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  1. Wow, who is that weird guy in the beginning? Great woe though!~
  2. I take full responsibility Howl, please give me the proper punishment of 1 spanking per flame post I have written.
  3. NOOO WHO GAVE ME UP LOL, oh well, I'll go back to watching my movie, cya all next woe.
  4. The only logical explanation is that I'm awesome?
  5. It actually has nothing to do with any of that, I was just informed of a comment posted by particular individual that made everyone laugh, so I brought it upon myself to start trolling. LOL
  6. Oh no! that's 3 fenrir admins on me, reminds me of that joy thread. LOL
  7. I'll take that as a compliment, good day ma'am.
  8. Players make a guild, similar members in both guilds, meaning they all bring there ideas and stupidity with them.
  9. ^ Main reason fenrir isn't a competitor anymore, hooray for fenrir admins!
  10. Any chance of restricting it to first jobs only? 2nd job classes aren't really losing anything aside from a few classes.
  11. SL vid is to good, someone nerf him please.
  12. Nice vid, I hope you guys get more members, we await for you on the battlefield!
  13. So good, so fun, need more!
  14. One does not simply walk up to the emperium/guardian stones and break them. Their are barricades leading up to the emperium which block the way, and don't give points. Guardian stones don't respawn unless they are rebuilt by the guild who own the castle.
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