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  1. Hello there, I would like to claim two tier 3 boxes. IGN: Chersure wig and cat
  2. *cheers with festive spirit* time for christmas and hibernation. ft. sleeping tamtam and christmas themed mobs Challenge attempted : GM Zelda - Light up the night (fairy lights on logo) GM Mikzie - "Candy-coon" (candy cane design on stocking tamtam sleeping in) IGN: Mini Cherrios
  3. When claiming the costume raffle it mentions the costume being redeemable in all accounts from vending machine in lutie. Since you are able to claim last years costumes would that mean you can also claim those throughout all your accounts via lutie. If so should it be already implemented if you have those costumes from farming last year you can unlock it in the vending machine rather than having to get them again this year.
  4. Name: Cashring <-- (was suppose to sound like the cash register sound kaa-ching but hey close enough) Preferred color/Appearance: Light brown / Looks like one of those brown, cartoon looking moneybags ones with the big money signs except with a poring face and for it's stem a gold coin. Drops: 1x Shabby Coin Bag ID: 12612 1x Poor Coin Bag ID: 12615 1x Normal Coin Bag ID: 12614 1x S Class Coin Bag ID: 12616 Cashring's Story: One sunny morning, as Kafra did her weekly refills to the bank reserves at Kafra. incorporated. She was carrying around the moneybags not realising one had a hole in it and was dropping a gold coin each time up til she place down the bags to unlock the vault. Nearby was a curious poring who saw a path of shiny coins, it's curiosity peaked and It followed the path by devouring each coin to where Kafra was and dove itself into the bag of coins and got stuck. For some odd reason nothing could make this poring unstuck. When it bounces sound like coins bags. Submitted by IGN: Cherrios
  5. IGN: Cherrios Headgear : Koneko Hat o 3o//
  6. 22 *dem forgot ign oh wells next round I guess
  7. IGN: Mini Cherrios Entry: Little Tamtam riding on a myst case. Challenge attempted -> GM Venus Challenge: Everyone's invited! - Include a Christmas themed monster/s in your entry. Christmas present -> Myst Case featured in this piece.
  8. Muka's Playground Summer race is back again and once again many kill missions with people dread. However 100 mukas is actually not to bad. This little meal was inspired by mukas teasing me as I rush to finish the mission. IGN: Cherrios Ingredient List STUFFED MUKA (Stuffed Zucchini) BASE OF MUKA'S PLAYGROUND (Couscous with Zucchini) Final Product
  9. IGN: Mini Cherrios Entry #1 - no peeking Entry #2 - Squid friend not food Entry #3 - WARNING SEDORA
  10. IGN: Cherrios you said pun right? :'D
  11. It's your words against mine but it was there and you claiming it wasn't. Wow, just really disappointed.
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