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  1. Oo, I like what you did with your profile! It's very nice. /ok 

    1. jessu


      Whhyyy sankyu~! /fsh 

  2. So there is a god in heaven after all This as well as the Yule Ball (hosted in Winter) are mostly just events meant for players to mingle at, together with friends, guildmates, or you could use the opportunity to meet some new people. Kinda like a school dance or something. Plus there are other small activities scattered about the map, which are detailed in the first post.
  3. Awesome. Do those six pack abs come with the outfit? Because that would be convenient.
  4. Cool beans, thanks for the hard work dev team.
  5. Oh ok. Sorry, didn't mean to sound in a rush or anything I just haven't checked on it in awhile and was afraid I missed something. Cheers.
  6. Just wondering, have the participants already received their reward? Or has that not happened yet?
  7. Cool. I look forward to AFKing in this new town.
  8. Yeah, that's basically the process I've been using. Since with most NPCs you're only working with the 3/4 front and 3/4 back sprite, I pretty much just extract the head+hair from that NPC sprite and paste it on to an existing player hairstyle's 3/4 front and 3/4 back sprite, erase the hair from the other frames and draw in the hair using the NPC hairstyles you pasted in as reference. It helps if you import all of the frames into different layers if you're using photoshop, so you can make use of layer opacity to help maintain the shape and look of the hair.
  9. Grats to the candidates, and thanks to those who voted for me/misclicked. /heh
  10. I'd say about a week. The Admins are busy though, so i'm sure they'll get right to it when they can. The week that I submitted mine they were setting up all the events. /heh
  11. For the male hairstyle, I just created a series of folders within TalonRO's data folder much like the folders you extracted the hairstyles from. Male: C:\ Games \ TalonRO \ data \ sprite \ Àΰ£Á· \ ¸Ó¸®Åë \ ³² Female: C:\ Games \ TalonRO \ data \ sprite \ Àΰ£Á· \ ¸Ó¸®Åë \ ¿© As for the name, I just overwrote the second hairstyle, so I renamed my custom hair's .SPR/.PAL to 2_³² and placed them both into the above male folder directory.
  12. This graph was brought to you by Windows 8.
  13. Up against Priest and HP, how could they not be?
  14. I wonder if we could do facial hair/beards with a hairstyle, or if that would cause problems for certain headgears.
  15. Ironically I made it based off of Oglov's NPC right before the event. /heh Not really something I would use, but i'm sure somebody would get a kick out of the shaggy look. It actually even looks a little evil/menacing. Here's a GIF turnaround:
  16. I've just been using the Novice sprite. Hopefully that'll work for you. Here are both the male and female novice .ACT/.SPR: Link You usually don't have to worry with the vertical positioning too much, just the horizontal position. From my experience anyways. Edit: Oh cool, my first hairstyle was approved. Time to work on another. I actually had another almost done, a female hairstyle based on the monster Aliza, but while sitting in Aldebaran a hunter walked by with the hairstyle. Must have missed it when looking through the preexisting female hairstyles. All that work. /sob
  17. Had to go with Saniteli. She seems like a tough gal, and I dig that. Plus that heart eyepatch is rad. /ok
  18. How can voters know whether or not they should pick those who sent their entries in private messages? Never mind, i'm not smart. Good luck all! It was a hard choice, but I went with Nazu. /ok
  19. Somebody has been reading !main. /heh
  20. Look at these sweet thread graffics.
  21. Question to the staff: With this event update, does that mean that the mining changes were implemented, or is that reserved for a later update?
  22. Not on the same character, but you can swap to other characters on the same account if you want the other prizes.
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