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  1. Greetings, Talonians! As a reminder, Daylight Savings Time will be in effect for Midgard (server) time starting at 2:00am on Sunday, March 26th. This will cause the time to leap forward by one hour - so be sure to remember this when making your in-game plans or attending events (such as our upcoming GM team AMA on Sunday!). Additionally, Sunday's War of Emperium on March 26th will be cancelled due to Daylight Savings Time. This will impact both Unrestricted and Vanilla WoE during the 02:45-06:15 block. WoE will resume on normal schedule with Wednesday WoE on March 29th. We hope that you're enjoying that extra bit of daylight - and as always, happy gaming!
  2. We're pleased to announce a special Discord-based GM Team AMA - where you'll get to ask members of the GM staff your questions about TalonRO! AMA, which is short for "Ask Me Anything" is a popular format of rapid-fire questions and answers in real time, and we're taking your questions this Sunday, March 26th from 3:00pm to 4:00pm Server Time in Discord! During this special session, members from our GM team will be on hand to answer any and all of your questions in rapid format. Have you been curious about a special piece of TalonRO role? Are you looking for more information on the Ginnunggap? Have you ever wondered what it looks like to run an event behind the scenes? We're looking forward to your great questions about TalonRO and the game we all love! Please remember to keep your questions centered around TalonRO, and we'll do our very best to answer them! We hope that you'll be able to join us for this special AMA hour - and countdown to the live event itself! To participate, simply visit our TalonRO Discord AMA channel, or click on the box below to be taken directly to our chat! We'll see you then - and, as always, happy gaming!
  3. Ahahahaha - well well! It seems as though I'll never much be able to live that one down, huh? Welcome back to TalonRO! Glad that you're on board.
  4. Visit TalonRO's New Control Panel HERE! Today, we're happy to unveil a feature that has been brewing behind the scenes for a long time - and the effort has been worth the wait! We're proud to introduce the upgraded new Player Control Panel - designed to put your TalonRO experience into overdrive with incredible new features, total account security and control, powerful database search features, on-demand support, and all wrapped around a refreshed and responsive design to compliment TalonRO's main website. We know that the Player Control Panel will become the web-based home for your TalonRO experience - and we can hardly wait for you to dive in and explore all that it has to offer. The new Player Control Panel experience starts at the main page, with real-time updates for the latest in TalonRO's news, events, special announcements, and much more. You'll be able to stay in touch with TalonRO no matter where you are! Furthermore, the panel features a completely redesigned Support Center experience. Browse through troubleshooting questions and FAQs by searching your general problem, or simply look through available topics. Still need assistance? The Support Ticket tracking pane keeps track of any tickets you have in for administrative staff - all in one convenient view. View TalonRO's rules, FAQs, and other topics easily and conveniently. Finally, we've redesigned the Panel from the ground-up with enhanced security measures across all areas of service - most especially your account! You'll now be able to turn on two-factor authentication to protect your account to the maximum! New Control Center Visit the panel to instantly view the latest TalonRO news, announcements, events, and much more - all right when you start! Two-factor authentication is now available to protect your account! When enabled, your account's information will be protected when you try and access it in the Player Control Panel - keeping your information extra secure. To enable this feature, follow these steps: Visit the Account Security section of the forums, or simply go to your profile name in the upper-right corner, click on account settings, and visit account security. You'll also need to download the Google Authenticator App on your Android or iOS device. This will generate the two-factor authentication code on your behalf. Simply enable the feature and successfully verify the app code and you'll be ready to go! Now when accessing sensitive account information, you can use the Authenticator app to generate a new code. These features are optional, but recommended for anyone wanting to add extra security to their account. Newly added additional security features are in place throughout to keep account activity safe and reliable for all players! View your account's information, reset your password, view punishments, and other account assets with ease and speed. The new self-service Support Center allows you to find an answer to many frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips. Join Tam Tam as he helps you through the process - or simply use one of the pre-defined support categories on the left-hand navigation to find an answer! Your Support Tickets are also easily tracked on the bottom of the Support Center as well - allowing for clear, transparent viewing of tickets in for administrative-level assistance when needed. You can even upload screenshots with drag-and-drop features right into the attachment window! The Player Control Panel has a new redesign that is meant to compliment the modern and forward design of TalonRO's main website - allowing for a seamless web experience! We've remade the Panel with incredible responsive design interfaces - meaning that you can access the Panel on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and TalonRO's Player Control Panel will scale appropriately for you. The new Panel is also intensely fast, with quicker loading and pagination - all without having to reload any pages. With visually pleasing tables, monster images which come to life right on your phone, and flexible power in the Panel - the goal is to create a smooth, seamless experience for you! You can even hover over map coordinates in the Selling and Buying Shops and see exactly where an item is being sold! Explore the Panel and enjoy all that it has to offer. Finally, speed has been woven throughout the experience - ensuring fast load times for the Panel's pages! Modern, Responsive, Clean Design New responsive design can scale to any device - meaning you can enjoy a rich Player Panel experience wherever you are! Fast loading and seamless pagination mean a smooth Panel experience, all without having to reload pages throughout. Monster images, rich features, and interactive minimaps are all at your fingertips. Click, hover, drag-and-drop, and swipe your way through new information. Enjoy an easy and visually clean voting page, complete with instructions, cooldown notices, and more. Blazingly fast load time for the Player Control Panel shorten the distance between your questions and the panel's answers. Best of all, the Player Control Panel features some intense new additions which we think will really level-up your gaming experience on TalonRO! We've not only made features far more interactive, but also given you more control over search features and filtering through information - allowing you to locate and isolate the things you need quickly and easily. We've incorporated how the community uses the panel into this new design - ensuring features you use and love are even better than ever. The Buying and Selling databases are enhanced with features such as showing forged gears, dynamic PDF list generation of Buying Shop vends being currently offered and their price ranges - so you know precisely how to help set market conditions for your best vending experience! You can even search for all items being vended on a specific map. Plus, TalonRO's databases allow for finer-grained search results with features so expansive you might not know where to start. TalonRO's goal was to design a Panel experience which was feature-rich, visually-current, and data-driven; we hope that you'll agree this new Panel is all of those things! Powerful New Panel Features Item and monster databases now feature easy hotlinking through just a click of a button! No more copying a random URL to share the information - it's as easy as clicking the link icon. The Selling and Buying Shop databases have received a wonderful set of upgrades and expansions: Selling shops now feature forged gears in their listing. Generate a PDF list of Buying Stores with all items which have been recently purchased and for their purchase price - allowing you to see what's hot in the marketplace! Search for all items being vended on a specific map in the Buying and Selling Shop databases. Hover over the coordinate column of the table to have a minimap pop up along with a marker of the location - so you'll know right where to go! The monster database uses actual, live EXP rates - so you'll always know how much EXP to expect from a monster in real-time! The advanced search features have been expanded in incredible ways, allowing for search features previously unavailable in the older Panel. Experience complete and finely-tuned filtering to locate exactly what you're looking for across all of TalonRO's databases. Access familiar other resources too, such as the custom TalonRO Calculator, castle standings, fame rankings, and character statistics! You've asked for it, now you've got it - introducing Storage Search! Search your storage across all of your game accounts in one place. Your storage list will refresh once every 3 hours, and will tell you item name, quantity, and the account which that item is located. Find all of your items faster and easier than ever before! Search for your items with incredibly fast results as well. Search all of your Kafra storages, on all game accounts, all within your master account! Look across your items and instantly see their market prices! What is that item looking like in the marketplace? What should you sell or buy an item for? Get a quick and instant look at the price offerings right within the panel. Knowing what's in the marketplace and its price has never been easier! We hope that you'll enjoy the new Player Control Panel as part of your regular TalonRO experience! We're delighted to celebrate and continue to push the frontiers of what is possible, even ten years later. Thank you for choosing to be part of the TalonRO community - we hope this makes your time more enjoyable, exciting, and (best of all) fun! Many thanks and, as always, happy gaming! We're proud to feature artwork in these General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from nVALKry, Marly, Orange Tomato, Nagix3, Orchestra, and Aryll (via AkatsukiZakuro) We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.
  5. Welcome to March on TalonRO! In our latest monthly patch, we're delighted to incorporate new features, helpful new content additions, squash some bugs, and rotate our Tam Tam's Gift and Monthly Costume Box offerings! We're also pleased to introduce a wide range of new content to keep your experience fresh, challenging, and fun. This latest patch is designed to keep the game you love full of great updates, which we hope that you will enjoy! Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming! Our March update includes a large compliment of gameplay changes, which we hope that you will enjoy! This includes the introduction of the Biolabs Level 4 dungeon instance - the Wolfchev Laboratory - along with group of related items, monsters, and quests all designed to enable exciting exploration into the deepest level of the laboratory! Plus, we're happy to unveil greater choice options with our slotted middle headgears. Previously, slotted middle headgears gave very specific stat bonuses - but with the March patch, we're allowing you to enchant the middle headgear of your choice with either a STR, AGI, or INT bonus! We hope that you enjoy these and our other gameplay changes listed below. Gameplay Changes All item descriptions will now show if the item is listed as an SQI Bonus Ingredient. Furthermore, the existing notifications on SQI Ingredients and NPC-buyable Items have been moved to the top of the item's description for maximum visibility. Special thanks to @Kirsch for work on this addition! Slotted middle headgears may now possess any of the three previously available stats (STR, AGI, INT)! All existing slotted middle headgears have been updated to this new format, where the stat bonus is applied using an enchant stone. To craft a slotted middle headgear, you will now need to go through the manufacturing process. All slotted middle headgears (except for the base versions) have been removed from the Reward Guru, but can easily be made by using a "base" slotted middle headgear + the unslotted middle headgear you wish slot. (Note: these "base" slotted headgears will continue to be available in the Reward Guru and are at the top of the middle headgear list in the Guru). To craft the slotted middle headgear of your choosing, you will now need: One of the "base" slotted middle headgears: Sunglasses [1] for STR, Contact Lenses [1] for AGI, or Glasses [1] for INT The unslotted middle headgear you wish to slot. Go and visit Chiqita in Prontera (prt_in 45, 97) and she will help you to make the slotted version. Depending on what base slotted middle headgear you used, your new item will get the proper enchant stone applied to it. All base middle headgears, as well as the non-slotted middle headgears, now mention the Chiqita crafting possibilities in their relative item descriptions. The refine rate requirement to create slotted versions of Port Malaya's Kalasag, Buwaya Sack Cloth, Bangungot Boots of Nightmare and Bakonawa Scale Armor have been reduced from a +9 requirement to +8. Additionally, the drop rate of the non-slotted versions of the above listed items have been substantially increased! HP and ATK values of iz_dun05 monsters (Sedora, Pot Dofle, Sropho and King Dramoh) have been lowered slightly, while EXP values have been increased. The bonus drop rate of the Old Card Album item from the Kraken MVP has been significantly increased. The drop rate of Saphien's Armor of Ocean has been increased from the Kraken MVP. The March Patch introduces the new Aegir Set, a new item combo consisting of 4 pieces of equipment: the Aegir Helm, Aegir Armor, Aegir Cloak and Aegir Shoes: The item combo effects have been modified only slightly, with the Water Resist bonus having been reduced from 50% to 30%. Each individual item possesses a combination bonus when wearing with an Aegir Helm. An additional combination is available when wearing the entire complete set. These items are dropped from the following monsters: Aegir Helm is dropped by Sedora. Aegir Armor is dropped by Red Eruma. Aegir Cloak is dropped by Kraken. Aegir Shoes is dropped by Giant Octopus. Biolabs Update The official Wolfchev Laboratory quest and instance have now been added! To enter Biolabs 4 and access the new Wolfchev Laboratory instance, players must have completed the Dangerous Rumors quest. To begin, have the party leader speak with Wolfchev outside of his laboratory in Human Experimentation Laboratory B4 (lhz_dun04 151, 276) to create this instance. Players who previously had access to the Biolabs 4 map will already have access to the map as well as the instance. There are special rewards for killing all of the LH3 and LH4 MVPs throughout this instance dungeon. These rewards can be obtained at the end of the instance should you qualify for them. The cooldown of the Wolfchev Laboratory instance is 72 hours. This cooldown is applied across your entire master (forum) account. Should you leave the instance while participating in an active run, you will be unable to reenter for the remainder of the instance duration. All spawned LH3/LH4 MVPs throughout this instance will have lower item droprates than those found in the non-instanced version. Paladin Randel now drops Gigantic Lance[1], albeit at a lower drop rate. You may also obtain it by defeating all the LH3/LH4 MVPs from the Wolfchev Laboratory instance. Its effects have also changed as balanced to our pre-Renewal environment with the following characteristics: Two-handed spear, Can only be equipped by Lord Knights, Now possesses 1 slot instead of 0 slots, 475 Weight and 150 ATK, ASPD - 10%, When using Spiral Pierce, knock back your enemies 4 cells, When unequipping, you lose 500 sp, For every refine above +4, increase ASPD by 1%. Professor Celia now drops Salvage Cape[0], also at a lower drop rate. You may also obtain it by defeating all the LH3/LH4 MVPs from the Wolfchev Laboratory instance. Its effects have also been balanced for our pre-Renewal environment: Garment with 1 DEF, Can only be equipped by High Priests and High Wizards, Item still has 0 slots, Allows usage of Soul level 2, Upon casting Soul, auto cast Illusionary Shadow level 1, While equipped, all SP usage will be doubled, When equipping, SP - 500, When unequipping, SP - 1500. The Giant Crossbow item no longer drops from Gypsy Trentini. This item is exclusively available from Cecil Damon. All LH4 MVPs now properly drop the S-Grade Coin Bag. All LH3 regular mobs now drop the Will of Warrior item. The LH4 Gear Exchange and Enchanting have been implemented as well! Gather Blood Thirst, Will of Warrior and Ghost Chill to purchase LH4 gears or enchant them with powerful stones. The enchant possibilities have been changed from their Renewal versions, which effectively is realized as lower stat enchantment possibilities. The GM Guild in-game has been given an update! The GM guild has been retitled to "TalonRO Staff" and given a new emblem. Many thanks to @GM Lance for the shiny new emblem as well. As with most of our monthly updates, we've taken to squashing a few small bugs to ensure your experience is seamless! We hope that these changes are helpful to you as part of TalonRO's ongoing commitment to work hard toward making your gaming time with us excellent! Read on for our latest round of fixes and edits. Bug Fixes The following items have been fixed to possess their proper elemental magic attack boost: Mask of Fotia - ID #18737 Mask Of Aegir - ID #18799 Alchemy Glove [1] - ID #28543 A party check feature has been added when a new portal to Geffenia has been opened. This is designed to prevent the menu from freezing up during selection. The Wave Challenge has been optimized to work more efficiently. Players will not measurably notice this during gameplay, though please report any inconsistencies or potential bugs you may find, if any! March's Tam Tam's Gift Region takes us deep into the desert - the Sograt Desert! Keep the sand out of your boots as you explore around the Morroc Fields region, battling against familiar monsters and exploring the vast swaths of desert which comprise this enormous southern region. Plus, this month's Champion monsters take the form of Drops, Picky, Hode, Andre and Magnolia. We hope that you enjoy venturing through the Sograt Desert and all of the extra bonuses that result. Tam Tam's Gift The March region includes the Morroc Fields (moc_fild) maps, such as the Sograt Desert. This region excludes the Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild21 and moc_fild22) maps. This month's champion monsters in this region are: Drops, Picky, Hode, Andre and Magnolia Finally, the March 2017 Costume Box contents are now available in the Reward Guru! This exciting collection this month departs from the usual offering of the Rainbow Sigrun Wings! Farewell, coveted headgear - we hope that you'll make an appearance back soon. However, taking the rarest slot is the new and amazing Rainbow Star Costume! Plus, new additions such as the Clock Casket Costume, the extra cute Hanging Dog Ears Costume, and many others are sure to delight even the most discerning costume connoisseur! We hope that you enjoy our latest offerings in March's box as listed below: Monthly Costume Box Our full contents for March's Costume Box include the following items: Rainbow Star Costume Clock Casket Costume Hanging Dog Ears Costume I'm Watching You Costume Shalosh Headdress Costume Moon Cat Hat Costume Ten Gallon Flame Hat Costume Bride Mask Costume Eye of Juno Costume Aviator Hat Costume Skeggiold Hat Costume We're proud to feature artwork in our General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from Orchestra, Firstia, *aki, nagix3, Marly, Latif, and Avari! We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.
  6. Changed Status to Declined
  7. While there are many potential ways to increase challenges in gameplay additions, we do actually disable multiclienting across a few modes of gameplay where it is suitable, such as in Battlegrounds where, " [r]unning more than one client or using more computers in Battlegrounds is not allowed." We presently make the distinction across a couple of areas, which is a suitable tradeoff already and could be expanded if ever needed. Thanks for your suggestion, though!
  8. why always failed to connect server?

  9. Happy February, Talonians! In our latest monthly patch, we're delighted to incorporate new features, helpful new gameplay changes, squash some bugs, and rotate our Tam Tam's Gift and Monthly Costume Box offerings! This latest patch is designed to keep the game you love full of great updates, which we hope that you will enjoy! Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming! February's patch includes a number of helpful game edits - based on your feedback and suggestions, as well as fun additions to incorporate in service of making your experience the best that it can be! We've added in new elemental bullets for Gunslingers to give this underappreciated class a little more heft. Plus, new quest experiences are now available in-game to allow for new adventures and amazing new headgears! We hope that you enjoy these and our other gameplay changes listed below. Gameplay Changes We have temporarily reduced the spawn time on Evil Nymphs during the Winter Event. The Cerulean GMC Box now contains an additional item as part of its potential contents. This box contains the new Flying Drone Costume. New (official) headgear quests have been added in-game and are available throughout Midgard. Fairy Flower quest Hair Brush quest Statue of Baby Angel quest Frog Hat quest Soloplay Box quest New bullets have been added for the Gunslinger class to utilize in their weaponry. Added Shadow-type bullets. Added Ghost-type bullets. Speak with "Bullet Dealer Tony" to see the ingredients needed to craft Shadow and Immaterial bullets! "Magazine Dealer Kenny" now allows you to craft Shadow and Immaterial Cartridges. Both "Bullet Dealer Tony" and "Magazine Dealer Kenny" have been reorganized for easier navigating through the menus. The Dressing Coach in Prontera has been updated to include the latest headgears and costumes, including our latest Winter Scarves and the above-mentioned Flying Drone Costume, among others. The cooldown related to mining a rock within the mining ability has been moved to an earlier point of mining the rock. The intent of this change is to reduce the chances of multiple players interacting with the same rock at the same time. The latest TalonRO logo has been added to player screenshots taken while in-game to reflect our current theme. Items which are obtained from the Slot Machine (and which are account-bound) have now been given a weight of zero (0). We've also taken this opportunity in February's patch to squash some bugs and make a few changes to ensure your experience is seamless! We hope that these changes are helpful to you as part of TalonRO's ongoing commitment to work hard toward making your gaming time with us excellent! Read on for our latest round of fixes and edits. Bug Fixes Fixed a visual display issue with the Minigame girl in order to ensure proper display of available minigames. Fixed the EXP values related to item gathering quests. Edited the name of the Hillslion mob in-game to fix a spelling error with this mob's display name. Fixed issues relating to Malangdo-based quests and their entries in the Quest Log. Fixed being able to teleport to improper cells in the Port Malaya (Bangungot) Hospital. Our latest Tam Tam's Gift Region includes a visit to far-off lands with the addition of both the Amatsu and Gonryun fields! Departing from Yuno, these two fields are home to exotic monsters, great mystery, and enchanted encounters! Furthermore, this month's TTG extends into the Amatsu and Gonryun dungeons as well! Enjoy a unique opportunity to make the most of hunting for cheeses in Gonryun Dungeon, or avoiding papercuts from all of those stray papers in Amatsu Dungeon. Plus, this month's Champion monsters take the form of Miyabi Doll, Firelock Soldier, Baby Leopard, Poporing and Zipper Bear! We hope that you enjoy venturing through these two unique and challenging regions this month and all of the extra bonuses that result. Tam Tam's Gift February's region includes both the Gonryun and Amatsu areas. This includes the related fields as well as Gonryun Dungeon and Amatsu Dungeon floors. February's Champions mobs in this region are: Miyabi Doll, Firelock Soldier, Baby Leopard, Poporing and Zipper Bear. February 2017's Costume Box contents are now available in the Reward Guru! This exciting collection this month of course features the much-coveted Rainbow Sigrun Wings, but this month's latest offerings are also a real treat! The Under Lamp Costume continues onward in this month's box as well, giving you another unique opportunity to capture this elite, rare costume. Additional offerings like the Lovely Fox Ears Costume add a festive and playful element to any look, while the aptly named There Is Something costume is...well...really something! We hope that you enjoy our latest offerings in February's box as listed below: Monthly Costume Box Our full contents for February's Costume Box include the following items: Rainbow Sigrun Wings Costume Under Lamp Costume (lower costume) There Is Something Costume Cat Ears Hat Costume Piamette Red Bow Tie Costume Pope's Crown Costume Dowry Costume Remover Hat Costume Fantastic Wig Costume Tiraya Bonnet Costume We're proud to feature artwork in our General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from Orchestra, Firstia, *aki, Marly, Latif, and Avari! We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.
  10. Hi @GM Howl I have screen shots of the ball.. Where would you like me to post them? Let me know :D

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  11. I hope that you were able to make it! Feel free to also cross post those images in our Yule Ball memory book too!
  12. Thank you for making the fifth annual Yule Ball one to smash all kinds of records! This year, we not only had a record 2100+ players online, but a Midgard-shattering 700 PLAYERS at the Ice Palace to party down with fellow Talonians, enjoy our Ice Bar, win prizes, and much more! We also hope that you'll enjoy our commemorative Yule Ball Pendant item, which will retain its magical effects through the end of January! You kicked off the new year in incredible style - the community is what makes TalonRO amazing, and we were so happy that you had a great time! Thank you so much for coming - and we hope this is just the start of an incredible tenth anniversary of TalonRO in 2017. For those who would like a copy of this year's playlist, we're pleased to offer it as an MP3 downloadable .zip file (200mb). We hope that you enjoy these mixes as you relive the magic of the entire event. TalonRO Yule Ball V: The Playlist (.zip file; 200mb) If you have screenshots of your time, or want to give a special shout out from your memories at the event - we'd love for you to post them here! Let's share our fun memories together as a community - and we hope to see you around Midgard in the days to come. Happy gaming!
  13. pls help me i cannot log in my account.. feitanbert2016

  14. Thanks very much all! There are some great suggestions and entries here - and we're really looking forward to being able to party together this weekend! Be sure to bring your friends, your guildmates, and anyone else you think will have an awesome time. We're excited to see you. In order to set the playlist and prepare our final touches, we're pleased to announce that the deadline for song submissions will be this Friday, January 27th at midnight Midgard (server) time! Be sure to get in all of your last-minute requests and we'll do our best to make sure your favorite song is included. Looking forward to see you all at the Ice Palace then!
  15. The TalonRO GM staff is here to make your gaming experience as extraordinary as it can be! Representing a diverse set of talented individuals overseeing multiple aspects of game life, our personnel are here to ensure that events are robust, support needs are met quickly, technical expertise is delivered behind the scenes, and that your time as part of the community is fun and wonderful! As our staff works hard to deliver a consistent, quality experience, we'd like to share recent news with regard to changes in our staff personnel. Please join us in welcoming, celebrating, and wishing well the following changes to our GM staff. New Hires We're pleased to bring on five extraordinary new GMs into the roster - some of whom may be familiar faces! Please join us in welcoming the following staff members to TalonRO's active GM team: GM Zelda. Zelda returns from our alumni roster back to provide great support and assistance to all. GM Naus. Naus also returns to our staff, bringing a wonderful imagination and enthusiasm for every Talonian. GM Phoenix. Phoenix rises forth from our alumni roster to provide excellent assistance in development and behind-the-scenes assistance. GM Lance. Lance joins the staff on our Event Squad to furnish expertly crafted and bespoke events for all players. GM Luna. Luna also joins us as a new staff member, ready to bring energy and excitement every day in Midgard. Promotions We're delighted to also announce the following well-deserved promotion from within the existing GM staff: GM Saen. TalonRO's own GM Saen has risen to the rank of High Gamemaster. Saen's expertise and incredible work ethic will undoubtedly touch every Talonian. We're delighted to announce this promotion, and please join us in congratulations when you see GM Saen next! Departures Finally, it is with a fond farewell and all best wishes that we announce the formal departure of GM Gemini, GM Azul, GM Locke, and GM Chronos. Their efforts over the months and years have no doubt made a tremendous impact in the life of the game we all love - and we're confident they will enjoy great success in their next endeavors. A deep and sincere thanks from all of us for their dedication and time spent helping to craft TalonRO into the incredible community it is today! We hope to continue to serve you to our highest abilities in the time ahead, especially as we come together to celebrate TalonRO's tenth anniversary in 2017! It is our privilege and pleasure to serve this extraordinary community of players, and we hope to make your time in Midgard the very best that it can be. Cheers, many thanks, and happy gaming!