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  1. ronelryan

    over upgrade weapon

    It depends on your items. The maximum damage can change if you're equiped
  2. ronelryan

    over upgrade weapon

    Post ur calc link
  3. ronelryan

    Geffenia champ

    then i guess i need to invest in sherwood <3
  4. ronelryan

    Geffenia champ

    yeah it was for fun. ill invest for something good in the future. your sinx can farm 3-4m there? then i guess i need to build my own sinx
  5. ronelryan

    Geffenia champ

  6. ronelryan

    Geffenia champ

    thats the maximum flee that i can attain. ill try some damage reduction then to cover up on my flee. thanks!
  7. ronelryan

    Geffenia champ

    Dodge = 100% - [202+80-234] Dodge = 100% -48% Dodge = 52% So my dodge is 52%? Is that it?
  8. ronelryan

    Geffenia champ

    Yesterday, i was able to complete my geffenia set for my champ. I was in euphoria knowing that my main account can farm there using 1 hit investigate. i tried farming for 30 mins and roughly got 1m. The thing is, my flee is 230 and the mobs are still tickling me. I saw assassin and stalker being mobbed by monster but still can dodge it. Champs too, have dodge skill and I was wondering how many flee do i need to evade those attacks. I dont expect someone to answer this knowing that few champs farmed there. How many flee do you recommend if ever. If you have thief class account that farm in geffenia, how many agi and flee do you suggest to evade mobs. I can mob 3-4 incu but 2 mini demon with 6 deviruchi is pain in the ass.
  9. ronelryan

    B > bradium ring (mantis)

    Buying bradium ring clean or with mantis card. Leave ign
  10. ronelryan

    S > +6 SLEIP [GEC]

  11. ronelryan

    + 5 Custom Kaho

  12. ronelryan

    pc > +6 sleip [gec]

    price check for +6 sleip [gec] +7 is 650
  13. ronelryan

    DG Champ Cheapest Gears (i think)

    Im using anubis buckler and the meteor assault kills me instantly. Should gtb work on this?
  14. ronelryan

    Gtb shield for mvp champ

    What shield should i use for mvp'ing, i'm confused whether to get +7 stone buck or +7strong shield for my gtb. Which is better for my champ. Strong shield is nice because it cannot be knocked back but the extra damage had me confused. If it is upgraded to +7 the chances are the damage is still worrisome