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  1. Or be like me and spend a couple weeks farming Anolians for Brooch[1].
  2. When I wrote that guide I was doing ET runs with a guild called Lewd. I didnt make it known to the guild that I was using a +7 elven tg and no one knew the wiser. If OP is trying to do end game content, you can start with ET in a guild. Carry elemental converters so when you fight bosses you wont be that guy with super low damage. I'm not saying that everyone should go elven tg, but from my own experience I was able to get away with it. Except on naght and bee... there's no good way to boost your damage against ghost using elven tg. Which is why I made a server suggestion on a ghost endow item. Still not a thing Artemis is really when you hit the next echelon of sniperness tho. If you can save up for that bow, you'll be set for a very very very long time.
  3. Second chances are great!!! Welcome back!!
  4. Item: Walking Panda Rabbit Costume ID: 21036 Price: 200m Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12mZcpHlQYsaP_Np2x4PvEo6ntT_MeoCI/view Contact: Discord: Mos#5276
  5. Mosjoandy

    Opinion on setup

    You should ideally have two sets of gear for CRIT and DS that you can switch between gear sets when you come across high DEF monsters. If you already have a Mystel footgear, you should be using that in situations where you set up and fight. If you don't have a Mystel footgear, you should get that FA Ktul.
  6. Added some touch up to broken images, added lower headgear stuff.
  7. @GM LanceThanks for having the snowdown! Sneaky HP increases on those bosses tho!
  8. Killed Orc Hero with my High Wizard and the card dropped. Maybe my third kill? Quag+SG forever. I jumped out of my chair and sold it for 20m.
  9. I'll just leave this here: So you can look at my smug face
  10. Because a devotion paladin in some raids can play both lurer/tanker and devotion roles. If you are luring for the floors and tanking, you'd be wearing a dracula weapon, RSX, deviling, and eddga. If you then have to switch roles to blood bag, you'll wear a different weapon (my choice is erde, since it improves heal), tao gunka, lord of death, and dark lord.
  11. Just as deviling does not reduce incoming neutral damage on a devo'd party memeber, dracula will not either.
  12. I would not use Valk Helm over LKH. Devotion has a long cast time if you have low DEX, worse if you have that debuff that increases your cast time by 50%.
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