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  1. hi Colly, are u still interested in the kamima baphomet horn?

    1. Colly


      No, thank you. got one already :)

    2. JAvLee


      Ah ok thanks

  2. Thank you for the additional time, Raine. Really wanted to finish this one. and I never really draw so many people in 1 drawing. :< IGN: Colly
  3. IGN: Colly (Yeah! that's what I'm doing. sketching and drawing friends instead of studing. awesome <\3 ) Hope to see those fabulous people on tRO's cards!
  4. IGN: Colly First time ever saw a moving Tam-Tam and various porings! :3
  5. (Is it ok to post comments here? delete please if not) I don't think I ever visited the forums so many times before just to read the new posts, was hilarious! I bet your work was even harder to pick only 5 out of so many awesome entries. And... holy-moly.... do i see my name over there? oh my gosh... O___O
  6. LOL you guys with your imagination, i love all the entires XD And yet, Creamy bris. only exist in tRO for no reason e.e
  7. Easter Basket accessory is character bound. Make sure you take the quest on a killer-type character.
  8. Ohhh those are nice screenies here!~ but why most of you guys all alone. :< IGN: Colly I'd actually like to post some interesting thing (to me, at least) that my friends and I tried this year. soul linker ET as the main DPS! \o/ because hey, how do we say...impossible is nothing? ;3 (took a while to kill that hot gu-...i mean, ifrit. but worth the experience)
  9. In game name: Colly Hope i got the request right though. should add tRO title too? I forgot. ><" For any question or a willing to see the original work, no problems, just PM.
  10. Wait, what? where's the bunny ears go?...... :{
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