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  1. khrei

    Mailbox PRO Seal Services [OPEN] NEW THREAD

    bumping ❤️
  2. khrei

    Khrei's Leech Service

    after 1 week of busy life irl im back.. lol and bumping leech thread
  3. khrei

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    missing item on the new calculator
  4. khrei

    Khrei's Leech Service

    Previous Leeches ❤️ Tifa Y Elaine~ Hard Starboard HSCR Yeono Kelthler What is Love Kuiie Thanks for buying
  5. khrei

    Khrei's Leech Service

    ah yes i saw your msg ingame but when i reply youre offline thou.. you can contact me at discord too i reply faster there just incase i dont reply ingame.. thanks.. Previous Buyers: keke* MakeEzMoney ~Nell mimiyakngongo Eun Tae Oppa415 Brorch thanks for buying
  6. khrei

    Khrei's Leech Service

    Previous leech buyers: Vanilmirth Breader UClaser BronzeCoins thanks for buying
  7. khrei

    Khrei's Leech Service

    Thanks for buying Leech Service -Elaine- ThorinIronHammer SuperPosition Uclaser
  8. khrei

    Khrei's Leech Service

    LOW LEVEL LEECH Sniper/High Wizard 1~79 Non Trans and Trans Package Only *Price is level based* 1~20 Orc Dungeon Lv1 for Non Trans and Trans 20~50 Glast Heim Churchyard for Non Trans and Trans 50~79 Thor Volcano Lv1 for Non Trans 50~70 Thor Volcano Lv1 and 70~79 Thor Volcano Lv3 for Trans HIGH LEVEL LEECH High Wizard Thor Volcano Lv3 79~99 Non Trans and Trans Package or Hourly (No need quest) Star Gladiator Morroc Dimensional Gorge 80~99 Non Trans and Trans Package or Hourly (Need Quest: Dimensional Gorge Entrance Quest) ADDITIONAL INFO I will lend you Exp Gears needed for the leech. You have to return it after leech is done. Thor3 and Morroc DG Package leech prices are experienced based. Depending on your experience need and which leech are you buying. Low Level Leech prices are level based. Depending on your level. If you have other questions just message me or come to Louyang. IGN: Khrei Warehouse *Khrei* Discord: Khrei#6087
  9. khrei

    S> +10 Guard[GTB]

    pm offer
  10. khrei

    S> +10 Guard[GTB]

  11. khrei

    S> +10 Guard[GTB]

    just pm me offers here in forums because i'm not always online in game right now.. thanks..
  12. khrei

    B> Sherwood Bow[TTTh]

    just pm me price here in forums because i'm not always online in game right now.. thanks..
  13. khrei

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    i just made an assassin cross for farming geffenia and its cool.. i just normal attack succubus and incubus after i steal using twin fang doppelganger, baphomet and mobster x2.. ehem i like normal attacks so.. thanks for teh guide..
  14. khrei

    Hindi pwede ang TalonRO sa MACBOOK?

    alam ko pwede pero need mo ng windows emulator ata yun.. meron topic non dito.. seach mo na lng.. edit: oh eto nakita ko na lol https://forum.talonro.com/topic/21687-how-to-install-talonro-on-a-mac-using-wineskin/