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  1. T> Your Heart Card in mouth Costume

  2. Hi! Pls pm me at discord Hearty#3679, here in forum or in game ign heartyangel. 🐯 Hoping for some discounts! Lol ty! 🍪
  3. 🎉 UA Year End Party 🎉 Highlights, Groufies, and some Drunk People (Person) In this Season of Love, UA wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanking all my friends and guildies for 2017! You guys rock my TRO WORLD! ILY All! 💓 [Drink & love moderately] 💓
  4. On this Season of Love, United Angels celebrates it with TRO community and family! ❤️:wub:

    Thanks to all my guildies and friends for everything! 


    [United Angels wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, cheers to more Happy Playing and blessed IRL too]  🎄🎁🎉💖🌟


    Group Photo Grabbed From Jean:




  5. United Angels Year End Party! [Sneak Peek] Thanks all! More pics coming up! 🍰🎁🎄 Loving everyone and TRO!
  6. T /S > My Charleston Antenna Costume [MID RARE GLOWING]

  7. T> Your Heart Card in mouth Costume

  8. B> Caramel Cards x2 and Marine Sphere Card 💌 [CLOSED]

    @Lamia ok you will just gib? Ty Lami! Lolol
  9. Lololol no crabby stalking please! Haha kidding! Thanks @Crono
  10. Mailbox *Non WOE* *Mid/High End PVM*

    @khreinyahaha! @Lamiai avoided that magical merchant for a reason loool pretend busy lololol
  11. Mailbox *Non WOE* *Mid/High End PVM*

    @khreihmm intro was good lolol play when not lazy and sleepy huh lolol tell them also that you track the magical merchant haha
  12. Mailbox *Non WOE* *Mid/High End PVM*

    Bump bump! Hello Mailbox! 💌😇