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  1. Moep

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    Well Ice Pick might be expensive, but you can use it on other chars aswell (lk, stalker, ws, ...) And the dagger with the best cards will be even more expensive Well something like this would be a total overkill for sleepers https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XCjDEOwoAgEATCv0TCpcK1wqHCscOAw4rCjm4Pc8KAJzEmGHzCvlDCkMO4A2czw4k2wrsOwoUMw4XCqgZjBcKBHiLDuCvCoMKzCcKmwprChBQEKMKRw60tw7lwYz59w6HDnVs2YWjChgrCoghzW8KRSD/CoMKqW1rCm8OxRSvCrcOwGy8 but the stats fightint against them look pretty nice
  2. Moep

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    Kaho is a headgear with +20 to certain stats. One weapon combination could be something like: Main Hand: Ice Pick Off Hand: MG with 2x Kaho Cards and 2x PecoPeco Egg Cards Or another weapon combination could be Main Hand: Gladius/Mes with 3x Kaho Cards or PecoPecoEgg Cards Off Hand: Ice Pick Get any armor you want, any accessory you want and you should be near 2k dmg easily. Porcellio Card is great for any sl armor. Celeb Rings would also push the dmg
  3. Moep

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    Even without Kahos, etc you can get easily 2,1k double attack dmg. You only need a good left hand weapon for this. With Kahos, enchanted IP the damage will be much higher, i suppose 3k would be possible http://rocalc.com/#haibBaYbGbnabaGababdbbagqeaaaaaaaaadaababacaccsaad5aaeueFaafbaafhaafqaafqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagkkaaaabkkaaaaaaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaaabaaakaauaaxaaaaakaauaaxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakaaaaaaabaaacMaaaaaakakua
  4. Moep

    LK Invoker of Death

    Oh come on thats nit-picking, leech is another form of healing
  5. Moep

    LK Invoker of Death

    Wrong there is even a video on youtube that proofs that Sniper Card does work
  6. Abend eine rein deutsche Gilde gibt es glaub ich nicht. Einige Deutsche sind schon unterwegs, verstreut auf viele verschiedene Gilden. Aber mit ein bisschen Englisch kommst du in jede Gilde ohne Probleme rein
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