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  1. Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Donation to for the TC is different with this donation, remember this donation won't give you TC as this is for the charity and as a complimentary Admin or GM will giveaway something for those who donate in certain amount of money for charity. Remember this donation is for the charity to help Children around the world for healthy live not for your Talon Coin, if you donate for your talon coin, you won't get any complimentary prize Peace V bro, Be good and do the right thing for the good thing ^_^' Time Traveler
  2. Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Now I have donate for 2 IGN Time Traveler and Kyoko Fukada Say Yes, for helping children around the world live happy and healthy lives and celebrate Christmas Thanks
  3. Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Thank You to TalonRO Admin and GM to organise the fundraiser, TalonRO has given such a big contribution to the community every year, thanks for sharing love to the world TalonRO. btw, I have just donate ^^' let's share some love all Note: can I donate twice but different IGN in different account? Kind regards, Time Traveler
  4. S>Red Vicious Aura Costume

    S> Red Vicious Aura Costume formerly used by this guy >>> Please give me your offer !!
  5. Special Event | Black Friday Weekend

    the last one is winter wizard costume 65m the last second is hair palette 5m
  6. Special Event | Black Friday Weekend

    last costume, piggyback or stall of angel please....T_T' I missed it when I was AFK
  7. Special Event | Black Friday Weekend

    Relax bro, this is just cultural event and it won't last forever, it is just two days event and gone, it is not gonna affect people who can't buy as well, it's just for some damn rich people who don't know where to spent their zeny (including me >.<") and for fashion, life is always a choice, no one going to force you to buy either. cheers up bro and be positive! If you are a new player here, I can offer you a help for helping you leveling but not zeny, PM Me anytime whenever I am online, I always AFK at Prontera and based at Lutie. Cheers. Hahaha, GM Boreas still having the Fat TV (80s-90s TV) while your neighbour having a Flat TV. Peace (^_^)V Like me, I still drive my old Mercedes and my friend got a Porsche, I can't afford it and I don't bother haha, life is never fair
  8. Special Event | Black Friday Weekend

    Great News... Time for Shopping , I hope I can get some rare costume (Angeling Tall Hat with 2 angeling on both side flying like WTH style /gg) Thanks GM for such a wonderful event
  9. Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    IGN: Time Traveler ✽ The GM Lance Challenge: Let it Snow - +2 Must include a snow-filled background setting. ✽ The GM Cherri Challenge: I just came for the food. - +2 Include cooking or a recipe in your piece in some way. Mary Berry's Christmas Cake Recipe Ingredients 175g (6 oz) raisins 350g (12 oz) glace cherries, rinsed, thoroughly dried and quartered 500g (1lb 2oz) currants 350g (12oz) sultanas 150ml (¼ pint) sherry, plus extra for feeding Finely grated zest of 2 oranges 250g (9oz) butter, softened 250g (9oz) light muscovado sugar 4 eggs 1 tbsp black treacle 75g (3oz) blanched almonds, chopped 75g (3oz) self-raising flour 175g (6oz) plain flour 1½ tsp mixed spice To finish and decorate Mary Berry's Christmas cake: About 3tbsp apricot jam, sieved and warmed Icing sugar 675g shop-bought almond paste Packet royal icing mix to cover 23cm/9in cake ✽ The GM Venus Challenge: Everyone's invited! - +2 Include a Christmas themed monster/s in your entry. Time Traveler
  10. S>Red Vicious Aura Costume

    S> Red Vicious Aura Costume post your best offer, thanks Time Traveler
  11. Trade My WTH Costume and Red Vicious Aura Costume

  12. Costumes and Gears for Sale

  13. Costumes and Gears for Sale

  14. Costumes and Gears for Sale

  15. Costumes and Gears for Sale