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  1. Umm... still haven't shown the comparison. Sorry but as a fellow artist you're being overly egregious with your claim. If we're gonna measure with this same rule then EVERYBODY here is going to be held accountable for plagiarism. I've been here for years and every summer entry is extremely similar to previous ones. I can boil it down to like 3 thematics: summer night party, having fun in the beach and sometimes pool party. Everybody's entries are extremely similar when the thematic is about "summer". Nobody owns a concept or a thematic. But here's a tip for you: claim for plagiarism is valid when the piece of artwork is so similar there's no creative input from the artist to obtain a different execution (of the same concept). The claim is usually used against traced art, stolen or copied from somewhere else with no credit attributed to the original. 2nd tip: Just beacuse someone else used Munak Hat and Poring in their entry doesn't mean the rest can't. They don't own the combination of subjects, that's ridiculous. If I were to measure with that same rule, then everybody drawing a human with summerwear/bikini is also plagiarism. If you show me these are traced, copied or stolen. You have a point, otherwise your point holds no water. PS: You still haven't told me how Veha's artwork is plagiarism. As far as I am concerned there's no similar pieces in this entire forum that say otherwise.
  2. I don't think theres any problem with the tube designs.
  3. Mind to show us the originals then? Skeptical until proven.
  4. This rubbed me off the wrong way, sorry. Don't get me wrong, RO is like 70% trash maps because almost nothing holds value. I honestly think a lot of maps don't give much reward for the effort, it's so weird, they should be the most profitable maps, so I can agree with that but... Beast Strafe Sniper/Hunter with Ankle Snare/Charge Arrow literally destroys all of Manuk map (the Tatacho map) and you only need to dual a SL and park it on the map before. I used to level Hunters here all the time to cross trans them to other classes because it was faster than leveling Priests. Also Luna Kaleet farm. Spider Web + Fire Bolt Professor rips this place to shreds too, specially Tatachos. But Centipedes can be taken down too, they're just slower. I've been told that Cicada Ninja with fire spells is literally free mode too because it'll be hard for them to touch you. HW can be used too altho it does take IC here to deal with stuff and its slower than the above. But it can mob. You don't need SQI for the BS Hunter and the Professor, the Rental Ballista is disgustingly strong you should be hitting really high Beast Strafe values, if my memory isn't wrong, you can 3-shot centipedes and 2-shot Tatachos with it. Professor can just keep casting Fiber Lock. It's gonna be fine, I trust the GM team on making the maps more alive, tho.
  5. What if I want to participate in the contest if I don't play anymore and win? Do I still get a prize? Although it's never going to be used nor I am ever going to log in, do I still participate or am excluded?
  6. AAAAAAH! So good~ Why don't you come to artsu corner more often?
  7. Aaahh really good sprite work, lovely. So many good entries.
  8. These, I also like, very well made watercolor. The Tam Tam one looks sooo much like a postcard.
  9. MMMM I personally love this one. Nice composition.
  10. Good luck everybody wtih their art! Let me see some good artsu!
  11. Damn GM Howl , I don't play anymore but you're stepping it up with these events. <3
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