal Cooking Kit, 3 Fantastic Cooking Kit Kasa, Alicel, Argiope, Comodo, Gold Acidus, Archdam, Red Ferus cards
  11. 1. Date of leech: May 25, 2012 2. Name of leecher: Tammie (sorry Tammie for misspelling at first) 3. Price and Duration: 2.7m for 1 hour 4. Map of Leech: Abbey03 5. Experience Gained: 110% on 2 seperate chars (Priest named FearlessOne and Assassin named AllTehMobs) both went from lvl 98 to 99 5a. Experience Details: 6/6 exp, she lent me undead killer sandals, tele'd on Priest and flywing'd on Assassin Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5 - Quite friendly and talked when she could. 7. Professionalism: 5 - Made sure I knew what to do before we went in didn't get upset when I died a few times on Priest and forgot to give back the undead killer sandals at first. 8. Effectiveness: 5 - Very effective at killing them necromancers and the like. Beat her time goal by a little bit I believe. General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes, very yes. 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Absolutely. 11. Additional comments: Seemed like an awesome person. It was fun to get a leech from her especially just warping around trying not to die whilst talking to her whenever I could. =D Thanks again Tammyy! Can't figure out how to post screenshots or else I would.
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