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  1. I hope you guys don't mind another Munak IGN: Craille Cathelli
  2. Nheki

    Nheki Draws

    Sorry, better luck on other's raffle Oh I forgot to drop this, such a nice song
  3. Nheki

    Nheki Draws

    I guess this is enough, gonna close the registration~ Sorry, I lied I'm not actually doing a raffle but a full illustration as a last piece I'll draw here in this community So expect everybody that joined to be included. It may take time as I'll try to do the best I could so please look forward to it
  4. Nheki

    Nheki Draws

    back so soon on second thought, I don't think I'll be needing that anymore so I'll be just hosting one last raffle for a limited number please pick a number between 1 to 10 and post your reference to join, no reference means no entry~ thanks art style not guaranteed
  5. Uhmm, so what happened to the unsold 250+ costumes? Anyway, I hope all what I said makes any sense
  6. What I'm saying is, people will still not buy those costume on vend even those were the only costumes they can wear. Why? It's because they doesn't like it's appearance. Those costumes were not bought not because they were old or something, but because people doesn't like it's look. You expect everyone to buy a costume for their character which is not always the case Rich people will buy kaho and newbies will buy gears. In the end, those costumes will still not be bought
  7. I don't quite follow the thread but what makes you think that people will start buying those 250+ costume on vend if they have no other choice of costume for their 1st job classes characters? I see two reasons why people buy costumes; for fashion and for them to brag. People buy costumes for aesthetics which means that those costumes that remains unsold are the unwanted ones. Costumes are not a necessity either so it's not like they need to buy those unwanted costume for their characters to survive the game. People that remains 1st classes are most likely belongs to rich and bored players so they have other choice like getting a customized kaho for them to look good. On the other hand, a complete newbie 1st job class would not even think twice to prioritize gears over a costume.
  8. Nheki

    Nheki Draws

    Thank you Commission for Askein and this happen in Summer Race earlier with Emmanuel that demon child were hiding in the same cell with the greatest general, about 6 people were searching for him for like 30mins and also, thanks to ~Judgement~ for helping us find that kid gonna be inactive again here, see you when I see you
  9. Nheki

    Nheki Draws

    Commission for Orchestra
  10. Nheki

    Nheki Draws

    a slot for you~ thank you for your interest, please send or post the detail of the character you want to be drawn, thank you
  11. So cute! Thank you very much for drawing my shota healer, I really love it
  12. drops a shota healer, I am too poor to buy arts ;_; Feel free to use my character for your practice
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