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    Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    What system is used for the weapons, if you don't mind?
  2. Hello, I'm only recently coming back to RO, and learning all the cool added features on this server. One of these is Jewelcrafting and Enchanting weapons. I'ts a really cool idea, and as I started getting into the research for this I noticed there's some information that just can't be found. If you have answers to any of the following questions please let me know and maybe we can edit the Wiki once we have some substantial info. 1) When mining, how long does it take for a stone to reset? (Time between when a stone is mined, and can be mined again by another player) 2) Is there a list of armors and weapons that can be enchanted? Alternatively, is there a rule to follow for enchanting? Eg. If the weapon has 4 card slots it cannot be enchanted. If the armor/weapon is an SQI it cannot be enchanted, etc.. 3) Is there a chance of the armor/weapon breaking during enchanting process? This is not clearly stated on the wiki: It states above that you can attempt to to put one of these in the armor. It doesn't clarify if there's a chance of failing or a chance of the armor breaking. If you can answer these questions please let me know. If you have questions to be added to this thread please post them so I can edit them in.