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  1. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    Move closer to the server (like me) and get 10ms ping!
  2. LF> People's advice: What to get next

    In the world of Ragnarok Online, +4 to a stat is a big deal. Most people don't think of it that way, but when your base stat is maxed out at 99, having any additional stat points becomes very valuable.
  3. LF> People's advice: What to get next

    Just like having a pair of celebration rings, having +stat items as your accessories is always a solid choice. They will help any build that isn't fine-tuned. For your purposes, it seems you are interested in HW, Sniper, and SuNo. All three of those classes can use the +14 DEX. HW needs it to move other stats from DEX into INT, STR, VIT; Sniper can go for 200 DEX build (more DEX moar dmgs); SuNo needs more of every stat in general. Which leads me to why sting bris is such a solid choice: every class benefits from +all stats. If you say picked up Ifrit bris, they wouldn't be as useful to a HW or HP as they would be to sniper and LK.
  4. Fresh to server

    Awww yeah. I listened to some youtuber play theme of payon on piano. Got me all feels and I ended up here! You'll have a great time. Search through the wiki and the forum for information. For more fine-tuned questions ask in discord. We're all here to help.
  5. LF> People's advice: What to get next

    Buy 2 sting bris. You'll never regret that decision.
  6. Give me some insights.

    ^ Sniper and LK will benefit from GEC the most.
  7. Rare item from OBB?

  8. Snake Hat

    ^ good detective work +1 it will use highest learned level of double attack.
  9. Needed SQI Dagger in our Game

    And then people will demand a 2-handed sword SQI for Knights!
  10. Questions about leveling as a party

    This might interest you: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180022844 Also welcome to your friends and cool to see another NA player. You from Socal?
  11. Drum battlefield for dual weapon

    Pretty sure this belongs in the Thief Class subforum
  12. TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    Thanks for that catch! I didn't even notice it! updated.
  13. hsum the best wizard ever??

    Even with a topped out build, you couldn't really "wreck" odins. Holy property monsters take reduced damage from any spell a wiz/HW can dish out.
  14. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    This is excellent. Watched all 19 minutes of the video! Didn't know two Isilla cards stacked!!
  15. Mr Kim a rich Man

    Requirements: Both Bard/Clown & Dancer/Gypsy Must be in the same party Must have the same skill level Mr Kim Must be standing next to each other (one cell) While in use: Neither player can leave the ensemble area EXP bonus only works on monsters killed INSIDE Mr Kim song You can kill from OUTSIDE the ensemble area and still receive bonus EXP Doesn't work on BOSS type monsters Additionally works for players who are not IN YOUR PARTY