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  1. Mosjoandy

    Cannot play youtube video after starting TRO

    Try setting your talonRO to run off your GPU specifically. You can set it in your Nvidia control panel. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Mosjoandy

    Cannot play youtube video after starting TRO

    What computer specs?
  3. Mosjoandy

    Lvl spots HW

    He is right. It's not that great for money. Which is why I said do it to hunt your own gear.
  4. When I play paladin for raids, I always run healadin. I don't remember my build exactly Upper: LKH Mid: +1 INT Basco Lower: *shrug* Body: some kind of Orlean's Weapon: 2x Drops Erde Mace Off-hand: Only GTB during EQ Garment: Leak Beach Manteau Foot: GEC Sleipnir Accessory: Osiris Diablos Ring Accessory: Sting Bris Twitch clip: Full ET Run: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169056315
  5. Mosjoandy

    An open apology to Para Smeltery

    I feel like I just read a "missed connections" story on Craigslist. Hope you reconcile with this person!🙏
  6. Mosjoandy

    Question about Auto-Blitz

    I will confirm that the scripts say: bonus2bWeaponComaRace,RC_Brute,100 Which translate to 1% chance on weapon attack to cause Coma on Brute Race monster. The calculator is wrong @zonesoldier
  7. Mosjoandy

    Lvl spots HW

    For EXP? jump into an Abbey party For gear? I'd recommend stings ( you need to replace those refined gloves! ) Reference:
  8. Mosjoandy

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    Right on for getting that GEC asap. That is a QOL game-changer. Also, thanks for the compliment! This guide feels so dated now that I haven't been actively playing. So you are at a serious crossroad right now. The R.Ballista is honestly the best possible weapon you can pick up because it allows you to be versatile so you don't end up rabbit-holing on 2-3 farming locations because with elven bow [as], you'll want endows (from your sage) to maximize damage. I would also like to broken-record @Cheronwith the sting map. It looks like you need those sting cards and possibly an elven bow. You should be able to 2-shot stings and 1-shot gargoyles with your current set-up.
  9. Mosjoandy

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    I started with a mage into wizard and made a guide on it. I sank a lot of hours in strings that's for sure. But in the end I was pretty much instant cast without any godly items. Coming from a non-godly item server, it was mind blowingly fun.
  10. Mosjoandy

    curious question about artemis

    I made this spreadsheet once upon a time. It's dated, but the numbers makes sense. TTT vs TTTh comparison for mobs in commonly "end-game" areas and MVPs. I hid the Sharpshoot data because that confuses people. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zzdGxdb3T54dm-6dSCr2rVrTJx51Ic6aSlungpUW47I/edit?usp=sharing
  11. As a general rule I always try to have 200 gj on me.
  12. Mosjoandy

    Quagmire vs MVP Agi up

    Can second that dispel removes Agi Up
  13. Mosjoandy

    [FACT CHECK] Does 2 Vanberk cards stack together?

    I haven't ran any actual tests or have any proof but in my 200+ hours of vampsmithing in magma experience, 2 vanberks seem to proc more often.
  14. Mosjoandy

    Back in my day...

    I'd follow @howrah's advice. it is pretty solid.
  15. Mosjoandy

    Looking for ET runs