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  1. I was trying to look for Prof Guide and I saw this, nice one Lami! 😊
  2. Hi Everyone! Since I don't know where the farmer I've hired before (hope he is okay) I'm looking for someone who is efficient, friendly and hard working to get me all these: 790 honey pot 1080 ogre tooth 800 mane 1000 wolfclaw 790 orcs fang 780 pc of bamboo 780 black hair 590 elastic band 500 denture from dragon mask 800 Sprout 790 old frying pan 575 tassel 790 little evil horn 690 strange steel piece PS: If you also have these in stock I would like to buy in "raw" affordable price Please send me a pm here, in game ign heartyangel or heartyhugs, or at discord Hearty#3679. Love you all! ❤ Hearty 😇
  3. Naisu are you trading or selling? 💖 Lol Cat! That's me haha 😹 Lol that's me, hi 😹😹 💖 and yes from Valentine Event
  4. Hello Summer!/gawi

    Another sweet companion. /awsm/kis



  5. I can be happy all my TRO life just by staring at you... /lv/awsm

    Thanks Ed! /kis/thx



    1. DON IS HERE


      wow nice


    2. *~Heartyangel~*


      Thanks Don 😊

  6. Thank you so much Rinny! ❤💕 So nicey! 😘✨
  7. @RalphStrife yes sir, out of stock 🐰 Would you be interested in costumes and other stuff? Please pm me for negotiations you might have freebies. 💖 Thanks!
  8. Congrats cutie! 😍 Any other new costumes?
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