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  1. Returning after many years!

    Awww yeah, 10 years is a lot of pent up RO
  2. What mvp skills bypass GTB + cicada?

    Wide sleep, curse, petrify, sleep, freeze, confusion, bleeding, multi-stage attacks, any kind of equipment break/strip, dragon fear, slow cast, spider web, hammer fall, reflect shield? Someone said Soul Breaker in discord too. Guess you have to make a ninja to find out!
  3. Tha Ambush Pack

    How does one be in your discord?
  4. Tha Ambush Pack

    Got discord?
  5. Tha Ambush Pack

    Does that mean you guys are mostly online... between 5PM-1AM PST?
  6. Tha Ambush Pack

    Timezone? Looking for NA guild.
  7. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    Queen Scaraba
  8. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    @Tristanyou sound like you really want to play sinx. If that is what your RO itch is right now, scratch it.
  9. Ziggy shop~ S> SQI Ups Services / Bulk item services [Re-Re-Re-Open]

    SOM DEX (2nd) and Reduction Amp Cast time
  10. You mean this? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/157735242
  11. hallo

    Happens to all of us. I ended up on TalonRO after a friend linked me an orchestra rendition of some very nostalgic Ragnarok BGM.
  12. enlarge sprite of specific item drop

    If I'm not mistaken, that would require to you edit the GRF, which isn't allowed on this server. Anyone else can confirm my notion?
  13. Priest starting gears

    Survivor's Rod! Buy a cheap succubus card to boost your HP
  14. TalonRO: Nightmare's Rift

    I have a VOD on some of these new MVP's! Please do follow my channel for TalonRO live streams. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156217546
  15. Sharp Shooter based Sniper?

    You can try this build as it doesn't have any bris or artemis. Got it down to two shot.