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  1. The_Pirate

    Rogue to Stalker Build

    On my rogue this is my usual build (Bow-DS), the burning bow means you don't need a fire endow and I do almost 3x as much damage as I did when I ran a Ranked VVS Fire Dam, I've recent;y replaced the sashes with celeb rings, and I also run a Mad Dog Clip for saving meat. If you feel you absolutely must play as melee rogue, here is a melee build that requires a fire endow from a sage, I can't recommend bow rogue enough though, just look at the difference in killing time and damage, especially because rogues don't have access to the preserve skill.
  2. The_Pirate

    Rouge/Stalker Gearing Question

    I'm in the process of leveling my rogue atm, he's level 93 and I was just wondering what gear I should aim to buy next. I want my stalker to be a general MvP farmer/Zenny Farmer. Current Equips: +4 LKH Robo Eyes Pirate Dagger +5 Burning Bow (Skele Worker Card) Pantie Undershirt Shoes [1] Shinobi Sash x2 Hell Poodle Clip (For Healing) Currently I'm farming mavka's, hence the burning bow. My plan was to go for a GEC card, then 2 celebration rings but idk after that. I'm not looking for a super endgame setup atm, just something to upgrade these less effective armors with (pantie, undershirt, etc.), something in between where I am now and my eventual endgame gear.