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  1. Big thanks to @jessu for the signature imagery! Let it be known: you rule. :)

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    2. jessu


      Wew, thanks ya'll. :v Excited for all these fantastic things going on with Talon, hope everyone gets to check out the new GP as well! Can't wait to work with such a great group of people I got to work with the last few weeks, they also need a huge thanking, @GM Saen, @GM Spica, @GM Lance, @GM Zelda

    3. GM Mimi

      GM Mimi

      Your art is great, @jessu! Thank your for your contribution!

    4. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hear, hear!! /no1

  2. TalonRO is pleased to announce the release of two exciting new features designed to bring the community experience to the forefront! Guilds are an essential cornerstone of Midgard - whether you're getting together under the common cause to claim your own castle in War of Emperium (WoE), banding a group together to take on entry-level or end-game challenges, or forming a group of close friends to stay social, the guild experience is an essential part of the community - and today we're pleased to honor this special camaraderie with the release of the Guild Directory resource. This one-stop area features a full listing of all TalonRO-approved guilds, with information supplied by guild leaders themselves! Recruiting, browsing information, and learning all about the variety of amazing guilds on TalonRO has never been in a single resource quite like this! Prospective members can browse to find a guild that fits their styles, while guild leaders can supply information and recruit all from within the Guild Directory. We're also delighted to release the new character signature generator! This new feature allows you to create a signature of your own current TalonRO character associated with your Master Account. Simply enter the name of your character, select your style from one of several options, and voila! You'll have your own custom TalonRO signature with character details ready to go in no time at all. Best of all, it'll update automatically with current information coming right from TalonRO - ensuring that your character is being proudly displayed to the world just as you'd see them while in-game! Read on below for all of the features, or begin to explore now and see the world of TalonRO's incredible community! Located in the Control Panel under Databases -> Guild Directory, this new resource starts with a full listing of all of TalonRO's approved guilds. Once a guild leader adds their guild to the directory and completes some basic information, the guild will appear in the compendium of information! From there, you can browse features - such as when the information was last modified, if a guild is recruiting, whether or not a guild has their own website or voice chat service, plus their general interests! Guild names are color coded by the difficulty of gameplay they typically participate in as well: Green Guilds are those skewed toward early-game content, Orange Guilds are those that participate in mid-game / all-around modes, and Red Guilds are those which exclusively cater to end-game content. This will help with the selection of the guild that's right for you - or see what other guilds are up to the next time you see their members around Midgard! Browse Guilds View a full listing of registered and active guilds on TalonRO. Search for a specific guild, view the entire list, and sort by distinctive features, such as: Guilds who are openly recruiting new members, Voice chat availability and use, Guild-run websites, General interests, including gameplay styles and more With powerful filtering and search options, finding the right guild has never been easier. Are you looking for guilds which specialize in end-game PvM content? What about a great Vanilla WoE guild? How about a social guild that’s great for newcomers to TalonRO? The Guild Directory has you covered! By using the dropdown feature, you’ll be able to browse and sort through all of the guilds in the Guild Directory. Do you recall seeing a guild in-game but only remember part of their name? Use the search bar to filter across the directory! Looking for guilds with a specialization feature? Select one or multiple search terms and find the guild that you’re looking for. Search Guilds Search TalonRO’s Guild Directory with powerful search terms. Sort guilds in the list by the following descriptors: All guild names across the entire directory, Difficulty of in-game content which the guild reports to mostly participate (e.g.: early, mid, or end-game), Guilds which specialize in: PvM, MVP hunting, Vanilla or Unrestricted WoE, Battlegrounds, PvP, instances, social, or that have their own voice chat or website. Once you’ve found the right guild for you, click on its name in the directory to view their full listing. From here, you’ll be able to read across the entire offering of information about the guild, such as viewing its emblem, seeing if they are opening for new recruits, learn more about their leadership and contact their guild leader, and much more! Guilds can even add special information about themselves in the “guild description” section – where you can read all about a guild’s offerings, interest, and anything else they wish to tell the Talonians about themselves! The guild information page is a one-source stop for information about the guild, allowing you to browse through the directory and learn more about their interests, membership, and more! You’ll even be able to apply directly to a guild which is openly recruiting (for more information, see the below “Coming Soon” section)! We hope that this section provides helpful information and insight into the activities of TalonRO’s guilds – and that you can learn something new about what your fellow Talonians are up to in-game as a community! Browse Guilds View any guild’s listing by clicking on their name in the directory, where you’ll be taken to their page. View information such as: Current emblem Guild level Recruiting status Points of contact for information and guild leadership In-game activity difficulty level Website and voice chat (if applicable) Where you can find the guild at their home town / save point in-game. As a guild leader, you’ll have amazing access in shaping your guild’s information in the directory – allowing the TalonRO community to see all that you have to offer. Adding your guild is a simple process as a guild leader. If you’re a guild leader, visit Account -> Manage Guilds in the Control Panel, or visit the page here to get started. This feature will be available in the Player Control Panel for all players who lead a guild on a Game Account within their Master Account. Guilds which are added to the directory will be approved by a member of the Gamemaster team. Once approved, your guild will receive an official listing on the directory, letting players across TalonRO know that your guild is among a registered group of community members! Once on the management page, you’ll be able to view your guilds which you have currently registered, add a new guild, edit the listings for the guild, as well as include your own special information to add flavor, descriptions, and more! Not only is the management section a source for adding in your own guild, but you’ll be able to utilize this space more fully in the future to help you administer the details of your guild – providing you great control and insight into the community of people whom you help to lead! We’ve designed the management section to aid in shaping great communities to come together, drawing on feedback from guild leaders on what tools they need to help make lasting memories! Browse Guilds Guild leaders will be able to access the Guild Management page, which allows for insight and access into administering the details of the guild’s listing in the directory. Add your own guild to the directory as a guild leader Include details about your guild and craft its listing into the directory Manage information about your guild, along with new upcoming features (listed below) designed to help aid in the administration of your guild’s function The magic of the Guild Directory is just getting started! We have some powerful new features which are coming up, and will be included in one of our maintenance updates – so be on the lookout for these expanded features. Automated guild invitation is one feature that both prospective members and guild leaders will enjoy! You’ll be able to apply directly to a guild that is openly recruiting through a membership application. If validated, approved new members will be able to speak with a Kafra Agent directly to accept membership – no need to find a member online with invitation privileges! Further plans include guild storage permission control through the management section, and an advanced guild member listing along with their last activity in-game! These features are sure to be helpful to all members of the community, allowing the guild to be at the center of the experience. Coming Soon - Features Planned Expansion plans for the Guild Directory will be forthcoming. These features are presently not in place, but will include exciting updates such as: Automated guild invitation for approved members, Accepted applicants will be able to confirm their membership with any Kafra Agent, Guild storage permission control, Advanced guild member listing, along with last active information. We’re pleased to introduce automated character signatures – a special new feature which we hope that you’ll enjoy in your forum signature, or anywhere else where you want to show off your TalonRO character to the world! This wonderful new resource is available also through the Player Control Panel, or by accessing it here, and is ready for your design – made simple and easy to use for your direct enjoyment! While logged into your Master Account on the page, simply enter the name of the character you wish to have a signature made – you’ll only be able to make a signature for your own characters, allowing you authoritative control on your signature. Select from one of three currently available themes – Spring, Halloween, or Beach – and let TalonRO do the rest! The generator will call up your character’s details, sprite, dye, headgear, and more. Afterward, take the direct link and pop it into your signature on the forums, or anywhere else where you’d like to show off your character! We hope that you’ll enjoy this fun new feature – use it to show off your amazing character to the world! We can’t wait to see where your character will end up! Character Signature Generator The TalonRO Character Signature Generator is now online! Use this new feature to generate an image of your own character for use in forum signatures, or anywhere else that you like. To get started, visit our Signature Generator on the Player Control Panel: Enter your character name while signed into your Master Account. You will only be able to generate character signatures for those characters on Game Accounts associated with your Master Account. Select a theme to be used as your background. Currently available options include: Spring – a green and lush background Halloween – a dark and sinister backdrop Beach – ready for a vacation on the shore Click on generate and copy the direct link to use anywhere you like. We’ll host the image and it will automatically pull up all of your character’s image, styles, headgears, and more! Finally, we’re happy to provide a brief update of the Battleground refresh! Plans have been going well, and testing is well underway on this exciting update. Given that we endeavor to work out every detail from this complicated offering based on community feedback, our release date and live event will be pushed out two weeks to Sunday, May 14th. We apologize for the brief delay, but are currently working on a closed beta testing to ensure this fun update is completely ready to go! The Battlegrounds coin NPC exchanger will still be available in Lighthalzen during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and look forward to releasing the details of our upcoming refresh launch and live event! As always, we hope that you enjoy these updates as part of TalonRO’s commitment to make your gaming experience the very best that it can be! Thanks as always for your support, and happy gaming! We’re proud to feature the artwork of Talonians from all across our great community in our news postings. The artwork featured in this release includes the work of the following artists: Arcelle, Marly, and Arcadia (via Xwanwan)! An incredible thanks as well to Jessu, who was instrumental in creating the three signature options within the generator. A big thank you from a grateful team for this work!
  3. Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes last week! Very touched. Thanks for making it a nice day!

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Never to late for more cake /lv /fsh

  4. Happy Birthday, @GM Howl!! Health and long life!

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hey Pathway! Forgive the delay in my reply, but I'm grateful for your birthday message! Thanks much for taking the time to say so - hope that you're well! /no1/thx

  5. Heh. You're old. :V

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      MWFH - you never seem to change, despite my getting older. Thanks for the birthday wishes, my good ser. :)/no1

  6. Happy Birthday!!! /grat

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      GM Howl

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes - my apologies that I'm just replying to this now! Thanks again for taking the time to say so! :)/no1

  7. Da flip is this?! Happy Birthday ser~!


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      GM Howl

      Hey thanks, ser! I appreciate it a lot - will try and keep flip to a minimum today. /ok/no1

  8. Happy Birthday my friend~ Bring us another great year, won't ya?

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      GM Howl

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Bern! Here's to it being a great year, indeed! /no1

  9. Aww yeah.
    Soooo I found a cake for ya, isn't it cute?

    So just use those big strong mauscles to cut the cake. You know, these ones.
    Yeahhhhh.... :D



    Tee hee. Happy birthday! From the Most Dedicated High Priestess of the Church of Howl. /heh/fsh

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Ahahahaha! Truly, your enthusiasm and sense of humor are as great as ever, Sachi. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! /no1/thx

    2. Sachi


      You're welcome, Howlie! /heh

  10. Happy Beerday! /heh

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      GM Howl

      Hahaha - perhaps so! I'll take the birthday wishes, too! Thanks so much! /no1

  11. /grat
     Happy Birthday!

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      GM Howl

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it a lot - hope you're well! /no1

  12. Jappy birthday ser

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      GM Howl

      Hey ser!! Many thanks - it's always nice to hear from you! /thx/ok

  13. Happy Birthday Gm Howl More birthday and blessings to come. Good health  and Rok on as always ^___^

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes; that's very nice of you! Rok on to you as well. /no1

  14. Happy Birthday good ser :D Hope you go party hard, and by party hard I mean ET party hard ;D

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hahahaha - thank you, good ser! Much appreciated - I always party hard (within party share range, of course!). /no1/heh

  15. Happy birthday Howl!! :wub: :wub:

    Have a good one!

    (I hope you still remember me XD) 

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      GM Howl

      Wow, what a blast from the past! Of course I remember you, Chynna! Great seeing you - and thanks for the birthday wishes! /thx/no1