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  1. ahhhhh man, reminds me of a couple of years ago I was going to enter with Poring veg LOL, but I forgot to enter, hope I get time to enter this year, awesome event GM Luna note: this is not my 2021 entry lol
  2. gotta have a Auld Lang Syne Would love to hear this one at the Ball It
  3. With the 5 winners, but additional GM Challenges being max 2 per winner, does this mean one GM Challenge prize will not be allocated? Maybe i should write a love novel for whom I think that GM would be >_< "sad face"
  4. Sup, Do you need another player for your team tomorrow?

    1. Yuren


      Sorry mate, we're already full party.

  5. great updates, including freind list increase and homun resting when opening shops. Well done
  6. Well done GM's, has a smexi new look. Pleased the databases are back too
  7. thats amazing. Just shows how awesume our players and GM team are. well done to everyone involved
  8. Spose I should wish you all a Happy New Year
  9. lol Cam /shy hahah can I use my company to make the donation? even better
  10. Great Idea, I like it. Well Done GM's
  11. nice work. The accents are terrible, but good idea and people used Well done to the winners
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