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  1. More interested in the timezone that you all play in. That poor PH player that joins this guild will be so lonely if everyone plays at 6PM CST.
  2. This is a NA guild?
  3. You should make a HW instead. #HW4life
  4. I would follow @howrah's advice, but only after listening to @kkroto01's advice getting to level 85. At level 70 you won't have IC and enough mATK to kill Kasa's efficiently. Of course you could swap from rental staff to +9/+10 staff of piercing.
  5. Updated 5/20/17 Added Tier 3
  6. But you aren't accounting how much more efficient HP becomes. You only look at clown from a damage boost perspective.
  7. +1 get Robo Eye. You will always find a use for it even after your wizard. You can check out my DEX guide here: Mos' Wizard DEX Guide
  8. I think that's why they implemented the Tam Tam Region.
  9. When I hosted ET runs (3-5x weekly), we'd always prefer a clown. It speeds up the run. You have to know how to play your class in the PVE scene though. You have to know the exact INT stat you will be running with and when to flash poem of bragi, apple of idun, making sure not to tag snipers on targets that need to be double strafed. Every floor in ET has a different strategy with poem of bragi, so you have to know who to tag with your song. With a good clown, one mediocre HP can solo ET. Just my two cents.
  10. Luckily, with assassin-type, you just ctrl+click on a mob and hope you win. The secret to playing Ragnarok is finding what monsters to kill. There are a lot of resources you can use to research and calculate how effective you will be hunting. https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page will help you determine what monsters you should be hunting or what items you should hunt for profit http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=map_db will help you get to which maps the target monsters are https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/ will help you learn the target monster stats, skills and drops https://calc.talonro.com/ will help you determine if you have 95% flee on a monster and how long it will take to kill each mob
  11. @howrah got it right. Definitely use Staff of Destruction. If you are in a place where surviving is not a priority (partying in a group) you should full-time use SoD and possibly swap to Staff of Piercing depending on your target mobs (thors, etc). If you can get 150 DEX without +DEX in your weapon you should use SoD because you can get the -50% amp magic speed and +25% more magic damage. Every spell should be amp'd unless you are in a sticky situation. For armor, once again the situation really depends. You could use an universal armor with +1,2,3 INT/DEX and toss an Agav Card inside to maximize your magical damage output. Or you might need an elemental carded armor, like Bathory, or Pasana.
  12. 300ms, oh my gosh. You should move to Los Angeles, I get 4ms.
  13. If either of you need advice on starting on, you can always ask in discord! We're all glad to help. Also I'm lonely at work. Mos#5276
  14. That thread hurt my head. #walloftext But at least for myself, I won't try to justify spending 1b zeny on +7 sleips when the difference between +4 sleips is negligible. The extra 900m zeny can fund other ventures. Also if the -3% DEF per non-boss mob holds true, 34 mobs = -102% DEF reduction, effectively making it 0?
  15. I used 99 STR, 99 DEX back when I was farming. If you one-shot mobs, you could kill them (and everything behind your target) before it even lands a hit on you because you have IC BB.