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  1. Happy Anniversary Tro! 🦄✨🎂 Thank you! 

  2. Thank you TRO to all our GMs for the hard work and to all my friends and guildies who joined Project V and Herja! Soooo fun! We love it! 💗✨😇💕 

    Looking forward for next events and updates! 🍰






  3. 🎀 Vicious Aura Costume 💫 🎀 Nekomimi Cyber Headphone Costume 💫 🎀 Love Cheek Costume 💫 💘 Prices are negotiable and trades are accepted, pm me here, at discord Hearty#3679 or mail me ign heartyangel. Thanks! 🦄✨
  4. Okie thanks! We are eggcited! 💓🐰
  5. Ahh, and how about the Geiravor (since it is somehow related) is it the same in terms of mob difficulty and headcount? Thanks again! 😇
  6. Hi Gm we have a question can players rejoin different parties or is it still restricted to one time only (except for beta) like the previous project runs? Also the party headcount doesn't matter on the mob difficulty, or will it affect the run? Thanks! 💓🦄
  7. Hi GM, can we get the March 17, 1pm Slot 1 pls? Thanks! Party Name: UnitedagainstHerja ❤️
  8. Offer good price or item please, pm me or find me at discord Hearty#3679, thanks! 🐰💓💕 Adds luck! Haha kidding...
  9. Pm me your best offer, you can also find me at discord Hearty#3679. Thanks much! ❤🐰
  10. Nice guide! I use medusa though at the start of phee and bee tanking, even at howl that is before positioning... The gemini gears i only use for my Hp and the Pd Set, overall this is a very nice guide! Kudos! 💗
  11. Thank you my 💓.

    And thank you Gms and everyone for a wonderful TRo event! 🍻🎉❤:)



  12. Hi after new installer patcher, my sound effects work, but Bgm doesn't even if enabled in game, help! Will this fix it? Ty 😢
  13. We go Feb. 23 Slot 5, 6pm Server 🍰 thanks! 😇
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