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  1. Umm... still haven't shown the comparison. Sorry but as a fellow artist you're being overly egregious with your claim. If we're gonna measure with this same rule then EVERYBODY here is going to be held accountable for plagiarism. I've been here for years and every summer entry is extremely similar to previous ones. I can boil it down to like 3 thematics: summer night party, having fun in the beach and sometimes pool party. Everybody's entries are extremely similar when the thematic is about "summer". Nobody owns a concept or a thematic. But here's a tip for you: claim for plagiarism is valid when the piece of artwork is so similar there's no creative input from the artist to obtain a different execution (of the same concept). The claim is usually used against traced art, stolen or copied from somewhere else with no credit attributed to the original. 2nd tip: Just beacuse someone else used Munak Hat and Poring in their entry doesn't mean the rest can't. They don't own the combination of subjects, that's ridiculous. If I were to measure with that same rule, then everybody drawing a human with summerwear/bikini is also plagiarism. If you show me these are traced, copied or stolen. You have a point, otherwise your point holds no water. PS: You still haven't told me how Veha's artwork is plagiarism. As far as I am concerned there's no similar pieces in this entire forum that say otherwise.
  2. I don't think theres any problem with the tube designs.
  3. Mind to show us the originals then? Skeptical until proven.
  4. I like this one, reminds me of a feather beret.
  5. Believe in yourself, a good traditional piece can compete vs digital. Just make sure it's high quality and not an eyesore (scan it, don't take photos of it unless you're good with lighting).
  6. What if I want to participate in the contest if I don't play anymore and win? Do I still get a prize? Although it's never going to be used nor I am ever going to log in, do I still participate or am excluded?
  7. AAAAAAH! So good~ Why don't you come to artsu corner more often?
  8. Aaahh really good sprite work, lovely. So many good entries.
  9. These, I also like, very well made watercolor. The Tam Tam one looks sooo much like a postcard.
  10. MMMM I personally love this one. Nice composition.
  11. Good luck everybody wtih their art! Let me see some good artsu!
  12. Damn GM Howl , I don't play anymore but you're stepping it up with these events. <3
  13. Shout out to all the sprite artists out there!

  14. Maybe someday I'll finish this project...

  15. Good luck to all in the tournament, and please make it awesome and fair so more of this content can be pushed into the server. /no1 I already quit the game, so I have no intentions to participate, but I wish the best for the rest.
  16. Wooooo hooooooooooooooo oooooo ~ oAo ~
  17. Nobody should be forced to research for something as ambiguous as "Folkvang Patch" , specially if you're a first timer. Is that the first impression you want to give of the server? As a newcomer I want things as clear and understandable as possible. And as someone mentioned earlier even he/she, that is a seasoned tRO player actually expected something else about Folkvang Patch the first time he/she saw it. Banners are there to promote the server, if I'm really hooked I'd do a further research for it. But that's only -IF-, the banner has to be attractive enough to draw a player. Everything else is fine, a returning tRO player or a person searching for a server can easily understand what are updates like "Port Malaya" and "LH4". Although, I don't.... really consider them custom content, just modified versions of the official content to fit pre-renewal settings. But its fine, do whatever you want, its just a protip I wanted to hand out.
  18. I'd like to warn something with that "Folkvang Patch" thing, the name is highly misleading as that kind of names for patches tend to indicate that there's some kind of custom content like a custom city or zone, wich is not the case in tRO's Folkvang Patch. I'd actually recommend to avoid placing that in any banner at all costs, because it's just confusing for any new player reading it without knowing what it is (and I wouldn't blame that guy, since he's looking for a server anyways, he has never dived all the way into the forums to figure out what's a "Folkvang Patch"). For sake for clarity and somewhat professionalism, for anybody making more banners, please avoid it, unless you explicity explain what it is on the banner (WoE updates, server changes, Battlegrounds, etc). Remember the banner is one of the first impressions of the server, it has to be clear as possible. Just a suggestion, tho.
  19. I really like the 2nd one from the third spoiler. My hairstyle is very heavy on braids, since this game lacked some of those.
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