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  1. Mosjoandy

    Back after many years..

    Please be a duet player! (multi-clienting) https://clips.twitch.tv/CrunchyJazzyTaroPanicVis?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  2. Mosjoandy

    Newbie here, excited to start!!!!!!

    There's this really cool guide for wizards. It tells you where to go, what to hunt, and what items to prioritize!
  3. Mosjoandy

    Knight farmer as a starter ( sort of a guide )

    99 STR 99 DEX for life.
  4. Mosjoandy

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174564597 Because DD
  5. Mosjoandy

    Sherwood VS Ice pick

    Sherwood will make you a powerhouse DPS for any regular hunting, IP does not.
  6. Mosjoandy

    [help] Additional Cards for Sleeper Slaying?

    If you were going to choose between the two, pick the Joker card. It will be useful when you graduate to Mavka's.
  7. Mosjoandy

    Am I doing Vampsmith wrong?

    Knight master race
  8. Mosjoandy

    Where are all these bows?

    I have a falken blitz in my storage. I think these drops come from biolabs
  9. Mosjoandy

    LK berserk q again

    You can't obtain it from reward guru, and no monster drops it, so that means the possibility of it showing up in-game is VERY low. But you never know! Maybe the GMs will bring it in for some reason or another.
  10. Mosjoandy

    LK berserk q again

    I'm crazy, I meant autumn leaves[1]. I was looking at flip hat and cat footprint... then somehow mixed them BOTH into the same answer. LOL
  11. Mosjoandy

    FO Build Champion

    Because he's talking about being FO build of course! @kolela
  12. Mosjoandy

    LK berserk q again

    Get two yoyo accessories, cat fiip hat, lady tanee with some LUK, and chug a pine jubilee for a solid 60+ pdodge. The toss up is your thanatos card. Better for high DEF mobs since you don't get VF's DEF bypass proc. Comes down to whatever you are hunting.
  13. Mosjoandy

    TalonRO Calculator

    @NattWaraPM Boreas on discord about helping out.
  14. Mosjoandy

    Hello guys, returning after long time out

    The only server that has stood the test of time is TalonRO
  15. Mosjoandy

    Is the niff spawn rate nerfed?

    https://wiki.talonro.com/Spawn_Rate_Changes#Skellington.2C_a_Solitary_Village_in_Nifflheim_.28nif_fild01.29 Modified to be more awesome!