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  1. Hello sir Khrei, how much for a seal service?

    -1=Zoom=1-  (in-game name)

  2. good morning i've been farming some zenny to buy a seal service but i would like to know how much is the service so i can have a goal.

    Thank you very much, have a nice day.

  3. 30th October Slot 3 2pm Server Time please thanks
  4. about teh gears: the GM Team will provide? only selected gears?
  5. nice vid.. waiting for the new updates..
  6. voted shika on this one.. good sense of humor..
  7. voted for iLyrics.. coz of the video she posted.. heh.. jk..
  8. its 11pm my time.. i hope im not so sleepy and can play till 1 am.. o.O great vid.. so awesome.. 8)
  9. grats lilac.. lol.. and to all the winners..
  10. nice updates.. gmc will be crowded.. and still one party can go inside and play? and the other pt will wait like.. 1hr or so..
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