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  1. Good luck Clary! I will continue to cherish the lovely art you've done while you're out. Thank you again.
  2. They're absolutely adorable! I love the expressions, and the eyes are super adorable. Do you think you'll open up a shop here soon? Cheers
  3. A: Get out and do some yard work! The weather is beautiful, the air is clean. Q: If you could have any dessert in the world right now, what would it be?
  4. Unnf, what i'm feeling like lately.
  5. A: I don't know what I believe in really, but I feel like something is out there. The universe has always been very kind to me. Every time I've ever been stuck or in need of an answer or the truth the universe seems to send me a pretty blatant sign / answer to me. Every time I've ever felt like I've had the cards stacked against me I somehow manage to overcome it. Other times when I attempt to achieve something I always seem to be able to achieve it with flying colors. I dunno. I guess you could call it luck that's bound to run out at some point but I do genuinely believe there's something out there helping me at times. I'd be interested in seeing how the universe helps me to get rid of the bad person troubling and hurting others as well. Q: Have you ever had something you made or did go viral?
  6. It looks amazing! Like something from the cover of a manga or comic. Very powerful. And thank you for including her as well.
  7. Cool. Grats @Moozika! Get well soon buddy.
  8. Boreas temporarily disabled it. He said it'll be re-enabled soon, today hopefully but we shall see. Looks amazing as always Clary! Siggy is looking pretty buff. Cheers
  9. Aww, Clary that sucks to hear. Hope things get better for you soon!
  10. Smooooooth. Sarah Stephens is gorgeous, I would marry the fuck out of that.
  11. Aw Rei, this is adorable! I love the expression. What did you draw it with? Oh my, Ana it's been awhile since i've seen your art. You've gotten even better than you were before! I love the anatomy, and detail on the outfit.
  12. A: My temperament is more less Phlegmatic. Q: If your special someone was sick would you do the cute thing and take care of them by tucking them into a blanket and feeding them soups among other things, or would you think they were gross and avoid them out of fear of getting sick? BE HONEST.
  13. AUUUUUUGHT Tim Allen techno, all day every day.
  14. A: Strong, independent, diligent, passionate. Seems tough but is actually very sweet and loving when alone with her. Though who I'm thinking of doesn't like it when I call her strong. She probably won't see this anyways. Q: Have you ever been on a camping trip? If not, do you think you ever would?
  15. Oh my god, I love it so much!!! Thank you very much Clary. You made him so handsome. I totally wasn't expecting two versions either. The expression in the first one is great by the way. Definitely fits the personality. When I get home I'm gonna find out where to put it in my signature. Thanks again. I'm excited to see more of the art you post in the future.
  16. To hell with waiting for another post, gotta keep on groovin'. I've been on cloud nine here lately, and no better song to describe it.
  17. A: As much as I feel inclined to say Fried Chicken, being born & raised in the south and all, you just can't beat a well done steak dipped in some A1. God i'm so hungry for a real meal, all I've been eating is canned fruit here lately. Q: What do you consider to be the perfect breakfast?
  18. Ah, so you've figured me out eh? I'm just a mass of porings stacked to form a person, like the little rascals in that trench coat. As always, thank you very much. I'm incredibly excited to see the finished drawing! I hope you enjoy your nap. Also I just wanted to make sure; Did you get the payment I sent to -Clary-? It should be in your mailbox if not. Unfortunately I didn't have time to drop by Gonryun, just logged on real quick to send payment to you as well as Reira. Cheers.
  19. Hi there, welcome to TalonRO. Hope you have a good time. Cheers
  20. A: Yuri of course, the """men""" in most Yaoi are too frail. Need some muscle and meat on those bones. Yuri is always good though unf. Q: What is your favorite time of the year?
  21. Not to worry, take your time. Take care.
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