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  2. Azak

    Mavka Stalkers

    Depends on the time you play I guess, and I guess all maps have that dead time where only a few players are present.
  3. Azak

    Mavka Stalkers

    Geffenia still yields more, however mavka farming is like a walk in the park, no stress at all.
  4. Azak

    BB vs Zerk LK for efficient lvling+farming

    I feel like berserk is an abused skill, bypassing the skill's cool-down through re-logging, which is the reason that I never used it for farming purposes and most exclusively on BB build. I am not saying that I don't like berserkers as I have one myself, I just don't play it like everyone else's.
  5. Azak

    Questions about leveling.

    Get NPC gears as soon as you satisfy the level requirements. Even if they're not slotted, they will still help with the DEF and ATK that they provide. To be frank, merchant is hard to level up since it does not have much offensive and defensive skills at its disposal. However you have access to chain mail, boots, manteau, buckler, and maybe gemmed sallet, and that would give you a nice defensive boost. Wolves is a nice idea, they have give high exp:hp ratio, you also get consumable drops which is already mentioned. Wolf card is also a nice card for starters, gives you +15 ATK, if you get it, make it to good use.
  6. Azak

    Hello Hello.

    Bathory carded armour and deviling carded garment are a must in geffenia or other maps for that matter. You also need to look at accessories bradium earrings are good, and GEC if you go SBK, mystel if you go auto-attack.
  7. Azak

    Rare item from OBB?

    AOCE can be obtained from OPB not OBB.
  8. Months ago I got Doppelganger card, Turtle General card and Dark Lord card on the same day, but then I can't anymore because I ran out of TCs.
  9. Azak

    SUNO: no death bonus confirmation

    From iRo Wiki Classic: Really Super If a Super Novice can manage to avoid even a single death until job 70 and onwards, you will get +10 for all stats. If you die anytime afterwards, you will lose that bonus. This death record can be cleared (and the bonus stats recovered) using Super Novice Spirit. However, who knows, we might have a tRO customization. Can be easily tested though.
  10. Azak

    perma novice ideas

    Not too sure about TG in your carding (as well as other %increase cards), since it is % based and you only have a low weaponATK and baseATK, so you might not reap the benefits. Try considering Samurai cards.
  11. Azak

    Can't cast skills while attacking?

    ^ Same thing. This is also useful for paladins (who do not have Phen/Creamy Fear/Orleans Uniform/Aegis) who get interrupted while casting devotion where they get stuck in casting animation.
  12. Azak

    Stalker Mavka BB/Bash Type

    16 STR buff from chase walk lets you ditch stat foods and other STR enchants or STR buffs, though you need a rogue link for it to last 5 minutes (I'm cheap AF to spend anything on stat foods). Now it's your choice to go with either a Red Naght [SgSg(Kaho/Scorpion/Sg)] or a Caesar Sword. Using the red naght decreases the number of slaves, while the caesar sword is much cheaper.
  13. Azak

    Clown Equipment

    You don't need golem in your weapon, you can just ask your bio for FCP, it's better if you stick another +1INT card in it. You will also need medusa carded shield. Also I keep a bathory as my always on armor, rsx and marc are just for switch.
  14. Azak

    Injustice card doubts

    Injustice will only be used by Djinn users. Also, you'd better be using excalibur (the rental is even better) rather than fortune sword.