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  1. Rental coins shouldn't be in the game in the first place. The bonus XP from the hunting boards is a good thing, but the rental coins to rent some OP stuff which are far superior than their non-rental counterpart is retarded logic, this shouldn't have been implemented by gravity in the first place. What is the sense of owning inferior stuff when you can rent the more superior counterpart at absolutely no cost? And some people even go and kill some MVPs out of rented items, this is just retarded. If you want to be effective then gear up, if you want to gear up then farm and hunt, if the monster proves to be hard for your level/gears then go to an easier one. It's as easy as that. People are already handed over with food on a plate, but the same people are still complaining and want someone to feed them. Back in the old RO days, there was no food, no plate even, but people got by. People partied and it was fun. This is a MMORPG, there are a lot of people out there to party with, no one shouldn't invite you to a party just because you are under-geared. Isn't partying a means to cover each other's back and weaknesses?
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