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  1. Hey jess!

    1. jessu


      Mike? :v

    2. Dingoh


      Yeah! I've been nolifing since I graduated this past week lol

  2. jessu whzz up did u miss me/awsm

    1. Lavenblade


      Yah, did you miss me Jess?!

    2. DON IS HERE


      yap did u forget me?

    3. jessu


      Say word. :v

  3. Dang, chibis so fresh. And adorable. :v WELCOME to the art corner *cough*solatesorry*cough*. :'D
  4. Naaaaiiiseeeee. *~ * Welcome to TRO and the art corner. I love your pixels. *pulls up a seat and waits patiently, watchin' all da other creepers*
  5. :zoomeyes: eyy yo gurl how u doin'
  6. *screams a little* :V OMG *keep it cool mang* Yo~
  7. Noxxxx. I am loving your work, so amazing. * ~* May I possibly be able to snag a slot?
  8. D'aww thanks guys I miss making sigs and nerding around. Still def jellopy of your talents, and so many other amazing artists on Talon. *- *
  9. *brushes off a bit* Some personal emblems I have worked on for the last couple of years, all from personal guilds I own or have created just to practice emblem making. I have worked on many guild emblems for many lovely people on TalonRO and usually take requests under the table and when I have time. WINKWONK.
  10. Come closer, take a wiff. ;D Caress it.
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