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  1. Hello Summer!/gawi

    Another sweet companion. /awsm/kis



  2. I can be happy all my TRO life just by staring at you... /lv/awsm

    Thanks Ed! /kis/thx



  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_AktPm9Tnk&feature=youtu.be

    Cute, funny video, enjoy watching!/awsm/heh

    Posting this while the server is down.

    Congrats for winning Team Aqua! /lv2

    Team Aqua Captain: FullHearts Heartyangel (heartyangel) heng (Revenge Healer) Utau (Paper Boats) rulianggas (Ilumi Ackerman) yebyebye (- Blulious) Cassidy (- Lollipop -) Goyu01 Grimrock (-Karma) FullHearts (DoubleEdgedArrow) Y A M (-Yam) f0rce (- f0rest -) NaifNoob (Strikker) khrei (NotKhrei) kutsuru (JunSoo) -snoopy (-MadChemist) DoubleUK ({Bol Ayam}) Bobito (Temperamental Brat)

    Warfare Event 08172019


  4. Hi GM please remove my team, we lack people thanks! Sorry for taking the slot.
  5. Class:Hp- Ign: heartyangel Class: Hw Ign: Twinkleheart Ty 💖
  6. Class: HP IGN: heartyangel Class: SB Champ IGN: Heartyhugs Thanks <3
  7. June 3, slot 1 ty Gm United at Ancient 😇
  8. Hi Gm, May 24, 2pm Server time, ty 💜
  9. Hi @GM Lance! Can we still get May 15 slot, 6pm server pls? Party name: United at Ancient Thanks! 🐰💖
  10. Character cooldown like the regular Et gm? Example if one player plays champ today and has another, can he use his different champ? Ty! 💖
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