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  1. Nostalgic returnee

    I would also like to add that the custom features have a lot to do with QOL improvements Also welcome back to the fold.
  2. Help with leveling

    You can also refer to this cool guide for itemization as you progress in the game:
  3. Repeated re-visitor of the game, hello TalonRO!

    Hooray for NA players!
  4. My name is Dalu. Remember me ?

    Things have changed! Make sure you read up on all the patch notes. Welcome back!
  5. bullet maker

    I think the fact the suggestion is still left open means they are seriously considering it. I never play gunslinger, but I'd assume it uses as many bullets as snipers use arrows. I think bullet-making would be an excellent addition to the class. Instead, maybe reducing the weight of cartridges would be a quick and easy fix.
  6. Finally Playing RO again, Come Join Me!

    Looking forward to your streams!
  7. Need LK advice/build/gear progression tips

    You could use Fire Endowed Hunting Spear+Kaho Card with Magmaring garment and hunt Mavka using Spiral Pierce You could build a Violet Fear with Doppel and Baphomet Card and farm Magma2, or any location with high mob density.
  8. Questions for geffenia and yes I have looked at old posts

    My take while I farmed Geffenia (I'm no expert, maybe less than 20 hours farming in Geffenia): Slaves inside Pros: Slaves on desired map already, can buff without leaving Geffenia Save time on not having to open the portal in town anymore Cons: Your slaves could die Getting your slaves onto your desired map can be a pain You have to log-in and out of your slaves to prevent their deaths Slaves outside Pros; They're safe and will always have full SP No need to re-log back into your slaves You can dump all your loot into storage while you are outside Cons: You lose time getting back to your desired Geffenia map You have to open the portal every time You have to return to town to rebuff
  9. Need LK advice/build/gear progression tips

    You got enough gold to make yourself a Hat of the Sun God. Joking aside, you should consider a GEC card and a Violet Fear or other 2 handed sword equivalent. if you want to continue at sleepers or any high DEF mob farming, there's always Ice Pick. You could even pick up a more specialized weapon for Abyss (pierce dragon defense). GEC--> Farming Weapon --> Hell poodle accessories --> LKH
  10. I'm more reachable on discord. Mos#5276
  11. Question about Sleipnir

    If you are packing Sleipnirs[1] already, I'm sure carrying Grape Juice with you won't be that big a deal. I go to every GMC/ET/MVP run with 300 GJ. Just remain below 50% before you go so you get your passive regeneration. The only time I've ever had real SP problems with Jupitel Thunder spam was during GMC Lance, where I was constantly spamming it. Most regular monster/MVPs will take more damage from Amplify Magic Power + Storm Gust. However, I think it is always a good idea to have both versions of Sleipnirs[1] handy.
  12. No idea what I'm doing

    I started with a mage-> wizard too. Just level up soul strike for now, then get firewall 10. Head over to Glastheim Churchyard and do vertical firewall: How to VTFW I have a starter guide on the forum that you can follow and a twitch too: Wiz guide If you have any questions ask in discord or throw it into my guide thread (because bumping is awesome)
  13. DD Damage on TalonRO

    Not sure if this helps: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174564597
  14. New to RO.. Is Crit build here in Talon are good?

    And you can always continue asking questions on this thread you started. We are all here to help you on your journey.
  15. New Rental Map

    Would be a cool way for guilds to test out WoE mode before jumping into the fray.