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  1. gotta have a Auld Lang Syne Would love to hear this one at the Ball It
  2. Would it be a good idea or be able to have the "xxx BUGS IN THIS CATEGORY" changed to something like "xxx bugs fixed" or just remove it all together, to give the server a better image? Or maybe archive all closed ones/N/A/ones that were not bugs etc, so the number shows a lower amount 700+ bugs sounds like a server which has problems, which we don't ><
  3. When I saw this post , I was hoping when I opened this topic it was just gonna say "uninstall McAfee" ahahha causes so many problems >_<
  4. For those that prefer having them unstacked so you can quickly select the right one, instead of alt tabbing, or hovering over to get to the right client you can do this. This guide is for those using Window's and if someone wants to remake this they can, it's just useful for me to have it set like this. Right click the task bar (mines on the left) and select Properties Select the Taskbar tab, in the "Taskbar buttons" select "Never Combine" Click "Apply" Click "Ok" Will now show the Clients on your taskbar individual as it was pre-Iduna
  5. If it's something that could be implemented, could I put the post on another section for people to come up with idea's on?
  6. Any views on changing the Champion's names of the Tam Tam champion monsters to something more cool? (my wifey forced me to ask)
  7. Lord Choice

    B> Djinn

    Offer on clean
  8. I thought this could be brought from pet NPC
  9. With the 5 winners, but additional GM Challenges being max 2 per winner, does this mean one GM Challenge prize will not be allocated? Maybe i should write a love novel for whom I think that GM would be >_< "sad face"
  10. Lord Choice

    ~ Choice Shop ~

    Message or mail offers IG> Generic Choice Selling/trading the following items: +5 TTT Artemis +4 AKAKAK Artemis +4 TTT Artemis +4 Eversong Greaves [uncarded] +7 GR Met Plate [4DEF] Eddga Diablos Boots Accepting trades, just msg/mail me or find me in Dewata
  11. Sup, Do you need another player for your team tomorrow?

    1. Yuren


      Sorry mate, we're already full party.

  12. These links are not working. Where are the correct downloads please >__<
  13. Would it be better to change one of them for something else, instead of it being used for too many things
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