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  1. LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOMUNCULUS AI? I have updated the one I'm using. It's the old Thotai but works with the new client. Just head over here: 


  2. Do you still need a good AI? I have updated the AI I'm using (Thotai) to work with the new client
  3. EDIT: I'm sorry. It seems Mirai isn't working but the Thotai one works well with the new client. I have updated this AI. It will work with the new client now. You can download the AI here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/o7g7wxqlcgsdy2e/AI.rar/file Just download, extract the AI folder, and place it in your TRO folder (delete the default AI folder in your TRO folder). Note: This AI is by default geared toward Vanilmirths but it works with Filirs and Lifs. Also: Now, to let your Homun memorize the allied players (Thotai lets you memorize players that are on your screen as allies, so be careful not to include foes on the screen XD), just sit down ( with your Homun on) and press ALT + T 4 times. You won't get any pop ups or anything to confirm the AI memorized the players on the screen as allies, but you can see if it worked when you see your homun ignoring your allies and not hitting them. XD If you have any questions, don't ask me. I am too lazy to answer them since I don't even play anymore. lol .. I just updated the AI so others can use it again.
  4. JEFF. Where is your Facebook? XD Can't find you on anyone's. lol

  5. We have Show your Vanilmirths here! | Show your Lifs here! | Show your Amistrs here! | .. But we have no thread for Filirs! So I'll be putting this thread here for any Filir enthusiasts out there. I will try to make a Filir soon. Show your Filirs, fellow Homunculus trainers!
  6. [Jaime]

    Necromancer card

    Necromancer Card The card gives INT + 1, Add a 2% Magical Defense bypass IF the type of weapon is a rod. Price of the card in the market is around 1M (3TC in Reward Guru). Suggestion It would be helpful if the weapon requirement be removed so other magic type class can utilize the card (specially beginners). It will increase the demand for the card. Pru HWs (+amplify) geared with Vesper/HW cards and with 3 or 4 of Necromancer Cards can do massive damage. It won't hurt if the said card can be utilized by other magic type class specially those who are beginners as it will surely help with their damage. Anyway, thankies for reading! I hope it can be considered. I have a magic ninja and too poor yet to buy vesper/HW cards and then I saw the Necro card but.. Yeah, can't wield a staff..
  7. They are sent into your mailbox in game, as far as I know..
  8. Congratulations to all the winners.
  9. IGN: Jaime Asane 1. Secret missions from Jaime's secret book: Earning Zennies for Dummy AFKers 101 2. Desperate to visit his Princess, Jaime is forced to 'borrow' stuffs..
  10. HOWL SENPAI, notice my song requests please >///< 1. Broken (A personal composition, yes ><) 2. Bright - Echosmith For my beshie :'3 3. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City For my beshie :'3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIz2K3ArrWk
  11. OH MY, RISH. Going to collect those classics eh
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