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  1. hi Colly, are u still interested in the kamima baphomet horn?

    1. Colly


      No, thank you. got one already :)

  2. Fast doodle in between study breaks. x3 Pass my turn. feel free.
  3. Thank you for the additional time, Raine. Really wanted to finish this one. and I never really draw so many people in 1 drawing. :< IGN: Colly
  4. IGN: Colly (Yeah! that's what I'm doing. sketching and drawing friends instead of studing. awesome <\3 ) Hope to see those fabulous people on tRO's cards!
  5. Colly

    CH O/

    Fabulous run with fabulous people! Should've record it though. the moment when 3 cards drop straight after each 3 floors. ><
  6. Colly

    CH O/

    Spamming talking. While spamming running.
  7. First of all, welcome back to RO world! We have lots of costumes in here, why going on blank! :C There's hunting board quest in prontera which gives you 25bc per mission (up to 7 times a week). As far as you done the quest a few times and got some bronze coins, you can rent blank costume for 7 days! from this lovely dude- But then if goes back off and you have to farm again if you wish to keep that up~
  8. omg omg boreas allow me: (pls don't hurt me XD ) my favorite one.
  9. Colly

    CH O/

    You know why....
  10. IGN: Colly First time ever saw a moving Tam-Tam and various porings! :3
  11. Adorable guide. totally would like to try this out for the lulz XD (B> x2 megs and x3AK suiken? Q-Q) No proof screenshots? treat us as little kids- we like books with pictures!
  12. Colly

    Drawing MEME!

    Ugh... yeah sorry. I just edit the links.. I'm not sure why Photobucket suddenly resized the pictures o.o
  13. Colly

    Drawing MEME!

    What and her? o: Nella was asking if you guys don't have a couple to draw the meme yet, but you said you has! :3 Oh crap you mean you're a boy, sorry lmao. took me a 1 day delay to understand XD
  14. Colly

    Drawing MEME!

    yaaay mefilea found partner on her own! \o/ I should build a "quick" meme with like 2-3 questions just to warm you up then... ;3 *stare on nella* you'll probably do it with me again if i do... U__U
  15. Colly

    Drawing MEME!

    Oh, I thought you guys knowing each other since it's a small corner where everyone knows everyone? :< I don't mind doing the meme one more time if anyone wants~ so how about: @132+ @kez meme (*-*) and @Fabianne Keira + @Yoshimi meme (ya?) and @Bifrost + @Helia meme (YA!) and the couple that nella mentioned above.... did i miss anyone? I'm really excited about this!! plus, it's a very nice way to know each other better! :3
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