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  1. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    IGN: Nheki Original:
  2. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    So cute! Thank you very much for drawing my shota healer, I really love it
  3. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    drops a shota healer, I am too poor to buy arts ;_; Feel free to use my character for your practice
  4. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    I hope this is alright IGN: Nheki gonna make a twitter and post my entries after I'm contented with them
  5. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    I think I got it... sorta Oh dear neptune I'm so noob at this Anyway, sorry for causing trouble, at least I have now an idea what are the do's and and don'ts, thanks again
  6. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    I think I asked the same question one way or another to Elixia before and she gave me a different answer about this matter, or I just misunderstood the question
  7. 2017 tRO Loading Screen Winner Announcement

    I see *guilty* So that's how winners are picked, I'll remember that on the next art contest
  8. 2017 tRO Loading Screen Winner Announcement

    Oh, the Ginnungagap made it to the winners, I personally prefer the Biolab one Yes, I am biased towards dark themed/dark shade arts Anyway, thank you and congrats to all the winners! tRO sure have many awesome artists
  9. I can see my SuNo there the latest one is really cute and those eyes, oh my god *_*
  10. Ano ang RO story mo?

    Ikr? My heart is pounding after I picked it up and immediately teleported away from the scene that's probably year 2004 in Sarah. I also played in Chaos and Loki tho there's nothing remarkable event happened in my stay in those two except for the long lost SS of a scene outside the castle of GHC where a Mysteltain or a Tirfing brutally killed all the players while a random merchant had a pub saying "KITA PANTY NG PRIESTESS" LOL
  11. New player, need tulong :)

    Tingin ko pro din yan, Ingles eh
  12. This one is so true! LOL Oh wait, I found a much older art, much much older, behold! I was laughing really hard when I found this, it seems my dad's been keeping my drawings when I was in grade school This one's <2000 Since when did that become a forest
  13. homunculus afk leveling?

    Yeah, AFK leveling with homunculus is legal in exchange of cutting the exp you gain from monster in half for every 5 minutes your character is idle ^____^
  14. It’s really fun to see how we improve as an artist after a couple of years, isn't it?