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  1. Pauldron [1] - 250k Fish In Mouth - 1M evil marching hat / flapping evil marching hat 4M
  2. Im looking for guild to vanilla woe with
  3. Stats, skills and combat system are prerenewal but here you can get that maxium speed with other ways too. We have reward npc in the Prontera who can sell you all kind of cards and gears. Example: Doppelganger card - 25% atk speed Gold queen scaraba card - 15% atk speed and 1% damage reduction Gryphon card - crit rate and luck Incarnation samurai card - 65 atk Also we have super quest items and quest for these here: https://wiki.talonro.com/Super_Quest_Items
  4. Willow and carat cards and angelic set gives sp, but maybe you want use only willow card in mid head gear since you have kahos and thats also cheap. The best is General Egnigem card and there is also rental stuff refresh shoes or recuvatite armor what helps. You could also use Eraser staff.
  5. Tedrican

    item drop

    Would it be possible to make sign boards, same kind what we have now mvp sign board every time we kill mvp. 1 for card drop and 1 for gear drop. ???
  6. Tedrican

    Second chat box

    I suggest we would have second chat box and move combat info, combat chat, server info and GM pms to that new box. So old box would be just for area chat, guild chat and personal chat. This personal chat window what we have now is not best solution. Every time change map or teleport it close and we dont have any clue what was in there. In chat window personal chat should be yellow (like it is now but in that chat box) and guild chat should be darker (now that colour is too light and mix with normal area chat) Original resolution 640x480 two chat boxes was covering too much area but I dont think nowadays anyone play with that and 2x boxes wouldnt be too big.
  7. Tedrican


    I would like to see sqi level armour in robe slot. First of all this cant break game mechanics in pvp or pvm but should be still tempting and better than others. I think it must have slot cause all mvp cards are so powerful that without some mvp carded would be better. Should have own quest. So here it is : Asprika [1] Def 5 Mdef 3 FLEE + 10 Reflect 6% of Physical Melee Damage MaxHP + 6%, MaxSP + 6%, HP & SP reg 6% 6% resistance against Wind & Earth properties, Freeze and Silence Allow use skills: lv2 Teleport, lv2 Heal, lv2 Hiding
  8. There you go. Why dont you just let it be then and play without bonus? Why do you do you want to take to the bottom all other super novice players too?
  9. Do you mean remove this stat bonus or remove that death count what pvp makes?
  10. Tedrican

    Hat Quest

    What Boreas havent closed this yet? Anyways I wish for Amistr Cap, Evil Marching Hat and Knit Rabbit Ear Hat
  11. Tedrican

    New gears/equips

    I made a list of items what is in database but I dont think these are now obtainable any way. I checked Talon RO own database and rental and rewards npcs this time. So these are what we are still missing and at least I would like to have some: All In One Ring (rental in real server) Old Green Pantie (rental in real server) Aumdura's Benefit Dark Knight Mask Dark Knight Glove Dark Knight Belt Death Loop Kuirpenring Navel Ring Shaman's Coif Shaman Ring Shaman Earring Warrior's Shining Ring Brynhild (sqi), might need modifications (I would reduce matk and atk to 3% and add slot) Asprika (sqi), same here (reduce damage reductions to 10% or less and add slot)
  12. @ssjVegeta You are right Bryndhil would be too stronk for ringboss drop. Good note. Anyway I ment there is lots of stuff what we cant obtain any way so why not give those.
  13. These Tamtam area champion monsters are really lame. Looks like Talon strongly support archer class but really hate thief. All champions are really easy with archer classes especially creamy what doesnt move at all but are almost impossible with thief classes unless you are already full geared reborn. Thus 1 champion with 8x rate gives 1.5M experience. Thats really easy way to get reborn in 1 day from creating char. So I suggest get that exp down, make all champions move faster and give them endure at all time but lower stats little bit and agro from cast and casting range same players maxium range. Next thing what also ruins game is new ring boss monsters. These also gives way too much exp and cause armoring everyone has now slotted panties. So pls add more items for drop pools, armors and accessories and slotted undershirt too. (No valk or satan drops) but some items like angel's dress, blessed holy robe, brynhild, Chameleon Armor, Ragamuffin Manteau, Skeleton Manteau, Archer Figure, Aumdura's Benefit, Dark Knight Belt, Dark Knight Glove, Death Loop, Gauntlet of Hit, Kafra Ring, Kuirpenring, Lord Ring, Magic Stone Ring, Merchant Figure, Navel Ring, Ordinary Coin, Rune Spellstone and Thief Figure are not dropped by anything.
  14. I wish we could have these ninja Kagerou/Oboro and gunslinger Rebel reborn classes too. This implement has already made in official IRO. You can check skills here: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Kagerou http://irowiki.org/wiki/Oboro http://irowiki.org/wiki/Rebel I dont think these 2-2 classes are too overpowered compared other reborners but make characters more flexible and gives more options if its 99/70 too for new kind of hybrid builds. Example GS can actually make shotgun build with this and ninja can dual wield.
  15. I know we have identical database as close as real IRO but at this moment these cards are not even worth of picking. So could we have these cards reimplemented. No need to have super, just hope they would do something.
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