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  1. 3rd place! Thank you @GM Lancefor the event! These are so fun and refreshing to play
  2. May 23, 3PM Server, or check Discord for preferable time.
  3. Check the lock button next to the magnifying glass. Make sure the party is unlocked so you can make changes to the party.
  4. Item: Walking Panda Rabbit Costume ID: 21036 Price: 180m Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12mZcpHlQYsaP_Np2x4PvEo6ntT_MeoCI/view Contact: Discord: Mos#5276
  5. @GM LanceThanks for having the snowdown! Sneaky HP increases on those bosses tho!
  6. Name: Lonelyring, Buffering, Scrollsaring, Mckenziring Color: Poring with a party hat Drops: ID# Name of Drop Drop % #13914 Party Assumptio Box 100 #13912 Party Blessing Box 100 #13913 Party Increase Agility Box 100 #13700 Adrenaline Rush Scroll Box 100 #12917 Wind Walk Scroll Box 100 #13542 Magnificat Scroll Box 100 #13891 Fire Converter Box 25 #13892 Water Converter Box 25 #13893 Wind Converter Box 25 #13894 Earth Converter Box 25 Backstory: There were many legendary porings, but none were as lonely as this. As the war in Midgard rages on, the gods have no time to feast and celebrate with their favorite poring. Searching far and wide for adventurers or any companionship, he wanders Midgard carrying with him many spells to please his new friends. The other variation instead of party buffs: Drops: ID# Name of Drop Drop % #12916 Assumptio Scroll Box 100 #12913 Blessing Scroll Box 100 #12914 Increase Agility Scroll Box 100 #13700 Adrenaline Rush Scroll Box 25 #12917 Wind Walk Scroll Box 25 #13542 Magnificat Scroll Box 25 #13891 Fire Converter Box 100 #13892 Water Converter Box 100 #13893 Wind Converter Box 100 #13894 Earth Converter Box 100 IGN: Mosjoandy
  7. I have a VOD on some of these new MVP's! Please do follow my channel for TalonRO live streams. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156217546
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