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  1. Thanks for the interest! We wouldn't have specific loading screens just for this event, but if you'd like to whip up some artwork based on your experience of the event, we'd love to see it! As for everyone's songs so far - a big thank you!! There are some great requests in here, and feel free to keep them coming!
  2. Pleased to announce Yule Ball V! http://bit.ly/tRO-Yule-17

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      Heck yeah! Looking forward to it :)

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  3. Saturday, January 28th, 2017 4:00pm - 6:00pm Midgard (Server) Time Convert into Your Time Zone Here TalonRO is pleased to announce the return of the fifth annual social gala event of the year with the formal Yule Ball! The fun of the Yule Ball is back and with it come some of our favorite social features: such as our formal wear gala, live music as suggested from the community, an ice bar and dance floor, prizes, a new special commemorative item for participating, and much more! All of the festivities are set in the grandeur of the exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace. This is one event not to be missed! It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, party with old friends, or even take that special someone to celebrate 2017! Details of this special event can be found inside of your invitation by clicking it above, or by visiting the site directly: The Yule Ball 2017: Details and Information (Click Here) REQUEST A SONG With our live streaming music returning this year, you'll want to get your song requests in early! As with Yule Balls of the past, you'll be able to request songs for the event for all Talonians to enjoy! Simply leave the name of the song that you'd like in a post in this thread - it's that easy! If possible, please also drop a link for the song (such as a YouTube video link) so we can check it out easily! With two hours of songs to get, there's plenty of space for requests! We'll try out best to get it into the lineup. We hope that you can take a break from the grind, hang out with old friends (and maybe make new ones!), get your dance on, and win some prizes as well. The Yule Ball is one unforgettable evening of fun, festivities, prizes, and celebrations, and a wonderful way to celebrate 2017 (and TalonRO's tenth year!) with all of your Talonian friends. Many thanks and we hope to see you there!
  4. The final day of the Popogrinch's tale: Christmas morning has arrived to the people of Lutie. Finding the Popogrinch's efforts to have been successful, the presents have been stolen, the tables laid bare, and the stockings all freshly plucked. One might ascribe victory to his fiendish success, but the celebration belongs solely to the people in Lutie - who have come together to sings songs of Christmas joy and glad tidings to one another during the holidays. How can this be so? What possible joy could they have found upon which Popogrinch has not taken? Learn the answers in our conclusion of our special Christmas event. On behalf of everyone at TalonRO, we wish you an absolutely fantastic New Year!
  5. Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May your inventories always be full. /no1

  6. With Popogrinch's plans now executed, the residents of Lutie are awaking to find a rather spartan Christmas! With logs gone for fires, and food vanished from tables, the wrath of the Popogrinch strikes quick and thoroughly. By tracking down some of the lost items, you may learn more about Popogrinch's whereabouts - and where to locate all of this year's stolen goods! Complete day six and you'll be rewarded with yet another fun and festive prize.
  7. Popogrinch is poised to release his mischief all over Lutie, and with it ready to take the joy out of the Christmas town! Taking up the various gifts and joys of the season, he is spotted by a little boy who wonders what he is up to. From there, you'll need to help restore some of what Popogrinch has taken through your own good deeds. Do so, and you'll be handsomely rewarded with your own special item on day five!
  8. With old Popogrinch poised to bring more wicked gifts and steal Christmas joy, he has his next sights set about the children's stockings in Lutie! But slinking down the chimneys in Lutie proves to be no easy task for Popogrinch; you'd think that he would be as slimy as his personality, but alas... The stockings set about in Popogrinch's plans are central to his fooling the people of Midgard - explore through today's journey and you'll find a reward at the end for all of your hard work.
  9. The Popogrinch next set his sights about delivering terrible "presents" to all of the boys and girls within Midgard - after all, what could ruin Christmas more than no presents than absolutely awful ones? Thankfully, the spirit of the season could not entirely be brought down by the Popogrinch alone. The intrepid efforts of adventurers like yourself helped to see that Christmas would not be completely ruined for all! Help put right where the Popogrinch attempts to do wrong and you'll be handsomely rewarded today!
  10. Thanks to your generous and caring efforts, we're pleased to announce the closing of our annual Holiday Charity Fundraiser with a resoundingly successful amount of nearly $3,000 raised to benefit the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation! The generous and caring spirit of Talonians everywhere shone brightly this holiday, allowing us to collectively raise such an extraordinary amount to allow the BBR Foundation to continue their important work on the frontiers of mental health research. We're proud and pleased to let you know that 100% of these proceeds are going directly to support leading research are invested in through NARSAD Grants, helping to propel discoveries in understanding causes and improving treatments of disorders in children and adults, such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, autism, and bipolar, attention-deficit hyperactivity, post-traumatic stress and obsessive-compulsive disorders. With this, our Holiday Charity Fundraiser is now closed - and all players who donated and left their in-game name upon donation will receive their corresponding item(s) within the next few days. Thank you for your generosity and caring this holiday season - we could not be more proud of this extraordinary community of people. Thanks to all, and as always - happy gaming!
  11. As the Popogrinch lurks throughout Midgard, it became apparent that he would need to have a special convoy to pull his dastardly sleigh. Searching high and low for a way to disguise his pet as a Garm, Popogrinch would need to develop a clever disguise in order to fool the people of Lutie into running away while he stole away the Christmas spirit! Follow along with the today's storyline as collect a special reward at the end!
  12. Every Midgardian down in Midgard liked Christmas a lot... But the Popogrinch, Who lived in the Ginnunggap beyond Midgard, Did NOT! The Popogrinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be his costume wasn't sitting just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes [1] were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all, May have been that his inventory was two sizes too small. Whatever the reason, his hats or his cards, He stood there on Christmas Eve, hating Midgard, Staring down from his field with a sour Popogrinch frown, At the warm-lighted windows below in Lutie town. For he knew every Midgardian down in Midgard beneath, Was busy now, hanging a TamTam-style wreath. "And they're hanging their stockings!" he snarled with a sneer, "It’s already Christmas! It's time is now here!" And so for seven days and nights, The Popogrinch seethed against Christmas delight. But Santa knew of the Popogrinch's plans, And speaking with his Elf in Lutie will warp you to his land. Talk with Santa starting today, And for seven days he'll show you the way, To learn of Popogrinch's plan, Speak with the people, the kids, and the snowman! If you help to aid the people of Lutie, They'll have gifts for you by Santa's Christmas Tree! A prize for each day that you complete your help to thwart Popogrinch's dastardly feat. And if you complete all seven daily quests on the day itself on-time, Why who knows what awaits you, perhaps a costume so sublime? A costume, a pet, an item so fine? These account-bound items, of course, are completely divine. So come celebrate Christmas with friends new and young, With joyous and wonderful Christmas songs to be sung. From all of us to you, up high and down low, Merry Christmas to you from TalonRO! Our special Christmas Event - How the Popogrinch Stole Christmas - is running from now through January 1, 2017! Earn a special prize each day that you complete the quest - with one quest per day. Speak with the Elf in Lutie to go to Santa's Special Workshop - where you can speak with Santa and begin your journey through the Popogrinch narrative! Plus, our annual Christmas traditions have returned to TalonRO! Catch Caroling Antonia around towns as she sings Christmas carols and drops prizes - but be careful about getting too close or you might get caught in her blast! You'll also be able to write Christmas Letters to friends this year, and fill stockings up for daily prizes. Letter writing and stockings will take place in Santa's Workshop in Lutie, along with our Popogrinch narrative event! Visit the forums as well each day for new clues and part of the story of the Popogrinch to learn more about what to expect in each day's quest series. Merry Christmas to all - and we hope that you have a wonderful holiday! Hidden away throughout Lutie, as the Christmas snow falls, Santa has just finished delivering presents and gifts to all of the boys and girls in Midgard. However, the Popogrinch - the mean holiday Poring - and the story of his capers are making their way through the Christmas town. Santa Claus, in his Lutie Workshop, will tell you about the tale of the Popogrinch this year. While the Popogrinch may have hidden himself across the world, his presence has had an after effect of delivering news of Christmas to lands beyond Midgard! In particular, inhabitants of Malangdo, the New World, and even within Midgard are eager to spread and learn more about the Christmas spirit! Speak with Santa Claus via the Elf in Lutie to start your journey. If you complete today's quest, you'll be rewarded with a special account-bound item! What it is will be anyone's guess - so unwrap your first gift today in the tale of How the Popogrinch Stole Christmas!
  13. hello! i read that if a player caught having more than one forum account will be banned. what does it mean? if the player is using only 1 email for several forum accounts? am i correct?

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      my first account merged into this new account of mine? how can i do that? sorry if im such a noob. im still new here in talon.

    3. GM Radius

      GM Radius

      Submit a support ticket.

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      i just submitted a ticket. i included the ingame username and  forum display name of my other account.

  14. The entire TalonRO staff sincerely wishes you a joyous holiday season - and extends our sincerest thanks for an incredible year in 2016. We soared to new population heights, held numerous seasonal events with tons of new content both throughout the year and on a monthly basis, refreshed our web and forum themes, and countless other addittions, events, and much more - all while providing back-end support, regular maintenance, updates, and many other behind-the-scenes items to keep TalonRO running strong! As we move to celebrate our tenth anniversary in 2017, we know that we wouldn't have been able to reach this milestone without your enjoyment and support. Without further adieu: thank you for making 2016 one of our best years ever - and we look forward to celebrating ten years in the year ahead. And so, in honor of the Christmas holiday and so our TalonRO staff may spend time with their families, we wish to let you know that the Support Ticket system is temporarily offline from December 24th, 25th, and 26th. Normal Support Ticket service will resume on December 27th (server time). Tickets involving emergency situations only may be sent in during this time, such as the following: Valid Emergency / Critical Tickets Include: Account hacking / compromised credentials. Scamming cases. Gameplay exploits. Non-Emergency Tickets Include: Account recovery, account management, etc. Technical troubleshooting issues. Ban appeals. Item recovery, item tracking, etc. NOTE: Please do not send in a ticket during this time unless it is for a critical issue. Any abuses of this notice, including sending in non-emergency tickets disguised as emergency situations, may lead to action against your account, up to and including a temporary ban. For all non-critical problems, we recommend the following helpful links and information centers during the limited support time period: General Troubleshooting Guide: a guide containing helpful links to solving the most common technical issues on TalonRO. TalonRO Wiki: a helpful community-run repository of helpful quest guides, general server information, and much more. General Support Subforum: a place to post technical issues with TalonRO as well as review other posts with similar issues. General Reports Subforum: for all other general rule-breaking infractions, reports may be posted in this subforum and will be dealt with after the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your understanding - we hope that you're having a wonderful holiday and enjoyable time on TalonRO. Normal Support Ticket service will resume on December 27th. Happy holidays and enjoy the season!
  15. With fresh snow falling in Lutie and caroling voices lingering, silver bells and visions of sugar plums dance in Talonian's heads. With dreams of gifts sitting underneath the Yggdrasil Tree, the joyous people of Midgard eagerly await Christmas Day! In observing the generous spirit of the holidays, we're pleased to offer a new and innovative way of sharing Christmas cheer with your friends and fellow Talonians with our first-ever Secret Santa Gift Exchange! This year's exchange is simple: visit with the Secret Santa NPC in Lutie, where you'll be allowed to pack up one (1) special gift exchange box with an item from your inventory. Your gift will be given at random to another Talonian who is participating in the gift exchange - which is a wonderful way to make new friends, too! If you give a gift, you'll get a gift. You may only pack a single item type from the pre-approved list below. Each item type carries a minimum quantity - for example, you can choose to pack a minimum of 1 Buckler [1] or 90 Oridecon - but each item has an approximate equivalent Zeny value. You're welcome to give more than the minimum, of course - but you can only give one item type in total, so choose wisely! You must have the item you wish to give in your inventory, so make sure that you have it with you when visiting with the Secret Santa helper! After packing your gift box with your selected gift from your inventory, you can write a gift message inside! You'll be able to write up to four (4) lines of text as a special holiday message. Please note of course: inappropriate messages will not be tolerated and may lead to action taken against your account. When done, your box will be packed and added to the exchange! You can only perform this on one character on your forum account, and all gifts will be distributed at random shortly after Christmas. When Santa's elves have exchanged your gifts after Christmas, be sure to check your in-game mail box on your character, where a special Secret Santa gift and note will be waiting your arrival from a random Talonian. Below are the list and quantities of pre-approved items which are available to pack into your gift exchange box: Quantity Item Name 1 Angel Wing Ears[0] 3 Bearfoot Special [str+8] 1 Bloody Branch 200 Blue Herb 1 Buckler[1] 1 Chef Hat 2 Chiqita's Jewelry Box 75 Crystal Arrow Quiver 100 Crystal Fragment 50 Dead Branch 1 Dragon Breath Cocktail [int+10] 40 Elunium 6 Embryo 1 Evil Wing Ear[0] 1 Expert Ring[1] 1 Formal Suit[1] 60 Glistening Coat 12 Green Salad [dex+5] 1 Guard[1] 1 Handmade Chocolate 2 Hwergelmir's Tonic [dex+10] 7 Immaterial Arrow Quiver 400 Immortal Heart 15 Karvodailnirol 15 Mastela Fruit Wine [int+5] 1 Muffler[1] 15 Old Blue Box 1 Old Card Album 7 Old Purple Box 90 Oridecon 1 Panda Hat 1 Perfect Blue Gem 1 Perfect Green Gem 1 Perfect Red Gem 1 Perfect Yellow Gem 200 Piece of Cake 9 Poison Bottle 3 Royal Family Tea [int+8] 100 Shadow Arrow Quiver 1 Shoes[1] 1 Silver Guard[1] 3 Special Toast [dex+8] 15 Speed Potion 2 Steamed Tongue [str+10] 50 Stone Arrow Quiver 175 Strawberry 1 Talon Coin 1 Teddy Bear Hat 1 Tidal Shoes[1] 35 Wind Arrow Quiver 500 Witch Starsand 1 Wool Scarf[1] 20 Ygg Berry 50 Ygg Seed Lastly - be sure to act fast: our Secret Santa Gift Exchange is running now through noon on Christmas Eve (December 24th) server time! We hope that you'll consider making a new friend this holiday season - and who knows what fun item you'll receive in exchange! There's only one way to find out. Merry Christmas, and Happy Gaming!