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  1. Class: Paladin IGN: NotKhrei Class: HW IGN: ~~Khrei~~
  2. Class: Paladin IGN: NotKhrei Class: High Priest IGN: *Khrei*
  3. @GM Lance can i take the june 21st slot 1 2pm server time? or is that taken by them too.. if not.. ill take it.. lol
  4. grats to the winners
  5. @GM Lance can we only join 1 run? or we can join other parties as well? because alot of us is asking if we can only play once.. lol
  6. 23 of May 2pm server time pls
  7. Hello sir Khrei, how much for a seal service?

    -1=Zoom=1-  (in-game name)

  8. good morning i've been farming some zenny to buy a seal service but i would like to know how much is the service so i can have a goal.

    Thank you very much, have a nice day.

  9. 30th October Slot 3 2pm Server Time please thanks
  10. Hey! I would like to know how much do you charge for all seals and each separately.



  11. IGN: ~~Khrei~~ lol late just a few minutes bahahaha congrats
  12. is the Event Item Machine NPC permanent? or you gonna remove it after the event?
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