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  1. @fumiddition *double pokes* sunos are super cute :d my reference
  2. @Reira i am skipping my go. o 3o
  3. @AG. I exported the sprite files individually. then I compiled them together using my art program.
  4. Both so cute. Thank you both so much. Hehe Luntian drawing AG so ill just draw nyp to just get things back to one on one. I'll pass my go for luntian when he is done. 😆
  5. @agilazo hahaha thank you. I can only draw chibi Don't really post my draws much other than the ro ones. here -->
  6. @agilazo merry christmas my reference:
  7. Hello there, I would like to claim two tier 3 boxes. IGN: Chersure wig and cat
  8. *cheers with festive spirit* time for christmas and hibernation. ft. sleeping tamtam and christmas themed mobs Challenge attempted : GM Zelda - Light up the night (fairy lights on logo) GM Mikzie - "Candy-coon" (candy cane design on stocking tamtam sleeping in) IGN: Mini Cherrios
  9. Thank you Luke for letting me draw these cuties. Originals has been sent. o 3o//
  10. @Vivikuri vivi :DDDDDDD Procrastination at it's best. Just a little doodle of my bby suno
  11. When claiming the costume raffle it mentions the costume being redeemable in all accounts from vending machine in lutie. Since you are able to claim last years costumes would that mean you can also claim those throughout all your accounts via lutie. If so should it be already implemented if you have those costumes from farming last year you can unlock it in the vending machine rather than having to get them again this year.
  12. @~Lozaki~ \o/ woooooo *devours the food*
  13. @Aspartame Thank you for the commission. Originals has been sent. o 3o// *hugs* and @~Lozaki~ no stebsteb D:< steb not equal love
  14. @Kurivivi Thank you for being the fastest ninja in commissioning. Originals has been sent. Hope you enjoy the small bonus o 3o// @~Lozaki~ why steb
  15. @M a s h i` Desu Thank you for the commission. Originals has been sent. o 3o//
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