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  1. Yeah that was hurt and we can't LP emp XD
  2. Today was more intense NT WoE ❤️
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/fleetingfur Tomyum Vigoss#8795 69421-2bzuperfriend
  4. I'd like to demonstrate some trick that few may not know yet. " Deactivating your own sight " This is usefull in PVP and WoE mode Even you are playing class that has Ruwach or Sight skill Using accessory [Horong card] would give you more Flexibility 1) Equip an [Horong] accessory 2) Place another accessory and the Sighting one in short cut 3) Use Sight skill 4) When don't need the sight effect just click short cut to switch the accessory 5) Your sight may still seem like activating but it won't Sight up so you can also use hinding.
  5. Tomyum had 19 Last WoE Crimson ( from my estimation ) had 20 to 22 Russo had around 15 to18 ppl Please correct me if you have the number. But overall was a fun NT WoE i am looking forward to this Saturday NT
  6. Today Tomyum NonTran WoE Video our first 2020 WoE Grat for the castle Russo and well fought Crimson ❤️
  7. Thank you someone told me after WoE ended XD Will try it next WoE
  8. Hi i am Vigoss , I enjoy recording WoE scene I mainly do NonTran WoE I just came back and joined Crimson guild last Sat I will keep updating WoE videos here Sat February 1st 2020 Priest with Crimson https://youtu.be/CSenWcratVc Sat February 8th 2020 Knight with Tomyum https://youtu.be/VeFmEymaJw0 Sat February 15th 2020 Hunter/Knight Tomyum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhlD4iNm7Og Sat February 22nd 2020 Knight Tomyum https://youtu.be/k2IJ_E-zwus
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