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  1. Colly

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Fast doodle in between study breaks. x3 Pass my turn. feel free.
  2. Colly

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    Thank you for the additional time, Raine. Really wanted to finish this one. and I never really draw so many people in 1 drawing. :< IGN: Colly
  3. Colly

    Art Contest: Christmas cards from TalonRO!

    IGN: Colly (Yeah! that's what I'm doing. sketching and drawing friends instead of studing. awesome <\3 ) Hope to see those fabulous people on tRO's cards!
  4. Colly

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    Fabulous run with fabulous people! Should've record it though. the moment when 3 cards drop straight after each 3 floors. ><
  5. Colly

    Transform headgear into costume

    As if tRO lack costumes? -1 o.o
  6. Colly

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    Spamming talking. While spamming running.
  7. Colly

    Azgrim's stuff

    Another chibi-young-artist~ most welcomed! Lovely details you put into your drawing. would like to see more sketches and practice drawings!
  8. Colly

    Anyway to hide Headgear?

    First of all, welcome back to RO world! We have lots of costumes in here, why going on blank! :C There's hunting board quest in prontera which gives you 25bc per mission (up to 7 times a week). As far as you done the quest a few times and got some bronze coins, you can rent blank costume for 7 days! from this lovely dude- But then if goes back off and you have to farm again if you wish to keep that up~
  9. Colly

    Question about Macro to Spam Click

    omg omg boreas allow me: (pls don't hurt me XD ) my favorite one.
  10. Colly

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    You know why....
  11. Colly

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    IGN: Colly First time ever saw a moving Tam-Tam and various porings! :3
  12. Colly

    Bronze coins

    Please no. If bronze coins gonna be account-bound, all possible fields gonna be crowded with snipers (because who else is gonna farm coins easily?) I like to see adorable rogues and priests and novices farming coins. this is exactly how it's supposed to be.
  13. Colly

    Thor FO Champion Solo Leecher Build

    Adorable guide. totally would like to try this out for the lulz XD (B> x2 megs and x3AK suiken? Q-Q) No proof screenshots? treat us as little kids- we like books with pictures!
  14. Colly

    Drawing MEME!

    Ugh... yeah sorry. I just edit the links.. I'm not sure why Photobucket suddenly resized the pictures o.o
  15. Colly

    Drawing MEME!

    What and her? o: Nella was asking if you guys don't have a couple to draw the meme yet, but you said you has! :3 Oh crap you mean you're a boy, sorry lmao. took me a 1 day delay to understand XD