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  1. Happy Birthday Livia! ^_________^
  2. Livia! <333 /kis also, do you make signatures? i pay well ^______^
  3. Welcome back Lexi! <3 another clown cut in on your loki dance haha
  4. Longchamp


  5. lolol i'll go :-* random people in town instead ^___^
  6. Longchamp


    la raza <3
  7. gurl, most people call me chris but you can call me tonight instead /rice
  8. Miss Chellah! Soul Society and ANBU Squad FTW! Fall 2k5 /rice
  9. we needs some cool hip hop nicknames kaz dizzle /heh
  10. Trizzy Drake and Kim Minaj /rice
  11. Longchamp

    Pictures Of Players

    omg i didn't know there was a pier there i must be blind /heh miss so cal sometimes
  12. azurhialine, if your reading this come to Splendide this Saturday and give WoE a try I'll try to find you in game, can definitely help you with pally, or you can try your hp if you like. Your vast knowledge needs to be utilized in WoE /ok