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  1. Cherrios

    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    Name: Cashring <-- (was suppose to sound like the cash register sound kaa-ching but hey close enough) Preferred color/Appearance: Light brown / Looks like one of those brown, cartoon looking moneybags ones with the big money signs except with a poring face and for it's stem a gold coin. Drops: 1x Shabby Coin Bag ID: 12612 1x Poor Coin Bag ID: 12615 1x Normal Coin Bag ID: 12614 1x S Class Coin Bag ID: 12616 Cashring's Story: One sunny morning, as Kafra did her weekly refills to the bank reserves at Kafra. incorporated. She was carrying around the moneybags not realising one had a hole in it and was dropping a gold coin each time up til she place down the bags to unlock the vault. Nearby was a curious poring who saw a path of shiny coins, it's curiosity peaked and It followed the path by devouring each coin to where Kafra was and dove itself into the bag of coins and got stuck. For some odd reason nothing could make this poring unstuck. When it bounces sound like coins bags. Submitted by IGN: Cherrios
  2. Cherrios

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    IGN: Cherrios Headgear : Koneko Hat o 3o//
  3. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    @Naght Thank you for the commission. Originals has been sent. o 3o// so many kets +_+
  4. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    @Rayssss Thank you for the commission. Originals has been sent. o 3o//
  5. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    little bonus art swap with a friend :x
  6. Cherrios

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    "What is your favourite RO town and why?" Lutie, cause of the cold and the snow +_+ Who doesn't like a town that makes you want to snuggle up and have a nice warm cocoa. ouuuu an guild with so many arters. Please teach me how to join. ;x;
  7. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    @Naght ahhaha :'D That was the point. x: @Mei Magnolia Thank you for the commission. Originals has been sent. o 3o//
  8. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    @Emi Thank you for the commission. Originals has been sent. *slapslaps* o 3o//
  9. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    @Cheron Thank you for the commission. Original has been sent. o 3o//
  10. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    (o 3o)/ !! one bobb or two jkjk Added you both into the waiting list. Once I'm ready I'll pm you for details. 😘 No more hotel rooms. Full of ragrats. :d
  11. Cherrios

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    Hello...... Name is bobb. *coughnotreallybutwhatimknowascoughcough* Been wanting to draw alittle more lately so been hence opening up this shop + the extra zeny to go shopping is a nice bonus. Drawings will be chibis -> something simple but has a cute charm to it if have any special request please include in order. At this moment not really looking not taking in couples or group works. <- makes me overwhelmed. CHIBI -> 15m/15TC If interested, please contact me via thread, PM or even discord (o 3o#2151) to reserve a slot! Once confirmed, please send me the following details: please send the payment upfront via mail to IGN Mini Cherrios, or arrange to meet in-game. SLOTS: Slot#1 - Kurivivi x1 (20%) Slot#2 - Aspartame x1 Slot#3 - Mashi x1 Slot#4 - Luke Slot#5 - Courage Waiting List: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - if have any questions feel free to contact me. o 3o
  12. Cherrios

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    can we dual client?
  13. Cherrios

    Nheki Draws

    *stalks* i'll take no.7
  14. Cherrios

    ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around [Closed]

    @urDad finished *patsu* - unwatermarked ver. sent.
  15. Cherrios

    Draw The Character Above You!

    @*Jin* omgomgomg so cute thank you so much