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  1. Happy February, Talonians! In our latest monthly patch, we're delighted to incorporate new features, helpful new gameplay changes, squash some bugs, and rotate our Tam Tam's Gift and Monthly Costume Box offerings! This latest patch is designed to keep the game you love full of great updates, which we hope that you will enjoy! Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming! February's patch includes a number of helpful game edits - based on your feedback and suggestions, as well as fun additions to incorporate in service of making your experience the best that it can be! We've added in new elemental bullets for Gunslingers to give this underappreciated class a little more heft. Plus, new quest experiences are now available in-game to allow for new adventures and amazing new headgears! We hope that you enjoy these and our other gameplay changes listed below. Gameplay Changes We have temporarily reduced the spawn time on Evil Nymphs during the Winter Event. The Cerulean GMC Box now contains an additional item as part of its potential contents. This box contains the new Flying Drone Costume. New (official) headgear quests have been added in-game and are available throughout Midgard. Fairy Flower quest Hair Brush quest Statue of Baby Angel quest Frog Hat quest Soloplay Box quest New bullets have been added for the Gunslinger class to utilize in their weaponry. Added Shadow-type bullets. Added Ghost-type bullets. Speak with "Bullet Dealer Tony" to see the ingredients needed to craft Shadow and Immaterial bullets! "Magazine Dealer Kenny" now allows you to craft Shadow and Immaterial Cartridges. Both "Bullet Dealer Tony" and "Magazine Dealer Kenny" have been reorganized for easier navigating through the menus. The Dressing Coach in Prontera has been updated to include the latest headgears and costumes, including our latest Winter Scarves and the above-mentioned Flying Drone Costume, among others. The cooldown related to mining a rock within the mining ability has been moved to an earlier point of mining the rock. The intent of this change is to reduce the chances of multiple players interacting with the same rock at the same time. The latest TalonRO logo has been added to player screenshots taken while in-game to reflect our current theme. Items which are obtained from the Slot Machine (and which are account-bound) have now been given a weight of zero (0). We've also taken this opportunity in February's patch to squash some bugs and make a few changes to ensure your experience is seamless! We hope that these changes are helpful to you as part of TalonRO's ongoing commitment to work hard toward making your gaming time with us excellent! Read on for our latest round of fixes and edits. Bug Fixes Fixed a visual display issue with the Minigame girl in order to ensure proper display of available minigames. Fixed the EXP values related to item gathering quests. Edited the name of the Hillslion mob in-game to fix a spelling error with this mob's display name. Fixed issues relating to Malangdo-based quests and their entries in the Quest Log. Fixed being able to teleport to improper cells in the Port Malaya (Bangungot) Hospital. Our latest Tam Tam's Gift Region includes a visit to far-off lands with the addition of both the Amatsu and Gonryun fields! Departing from Yuno, these two fields are home to exotic monsters, great mystery, and enchanted encounters! Furthermore, this month's TTG extends into the Amatsu and Gonryun dungeons as well! Enjoy a unique opportunity to make the most of hunting for cheeses in Gonryun Dungeon, or avoiding papercuts from all of those stray papers in Amatsu Dungeon. Plus, this month's Champion monsters take the form of Miyabi Doll, Firelock Soldier, Baby Leopard, Poporing and Zipper Bear! We hope that you enjoy venturing through these two unique and challenging regions this month and all of the extra bonuses that result. Tam Tam's Gift February's region includes both the Gonryun and Amatsu areas. This includes the related fields as well as Gonryun Dungeon and Amatsu Dungeon floors. February's Champions mobs in this region are: Miyabi Doll, Firelock Soldier, Baby Leopard, Poporing and Zipper Bear. February 2017's Costume Box contents are now available in the Reward Guru! This exciting collection this month of course features the much-coveted Rainbow Sigrun Wings, but this month's latest offerings are also a real treat! The Under Lamp Costume continues onward in this month's box as well, giving you another unique opportunity to capture this elite, rare costume. Additional offerings like the Lovely Fox Ears Costume add a festive and playful element to any look, while the aptly named There Is Something costume is...well...really something! We hope that you enjoy our latest offerings in February's box as listed below: Monthly Costume Box Our full contents for February's Costume Box include the following items: Rainbow Sigrun Wings Costume Under Lamp Costume (lower costume) There Is Something Costume Cat Ears Hat Costume Piamette Red Bow Tie Costume Pope's Crown Costume Dowry Costume Remover Hat Costume Fantastic Wig Costume Tiraya Bonnet Costume We're proud to feature artwork in our General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from Orchestra, Firstia, *aki, Marly, Latif, and Avari! We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.
  2. Hi @GM Howl I have screen shots of the ball.. Where would you like me to post them? Let me know :D

    1. GM Saen

      GM Saen

      Feel free to post them here~


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      @GM Saen I cant its closed D: Q____Q  /desp

  3. I hope that you were able to make it! Feel free to also cross post those images in our Yule Ball memory book too!
  4. Thank you for making the fifth annual Yule Ball one to smash all kinds of records! This year, we not only had a record 2100+ players online, but a Midgard-shattering 700 PLAYERS at the Ice Palace to party down with fellow Talonians, enjoy our Ice Bar, win prizes, and much more! We also hope that you'll enjoy our commemorative Yule Ball Pendant item, which will retain its magical effects through the end of January! You kicked off the new year in incredible style - the community is what makes TalonRO amazing, and we were so happy that you had a great time! Thank you so much for coming - and we hope this is just the start of an incredible tenth anniversary of TalonRO in 2017. For those who would like a copy of this year's playlist, we're pleased to offer it as an MP3 downloadable .zip file (200mb). We hope that you enjoy these mixes as you relive the magic of the entire event. TalonRO Yule Ball V: The Playlist (.zip file; 200mb) If you have screenshots of your time, or want to give a special shout out from your memories at the event - we'd love for you to post them here! Let's share our fun memories together as a community - and we hope to see you around Midgard in the days to come. Happy gaming!
  5. pls help me i cannot log in my account.. feitanbert2016

  6. Thanks very much all! There are some great suggestions and entries here - and we're really looking forward to being able to party together this weekend! Be sure to bring your friends, your guildmates, and anyone else you think will have an awesome time. We're excited to see you. In order to set the playlist and prepare our final touches, we're pleased to announce that the deadline for song submissions will be this Friday, January 27th at midnight Midgard (server) time! Be sure to get in all of your last-minute requests and we'll do our best to make sure your favorite song is included. Looking forward to see you all at the Ice Palace then!
  7. The TalonRO GM staff is here to make your gaming experience as extraordinary as it can be! Representing a diverse set of talented individuals overseeing multiple aspects of game life, our personnel are here to ensure that events are robust, support needs are met quickly, technical expertise is delivered behind the scenes, and that your time as part of the community is fun and wonderful! As our staff works hard to deliver a consistent, quality experience, we'd like to share recent news with regard to changes in our staff personnel. Please join us in welcoming, celebrating, and wishing well the following changes to our GM staff. New Hires We're pleased to bring on five extraordinary new GMs into the roster - some of whom may be familiar faces! Please join us in welcoming the following staff members to TalonRO's active GM team: GM Zelda. Zelda returns from our alumni roster back to provide great support and assistance to all. GM Naus. Naus also returns to our staff, bringing a wonderful imagination and enthusiasm for every Talonian. GM Phoenix. Phoenix rises forth from our alumni roster to provide excellent assistance in development and behind-the-scenes assistance. GM Lance. Lance joins the staff on our Event Squad to furnish expertly crafted and bespoke events for all players. GM Luna. Luna also joins us as a new staff member, ready to bring energy and excitement every day in Midgard. Promotions We're delighted to also announce the following well-deserved promotion from within the existing GM staff: GM Saen. TalonRO's own GM Saen has risen to the rank of High Gamemaster. Saen's expertise and incredible work ethic will undoubtedly touch every Talonian. We're delighted to announce this promotion, and please join us in congratulations when you see GM Saen next! Departures Finally, it is with a fond farewell and all best wishes that we announce the formal departure of GM Gemini, GM Azul, GM Locke, and GM Chronos. Their efforts over the months and years have no doubt made a tremendous impact in the life of the game we all love - and we're confident they will enjoy great success in their next endeavors. A deep and sincere thanks from all of us for their dedication and time spent helping to craft TalonRO into the incredible community it is today! We hope to continue to serve you to our highest abilities in the time ahead, especially as we come together to celebrate TalonRO's tenth anniversary in 2017! It is our privilege and pleasure to serve this extraordinary community of players, and we hope to make your time in Midgard the very best that it can be. Cheers, many thanks, and happy gaming!
  8. Our 2017 Winter Scarf quest is now live! http://bit.ly/tRO-WinterScarf

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      I cannt login 'error " find pop dialog "speak friend " when push start login " every guides in the world I have Read but can not  fix this issue,  if try longin other gameRO success.plzz , hepll helpp 

    4. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hi there, @mundo! Be sure to check out this guide here - as it might be helpful to you from how the error sounds. /no1

      If that doesn't work, post more about your issue over in our General Support section, and we'll be glad to take a closer look!

      TalonRO: General Support forum

  9. Winter is here once again, and with it the Winter Scarf Quest returns to TalonRO! This immensely popular event lets you have the opportunity to make your own fashionable scarf for the winter months. The great roaming master tailor, Von Claude, has been gaining inspiration for his next designs. Once again he has settled in the city of Hugel. He has been particularly inspired by the newest animated fashions and also vibrant varieties of costumes that are cropping up lately. "2017's fashion forward crowd will really love what I have in store this season" Von Claude was recently heard sharing with a team of Kafra Agents. Coveted all over Rune-Midgard, the designs of Von Claude are unequaled in their elegance and functionality. His friend, Olgov, has been working on creating fields of inspirations for Von Claude's next winter collection. As his scarves are in high demand, Von Claude requires only the finest ingredients for his masterful creations. However, the work is worth it - the new Winter Collection from Von Claude is without equal. His new collection of scarves include the return of the Traditional Striped Scarf - a classic Midgardian favorite - and Straight Scarves, which were in popular demand! Von Claude x Olgov designs have brought back the 2016 smash hit, the Waving Long Scarf. However, 2017's latest creation is the blend of a traditional favorite with the elegance of new designs. Introducing the Straight Striped Scarf. On top of that, we are introducing various new Straight Scarf colors! Featured in distinct, fashion-forward choices, these scarves will turn the average novice into a haute couture wonder! These are all the new scarves that you can obtain this year: Straight Winter Scarf Indigo Straight Winter Scarf Jetblack Straight Winter Scarf Rainforest Straight Winter Scarf Mocha Straight Winter Scarf Gold Straight Winter Scarf Lilac Striped Winter Scarf Indigo Striped Winter Scarf Mocha Striped Winter Scarf Gold Striped Winter Scarf Green Striped Winter Scarf Rose Because of the demand for these high-quality items, some of the ingredients required to make these creations have changed. After all, Von Claude x Olgov wouldn't want to skimp on the quality, right? Just like winter itself, this quest won't last long! This quest will be available through the winter months. We hope that you enjoy the Winter Scarf Quest this year! The Winter Quest ends on Sunday, March 20th! Be sure to make your scarves and find the look that's right for you! Happy gaming and good luck!
  10. Question: When I try and start TalonRO, I'm getting an error that says something like "Entry Point Not Found: the procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic library dbghelp.dll" Quick Answer: This may be related to a program called "Overwolf" which is running while TalonRO is running. Please close Overwolf and try again. This error is not caused by any missing Ragnarok files. Rather, there is something going on with your computer and an interaction with a program called "Overwolf" if you have that installed on your computer. Overwolf is a common extension platform for some other types of computer games. Please close Overwolf before trying to run TalonRO if you encounter this problem on your device.
  11. Thanks for the interest! We wouldn't have specific loading screens just for this event, but if you'd like to whip up some artwork based on your experience of the event, we'd love to see it! As for everyone's songs so far - a big thank you!! There are some great requests in here, and feel free to keep them coming!
  12. Pleased to announce Yule Ball V! http://bit.ly/tRO-Yule-17

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      GM Seiren

      Heck yeah! Looking forward to it :)

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  13. Saturday, January 28th, 2017 4:00pm - 6:00pm Midgard (Server) Time Convert into Your Time Zone Here TalonRO is pleased to announce the return of the fifth annual social gala event of the year with the formal Yule Ball! The fun of the Yule Ball is back and with it come some of our favorite social features: such as our formal wear gala, live music as suggested from the community, an ice bar and dance floor, prizes, a new special commemorative item for participating, and much more! All of the festivities are set in the grandeur of the exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace. This is one event not to be missed! It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, party with old friends, or even take that special someone to celebrate 2017! Details of this special event can be found inside of your invitation by clicking it above, or by visiting the site directly: The Yule Ball 2017: Details and Information (Click Here) REQUEST A SONG With our live streaming music returning this year, you'll want to get your song requests in early! As with Yule Balls of the past, you'll be able to request songs for the event for all Talonians to enjoy! Simply leave the name of the song that you'd like in a post in this thread - it's that easy! If possible, please also drop a link for the song (such as a YouTube video link) so we can check it out easily! With two hours of songs to get, there's plenty of space for requests! We'll try out best to get it into the lineup. We hope that you can take a break from the grind, hang out with old friends (and maybe make new ones!), get your dance on, and win some prizes as well. The Yule Ball is one unforgettable evening of fun, festivities, prizes, and celebrations, and a wonderful way to celebrate 2017 (and TalonRO's tenth year!) with all of your Talonian friends. Many thanks and we hope to see you there!
  14. The final day of the Popogrinch's tale: Christmas morning has arrived to the people of Lutie. Finding the Popogrinch's efforts to have been successful, the presents have been stolen, the tables laid bare, and the stockings all freshly plucked. One might ascribe victory to his fiendish success, but the celebration belongs solely to the people in Lutie - who have come together to sings songs of Christmas joy and glad tidings to one another during the holidays. How can this be so? What possible joy could they have found upon which Popogrinch has not taken? Learn the answers in our conclusion of our special Christmas event. On behalf of everyone at TalonRO, we wish you an absolutely fantastic New Year!
  15. Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May your inventories always be full. /no1