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  1. Lord Choice

    Grape Juice 168z (CANCER WOE/Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    ❤️ to this Guild
  2. Lord Choice

    Forum Event | 2019 Valentine's Love Novel Contest

    With the 5 winners, but additional GM Challenges being max 2 per winner, does this mean one GM Challenge prize will not be allocated? Maybe i should write a love novel for whom I think that GM would be >_< "sad face"
  3. Lord Choice

    ~ Choice Shop ~

    Message or mail offers IG> Generic Choice Selling/trading the following items: +5 TTT Artemis +4 AKAKAK Artemis +4 TTT Artemis +4 Eversong Greaves [uncarded] +7 GR Met Plate [4DEF] Eddga Diablos Boots Accepting trades, just msg/mail me or find me in Dewata
  4. Sup, Do you need another player for your team tomorrow?

    1. Yuren


      Sorry mate, we're already full party.

  5. Lord Choice

    MirAI Guide to Smart Up Your Homunculus

    These links are not working. Where are the correct downloads please >__<
  6. Lord Choice

    Selling these items

    440m for both Bris
  7. Lord Choice

    +7 Valk Helm [1] +7 Sleips [1]

  8. Lord Choice

    +7 Valk Helm [1] +7 Sleips [1]

    you have better already :)
  9. Lord Choice

    +7 Valk Helm [1] +7 Sleips [1]

    current offer 1.2b for VH bump
  10. Lord Choice

    +7 Valk Helm [1] +7 Sleips [1]

    as above NONR Mail offers IG to: Generic Choice
  11. Lord Choice

    B>+7 VH [1] & +7 Sleip[1] CLOSED due to Meiadrir

    offer on both
  12. Lord Choice

    ~ Choice's Big Sale ~

    Accepting Zeny / Coins / Trades   Please note, currently compiling. lots to add. If something specific you need please mail me or post here. Will have it almost all done within a day or so. Cheers SQI's +4 DL Sleips (others will be added soon) HERBS 2,256 x Red Herbs 4,178 x Yellow Herbs 4,825 x White Herbs 1,193 x Blue Herbs USEABLE MISC 1,410 x Honey 172 x Hinalle Leaflet 64 x Mastela Fruit 13 x Panacea 624 Royal Jelly 1,352 x Candy 1,105 x Candy Cane 100 x Ice Cream 26 x Chocolate 3 x Hand-Made Chocolate 53 x Lemon 705 x Lucky Candy 26 x Lucky Candy Cane 28 X Strawberry 5 X Orange 6 X Red Picky Fruit 3 x Aloevera 60 x Yggdrasil Berry 32 x Amulet 1 x Monster Juice 7 x Singing Flower 1 x Dew Laden Moss 1 x Orc Trophy 5 x Old Broom 1 x Contract in Shadow 3 x Tribal Solidarity 2 x Songpyun 2 x Level 3 Cold Bolt 1 x Level 5 Fire Bolt 10 x Level 5 Lightning Bolt 5 x Level 5 Soul Strike 1 x 2 Reward Ticket 129 x Sleep Arrow Quiver 2 x Blossoming Geographer 2 x Drip of Yggdrasil 6 x Mystery Blood 25 x Quiver 27 x Iron Arrow Quiver 170 x Steel Arrow Quiver 8 x Oridecon Arrow Quiver 100 x Fire Arrow Quiver 10 x Silver Arrow Quiver 106 x Wind Arrow Quiver 422 x Stone Arrow Quiver 137 x Crystal Arrow Quiver 72 x Shadow Arrow Quiver 28 x Inmaterial Arrow Quiver 9 x Rusty Arrow Quiver 5 x Speed Potion 78 x Cursed Water 29 x Box of Resentment 2 x Stone of Sage 4 x Lutie Lady's Pancake 5 x Autumn Red Tea 8 x Assorted Seaford 1 x Tendon Satay 1 x Steamed Tongue 1 x Red Mushroom Wine 1 x Royal Family Tea 1 x Immortal Stew 9 x Hwergelmir's Tonic 1 x Blood Flavoured Soda 3 x First Aid Kit 3 Fire Resistant Potion 10 x Cold Resist Potion 2 x Earth Resist Potion 9 x Sesame Pastry 10 x Rainbow Cake 64 x Professional Cooking Set 4 x Royal Cooking Set 1 x Cookie Bag 5 x Holy Arrow Quiver 30 x Plain Rice Cake 10 x Substainial Rice Cake 9 x Salty Rice Cake 4 x Lucky Rice Cake 1 x Life Insurance 9 x Schwartwald Pine Jubilee 19 x Chocolate Pie 6 x Unripe Acron 4 x Small Jug 5 x Guyak Candy 1 X Ancient Rune 2 x Field Manual 100% 11 x Fortune of the Rabbit 3 x Fortune of the Rooster 28 x Fortune of the Snake OTHER MISC SHIELDS ARMOURS GARMENTS FOOTWEAR HEADGEAR MID-HEADWEAR ACCESSORIES COSTUMES CARDS
  13. Lord Choice

    Starlight King Crown Costume + others

  14. Lord Choice

    Starlight King Crown Costume + others

    For Sale L/O's/trades Also Protection Feather Costume, Cer.... one and others.
  15. Lord Choice

    Trouble getting on

    Sup sup, Installed so far on two laptops, and now a PC. installs fine, but still having trouble getting online. Firstly, it's all in Korean? But after the patch stage, it doesn't go any further. Box comes up, then goes away, and still nothing. Is it something missing from my computer? any suggestions, ty. Cheers