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  1. Cool videos 👍 Curious what your equips are for cart termo.
  2. I typically MVP solo with Champ And in a duo use either HP and HW or HP and Champ. Whether you use Champ or HW depends on what MVP you plan on fighting. Example : Killing Ktullunax > choose HW, not Champ Killing Tendrillion > choose Champ, not HW (use portal trick) But, if you have the right HW setup then HW could actually be better on Tendrillion with Meteor Storm + Bragi Point being what is best really depends on the situation, your gear, and your strategy. The fastest MVP kill per hit point of MVP I've probably ever had was on Hindsight Prof, but they're not best against all MVPs.
  3. Edit : Bought most already B> Laphine Staff
  4. Have 1 shot on Mavkas BB Stalker build. Using Red Naght Sword [3x SG], just use Rouge Spirit and self buffs. Make on average 3m per hour, but this doesn't include with an average of about 330-340 Blue Herbs per hour. I haven't tested how much profit will be gained from brewing blue pots but I'm thinking that will be a nice addition.
  5. Nice guide! I have also used LK for Mvping. I would suggest to use Paladin to Devo LK for Leak if you already have pally gears. Tank in a corner on LK so you won't get knocked back. Heal pally with meat if need be and can use Providence against Leak. Use nightmare mid on LK to prevent sleep. Just a preference thing though, I found the knockback and critical wounds to be annoying. And once you get Devo you just stand there and tank and if you do it right don't need to heal Pally just let him die and finish with LK, no meat. Nice videos, enjoyed your innovative ways to kill FBH, Baphomet, etc. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you're not done.
  6. The instance disappears very quickly, 10 seconds iirc Suggest to increase to say 2 minutes. Gives more time to loot in case a "ghost" mob is on the loot. Gives time for a screenshot of the party in the instance. Don't see how it gives any unfair advantage to let the party stay a few minutes. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Your chance is always 0.03% per kill, this is just using estimated probability for your chances after say 3000 kills. You could still not get a glove even with 20k+ kills
  8. For a calculation for estimated chance of drop using probability use the following formula. N = drop chance T = times you had the chance for the drop (in this example Stings killed) 1-(1-N)^T So for glove with a chance for glove to drop of 0.03% or 0.0003 as a whole number, the formula simplified is: 1-(0.9997)^T So if you kill 3000 Stings, your estimated probability of a drop is 59.3485% for a glove to drop for example.
  9. You shouldn't need that high of STR to 3 shot with MA or 1 shot with SBK. You can lower STR by at least 10 if not 20. Then you could get more INT instead so GJ heals more SP and you'll still 1 shot with SBK. Also this build seems a bit uneccesary seeing as you can do it with much cheaper gear and also because I'd rather invest in Sherwood Bow and use Stalker with BB as opposed to getting +3 DEX D. Vest, +4 DEX Excalibur, and +6 DEX Ice Pick or even +4 DEX Ice Pick. In conclusion, it's very good, yes, but Stalker with Sherwood is at least as good if not better. Also if you're worried about missing because of blind just use Green Pot and then kill them. Tip : use Osiris accessory to give level 5 Agi up for more Flee and then you drop AGI even more and get INT 251 Flee gives 95% Dodge of Violy and most other mobs there in groups of 3 or less. Dunno where you got 240. Also, that is very easily obtainable if you just fix your stats. Finally, use Eddgas so you can actually loot stuff and mob effectively.
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