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  1. I hope you guys don't mind another Munak IGN: Craille Cathelli
  2. I hope this is alright IGN: Nheki gonna make a twitter and post my entries after I'm contented with them
  3. I think I got it... sorta Oh dear neptune I'm so noob at this Anyway, sorry for causing trouble, at least I have now an idea what are the do's and and don'ts, thanks again
  4. I think I asked the same question one way or another to Elixia before and she gave me a different answer about this matter, or I just misunderstood the question
  5. I see *guilty* So that's how winners are picked, I'll remember that on the next art contest
  6. Oh, the Ginnungagap made it to the winners, I personally prefer the Biolab one Yes, I am biased towards dark themed/dark shade arts Anyway, thank you and congrats to all the winners! tRO sure have many awesome artists
  7. yup probably, I wouldn't think of image google searching the entries tho
  8. I'm impressed how you guys can tell one's art is a fake or not
  9. IGN: Schein Saifell Inspired by Yuuki Tatsuya's Biolab fanart
  10. Thank you, glad to hear you enjoy reading it I don't usually write since I'm not really good at constructing paragraphs or even a mere sentences but I do love making stories I tend to work with my stories in the form of comics but since I'm a lazytard, I haven't finish any of them and more about the story
  11. I like making stories but I'm not really good at storytelling I tried writing one, I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as enjoy doing it IGN : Craille Cathelli
  12. jKjGgxO.png

    Why so hard?

    1. GM Raine
    2. Nheki


      I've been saving for weapon but the new costumes are so tempting.  The struggle is real /desp

  13. OMG! I won Congrats to the winners and to all participants, everyone's entry is indeed wonderful I hope to see more of everyone's art at AC so I can stalk more artsu people Meanwhile,
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