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  1. Umm... still haven't shown the comparison. Sorry but as a fellow artist you're being overly egregious with your claim. If we're gonna measure with this same rule then EVERYBODY here is going to be held accountable for plagiarism. I've been here for years and every summer entry is extremely similar to previous ones. I can boil it down to like 3 thematics: summer night party, having fun in the beach and sometimes pool party. Everybody's entries are extremely similar when the thematic is about "summer". Nobody owns a concept or a thematic. But here's a tip for you: claim for plagiarism is valid when the piece of artwork is so similar there's no creative input from the artist to obtain a different execution (of the same concept). The claim is usually used against traced art, stolen or copied from somewhere else with no credit attributed to the original. 2nd tip: Just beacuse someone else used Munak Hat and Poring in their entry doesn't mean the rest can't. They don't own the combination of subjects, that's ridiculous. If I were to measure with that same rule, then everybody drawing a human with summerwear/bikini is also plagiarism. If you show me these are traced, copied or stolen. You have a point, otherwise your point holds no water. PS: You still haven't told me how Veha's artwork is plagiarism. As far as I am concerned there's no similar pieces in this entire forum that say otherwise.
  2. I don't think theres any problem with the tube designs.
  3. Mind to show us the originals then? Skeptical until proven.
  4. This rubbed me off the wrong way, sorry. Don't get me wrong, RO is like 70% trash maps because almost nothing holds value. I honestly think a lot of maps don't give much reward for the effort, it's so weird, they should be the most profitable maps, so I can agree with that but... Beast Strafe Sniper/Hunter with Ankle Snare/Charge Arrow literally destroys all of Manuk map (the Tatacho map) and you only need to dual a SL and park it on the map before. I used to level Hunters here all the time to cross trans them to other classes because it was faster than leveling Priests. Also Luna Kaleet farm. Spider Web + Fire Bolt Professor rips this place to shreds too, specially Tatachos. But Centipedes can be taken down too, they're just slower. I've been told that Cicada Ninja with fire spells is literally free mode too because it'll be hard for them to touch you. HW can be used too altho it does take IC here to deal with stuff and its slower than the above. But it can mob. You don't need SQI for the BS Hunter and the Professor, the Rental Ballista is disgustingly strong you should be hitting really high Beast Strafe values, if my memory isn't wrong, you can 3-shot centipedes and 2-shot Tatachos with it. Professor can just keep casting Fiber Lock. It's gonna be fine, I trust the GM team on making the maps more alive, tho.
  5. This update is not that easy to implement because pre-renewal values don't match renewal ones. And also, the enviroments are vastly different to justify these changes VS pre-RE enviroment. It is very unlikely not because tRO is "hard to crack", but because these changes are not made with pre-RE balance in mind. Don't get me wrong, some things are nice. But let's not forget that this whole patch does like 1 thing right (Loud Exclamation being party buff to help out Merchant classes being used in party) and like 5 things wrong (Performers songs, Pressure losing its uniqueness, etc...) when it comes to nerf/buffing. But Im not getting into the detail about that. On top being a *13 years late* patch.
  6. Someone should take a photo of their screen so you can barely see what's going on, but you can't make out anything because of how bad quality the photo is.
  7. You're not going to enjoy the game if you don't play the class you resonate the most with.
  8. I applaud the dedication, but no sweetums, if you make this comment directly to me, it's a bit of a misunderstsanding. Let me explain it to you: before I quit I was doing what you're claiming against me long before you even realize, and it did not work as well as you think it will. Because I came to the realization it's an inherent problem of the game as a design that fails to make the player stick to the game. I was a WoEr, a casual PVPer and a PVMer that seeked to be a driving force. I helped people get to the point to where I was at, but very little sticked no matter the effort, because it's not just *my* problem as a player, it's the game's design failing to put something to look foward to. I observed that the ones that sticked were because they were seeking friendship (WOE or social guild), and the game had little to do with the stick success rate. And yeah, I know Joan, I talk to him literally daily, mind you. I know what kind of person he is. Being a driving force is just a minuscule part of what it takes to actually achieve what you plan to achieve. And it's the only thing, as a player, that you can do. But it's not a panacea to the actual underlying issue. Because after you did your effort, it's up to the "newbie" to decide, and that decision will be based on what the game has to offer. Is that clear? You have to know that my comments are a direct criticism to the game and not the community, because after a long period of observation and comparison to other successful games, I came to understand what makes players stick to a game and it's community. Basically, *the game is not very good at selling itself to the player*. It's like you're trying to sell me a stinky, dirty shirt like if it was the lastest trend in the market. But hey, the manufacturer (GMs/game designers) can make that dirty shirt be an *actual* trendy t-shirt if they want to.
  9. Yeah, you two understand the real underlying problem when it comes to RO. The game barely takes a shake up and if you've been sitting there for more than a year with all your high tier gear piled up. It's not fun at all, your end game has already been done far long before even realizing. This whole "the player makes the end game!" thing is just disillusional after a certain time. New content is not good when it's accompained with subpar rewards (what's the point of even putting x10 effort for a shield that can barely put a challenge VS the easely obtainable Valk Shield?). The game bleeds out replayability after you've hit the peak -- that's what kills the game. Not the other way around.
  10. Really nice~ I like it, altho I legit fail to see the cultist and the priest part on the custome. Lady November, posting in November... seems right
  11. Correlation does not mean causation. Players didn't leave because suddenly there are much tougher bosses to solo, players didn't leave because there was a hot new class in the neighbourhood. I highly doubt that specific patches ruined the game. They are punches to an already dead horse for sure, but the real reason why the horse died is because it's design literally collapsed on it's own far long before any of these patches occured. More appealing and competitive games started to appear and RO just pretty much stayed on it's own prehistoric and already flawed mess of a design that pservers assumed to preserve. Let me clarify, RO never had an end goal as a design -> They don't know what they *wanted* this game to be, so they kind of started copying succesful games and paste them on RO to see if it worked. And it obviously didn't , because Gravity doesn't exactly know why those game succeed. Just like how a great part of the RO playerbase doesn't understand why the game collapsed to begin with, leading to threads like these were players question why new people don't stick to the game.
  12. As a veteran ex-player I can agree with some of the points mentioned by Razer. Specially the ones about convincing newbie players-- I was there, too. I can share the sentiment and feel of impotency when it comes to seeing the player quit literally week after and never see them again. But that is the nature of things in a 16 year old game that never received proper QOL updates like any other game in the market does. Gravity/Gunho failed at keeping the game competitive and appealing. Now, moving on, this is something completely out of your hands and of GM's hands to an extent. The game in general was never really appealing to play at all, like Razer said, it's pretty much a glorified chatroom. Why? It's more complicated than what I can write in this post but it boils down to this: The game failed at having end goals as a design. What do I mean by this? It's literally a grindfest without purpose, no wonder why players leave so easely, this is not tRO's fault neither yours, but it got further amplified by how "fixated" is to obtain stuff (most effective method is grind zeny -> buy card). Although, unlike the rest, I do not defend the card system either, I don't think it's a good design either to keep you playing different maps, it's an extremely polarizing system that punishes you for having bad luck (can't get op card despite farming for thousands of hours, suck it, its frustrating, makes players quit in a bad way). tRO/pre-tRO alleviated this by making cards accesible but ended up creating another problem on the long term. The game in it's 15 years of uptime never tried to appeal to the player because Gravity never bothered to do so, now we're seeing the long term effects. This can be alleviated by pserver GMs if they have the willpower to make such gigantic set of VERY DEEP AND INGRAINED changes to make the game be an *actual game*. But this is an extremely risky move in terms of time invested VS success due to how set in stone the RO playerbase is in general. So no wonder why no pserver has ever tried to truely break the mold and actually attack real RO's painpoint no matter how trendy they think they are. Bottom line, the actual -RO- game isn't very appealing and new players know it. Those vagabond newplayers that scan for servers are looking for really appealing things because believe me- they have jumped servers so much they probably know better and skip right ahead when they see the same thing over and over with little to no changes made. RO failed as a game design because it has no sense of wonder and surprise to keep players hooked. Video on this:
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