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  1. ~Thanks GM Lance ~ I am your fan!
  2. Bitch please hahahah

    Me ama~~

  3. My letter, to my special one Dear Re-Parallax, "It's a little bit funny This feeling inside I'm not one of those who can Easily hide" It is always hard to write how I love you. I have a hard time in expressing myself 'cause I am not a writer guy, and you know it... but I am a guy who loves you, who feels you, who desires you every single day by my side. I can't write you a love letter the way you deserve. But I can put down some special songs that we experienced; that we heard; that we danced; that we sang together. You just need to listen to my heart! And the melody tells me to give you everything! And... I do! I act young and dumb when you are around, you just need to "Say you'll stay with me tonight". Your touch; your look: "my heart stops! You make me feel like I'm living a Teenage dream" always. That's the part you get me! And I let my walls come all down and I say "I'm on the edge of glory, I'm hanging on a moment of our truth". Creating something more than just "phenomenal, don't you agree?". You really make me go, "Oh, oh, oh", you're my firework. This is our love song, beating and completing each other symphony, so please, "will you hold me tight and not let me go?" I am tired of feeling incomplete when you are gone. Just hug me now and forever! Because "No one can shake me as you do!". Stay with me. They say the "Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise". I just see paradise when I am with you. There is no mountain high, no infinity ocean, no bad time for me to take you home with our "James Dean daydream look" ending up together with no more "tears to cry", but as "phoenix out of the ashes seeking" for love again. Honey, you are the one, my one. You make everything stop! The one that makes me smiling out from ear to ear. Thanks for all the moments so far we had lived. I've learned a lot from you! Thanks for being such an inspiration, my safe spot, my friend, my lover. I got my angel now! That's YOU ! Well, Need I say more? Now all I want to hear from you, Is to say, "I do." With love, Arsenate. I will love you forever. Happy Valentines ❤️ Our IGN: Re-Parallax and Arsenate. The original Pic :3 Songs reference
  4. Guys, congratz. You all have lots of talent. Great job, mates ❤️ Happy gaming ~~
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