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  1. Class: HP IGN: heartyangel Class: SB Champ IGN: Heartyhugs Thanks <3
  2. Hi how much the scaraba card please ty 💖🐰
  3. Leskoo for you we double price coz rish 😹
  4. Go sir, thank you for contacting me, we can also unlock your Valhalla access thru Seal Service 💖 let me know if you want to get it. Thanks! @RalphStrife 🐰
  5. Pm me here, discord Hearty#3679 or in game heartyangel. Thanks! 💖💛💜✨
  6. Thank you for choosing us, happy playing always! And goodluck with your Tro adventures! 💖💕✨ Thanks much for choosing us! May you have a blessed Tro life, happy playing always! 💖💕✨
  7. Hi Ralph, excited to know you are planning to get these awesome gears! Thanks for contacting me. 💖 True, but im not rish, but i'm kind so we get lucky most of the time. 💖 You can donate your own gears too. Goodluck 😇
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