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  1. Gears for Hunter

    You could refer to this awesome guide:
  2. Wizard tips

    This kind of thing? --> https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestDirtyPastaThisIsSparta Also, 2014 RIP.
  3. About fleep up/ agi up

    I went with my LK friend all the way to floor 75. Could have gone on, but we didn't bring any supplies rip
  4. TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    Yeah, I've been pretty busy. I have 2 jobs and I help with my GF's at home business. So time is hard When I do have time, I try to play RO, so not really on the forum
  5. GMC Lance

    Last time Oreo did GMC Lance, we ran with 2 High Wizards. Best decision ever.
  6. Nightmare's Rift: Tales of the Sword Maiden

    @redchamberthat's what I said to Lance. Said to post it here anyways. *shrug*
  7. This is a small preview of some of the new PvM instances coming up in the future. What we know: These raids were developed by TalonRO GM's and only available to play on TalonRO There are bosses that even experienced RO veterans have not encountered before Four new raid instances are planned to be released Regular mobs have regular loot drop tables There is a combination of MVPing, puzzle and riddle solving, and escort What we don't know: The 2nd and 3rd raids (we've only completed 1 and 4) What skill sets/transformation/behavior the new MVP's have What drops the new MVP's/mobs have The release date ;_; Any rewards at the end of completing the raids Compounding rewards (like GMC Boxes) Cooldowns? Video here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/172347394 Starts at 7:45
  8. Hello All. New Player Here

    The late game on this server can't really be done solo. If you are are looking at autoattacking, you should play an Assassin. End-game solo for SinX can MVP with EDP, just becomes more expensive than Biochemist.
  9. Level up 7x

    GH Churchyard forever
  10. Can Creator solo MVPs?

    With enough hit and run, yes creator can solo many MVP's. But it will be an expensive venture.
  11. Hello! New to Talon Guys

    Actually @SkyeReed the share max on TalonRO is 20 levels!
  12. Returning player LF> Social/PvM Guild

    Second the Ambush Pack. Majority of those players are in NA.
  13. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    This is where you undersell your RVAC and buy 5 pieces of art from @cynischism
  14. Good Places to mob for hunter?

    Hunter, or sniper? Seems like you are playing a sniper if you can kill 30-40 bradium golems at one time
  15. New Player

    You should play what you love man. My advice is to play a class that can level up easily so you can "cross trans" into creator. Killing together with your vanil is mucho fun. Also server resets are cheap, so you can run a leveling build, then switch to full INT/DEX for acid demo later.