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  1. It seems to be smarter in my opinion to gear up with stings because that gear can carry over to wizard and ninjas. In addition, I do not plan on being all ME. I want to be ability to restat to a support priest and IC is a great thing to have IMO.
  2. Thank you guys for all the input. Going to get that funny helmet and then get the baby leopard pet, and possibly the bradium brooch. Right now I am saving up for LKH and getting sting gloves for my priest so I can IC then plan on using that to gain money to finish my assassin build :3. Really wish I would have spent the money on Kaho before instead of buying the doppels and glad. Hard to sell assassin weps on this server xD.
  3. Just food for thought, how do you even reach max atk speed with dual daggers? I currently use a DDx Gladius and Weeder knife for Mavka, and the dmg is good (about 700 per double attack) but even with 99 agi and 42 dex I only have around 188 attack speed. I would prefer to back off agi and dex some to add to strength but doing that puts me anywhere from 185-186. Thoughts? Hermose cap adds some attack speed but takes damage, not sure if strength would offset that. :3
  4. Title says it all. +8 2x doppelganger 1x empty gladius. 50M, entertaining offers.
  5. Looking for either or, depends on which comes first +10 doppled jur, crit build cards or +10 MG, Glad, ect... Other assassin gear could be beneficial, lmk what you have.
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