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  1. Hay qt. Where ya been? /rice 

  2. The Art Corner slot battle is so real right now.....

    1. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee


      Remain with us, next target : Naonao *___*

  3. oooo this looks like it might be a lot of fun~ I'll have to come up with a story idea *-*
  4. Omg SO FREAKING CUTE! I want one as a pet now ;-; And the valk armor and helm is a nice touch~
  5. The Snow Bunny and Snowier from this year are still account bound.
  6. Super sad 'cause I was just told we can't get the knit hat or memories of lovers this year. >.<" I thought we could 'cause of the picture in the thread ;-; Oh well.... At least I can get my snow bunny finally (and snowier too) /lv Thanks for all your hard work on this event GMs!
  7. Here's my entry for the story contest Hope you guys like it sorry it's kinda long IGN is Vanillea
  8. LOL Butt xD What will we do without Black Jack to rule our lives? I half way never want my gambling life to end...but I know it probably needs to end for my own good ;-; #BlackJackAddictsUnited
  9. So quick question about the event... Are the spring flowers meant to be transferable between characters? Because I have a lot of bronze coins left on one of my characters but the character that I have the spring flowers on have none. And it's saying that I can't store the flowers. Wondering if that is a glitch or an intentional thing.
  10. So when I un-index the color in photoshop to edit the sprite, it apparently messes up the table that comes with the original sprite that I'm trying to edit. Is there a way to stop it from doing this or do I need to fix it manually afterwords?
  11. Thanks~ This is much easier than the screen shot way the guide was trying to get me to use /no1
  12. So I've been trying to figure out a way to get the .spr files (or at least the images in them) into Photoshop so I can start editing. The "How to Work with Sprites" guide that was posted just said to take a screen shot of the sprites, but I was thinking that there must be a better way to export them. Also, does anyone know if the large sprite picture that themadkez posted earlier the correct spacing for the sprites? I just want to make sure that they are spaced appropriately before trying them out.
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