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  1. The Eden Group

    Wow Great patch, another level of adventure from TalonRO btw, the garden of eden costume is 2500 C, what type of currency use for that? Bronze Coin? Cooper Coin? or New types of Coin? are we going to have like the weapon upgrade to +15 and armor +20 like renewer version?
  2. TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    Wow Cool... Can I ask my wife to bake a cake or cookies? cos I am no good on this things haha... Not aiming for the top but just for participating ^^'
  3. Removed Job Changer NPC

    In order to make the game more excited, I would suggest if the job changer NPC should be removed. This would make the game even more challenging, also to bringing old memory for players to nostalgic the origin of the Ragnarok style. I hardly to see people hunting around at Payon field anymore, like hunting the solid trunk from willow for archer quest and others. This will also give an opportunities for the New Player to hunt some solid trunk to sell to other players as for SQI ingredients, so at least it could help new player to boost their financial with unintentionally they have something to sell it high for that particular items. I am aware that we can also do the traditional style of job changing, but with the current observation there are just about 0 - 5 % people who willingly to do the job changing quest, as soon as people see the job changer NPC they will change it directly and end up newbie not looking for party on field instead keep asking for Zeny at Prontera it didn't motivate them to hunt as they are hardly to find the people with their same level to hunt or leveling, if with the job changing quest, at least new player can easily find players with their same level as them and asking for a party then this could make the game play more exciting. Keep the Manuela, as it help the new player to get easy level up and also that give them the benefit of Field Manual. Every Current NPC is Good enough for the game, just the Job Changer NPC to keep the origin of the Ragnarok Style and Nostalgic when seeing people will team up from the low level to find items that they need, like the thief job have to find the mushroom and so on. Just my input of suggestion, hope to see the better game experience from TalonRO. Since we are old school server with no renewal version anyway Thank You. Time Traveler
  4. Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

    How much Thanatos Dolor Egg? Time Traveler
  5. Angelic Gears and Cards

    Hi there, I willing to buy all of your super novice armor set, please feel free to pm me and give me your price, thanks I need it to make it + 9 or +10 or if you have direct +10 let me know, we can negotiate the price. I need all set of all the angelic's set. Thank You, Time Traveler
  6. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    McKilly, Thank you for your input. However, I suggest you to do more research and deep understanding of the quote. "Once the reserve has been met, the "reserve not met label be removed".
  7. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    Thank You for Everyone who participate the Auction, You all has make a competitive bid. However, as always there's only one Winner for every competition. The Winner of this Auction 2018 January is "loiloi" with the highest bidding for WTH Costume 350m. Sorry for those who didn't make it and Flying Drone Costume are not sold due to the bid is not up to the reserved price. Once again, Thank You. Time Traveler Auction Closed
  8. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    "Secret reserve prices have been used in auctions for many years. for instance if the bids continue increasing until the point when no bidder is willing to raise the current bid higher. But if this bid amount does not exceed a reserve price that may be specified in advance by the seller, the auctioneer will refuse to “hammer down” the good, and it will not be sold to the highest bidder" (Katkar and Reiley, 2000). Sorry I know how Auction rules is, and there's some Auction that didn't stated any reserved price in the beginning, then at the end of the bids goes to the highest bid. That's what people call "No Reservation Auction".
  9. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    I don't think is trolling bro, If it's trolling around he/she will not even put their own IGN with the offer + today is the last day of the Auction. People comparing price with market and it's a way cheaper than the market. However, 330m still under reserved price, I have the right to reject it either.
  10. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    Bro check out the market price, people comparing this Auction has the opportunities to get cheaper than market, so don't want to wasted time to keep checking their bid, they put up the max they can to offer that price. Honestly if me myself, if I need to buy this luxury costume, I will direct put up the top of the price I could effort either.
  11. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    330m bump.... Wow, Serious buyer... Anyone higher? People are serious buyer willing to put it to the top bro. Remember there's rules apply, only for those who are higher than reserved price then the seller will sell it.
  12. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    115m for WTH bump... Anyone else higher?
  13. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    110m for WTH Bump.... Anyone? get the highest amount to secure your bid, the much higher your bid you are more secure than other bidder... you can jump 50m to 100m to make it much secure of your bid Anyone Higher? before it end of the Auction? The Highest bid may have the possibility to get the WTH Costume.
  14. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    WTH 95m on the bid at the moment Anyone higher? 24 hours left on the bid.....
  15. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    Okay, WTH Costume 85m bump.... Any higher bid?