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    rates are as mention above, leech schedule may be arrange.. come visit me in "el dicastes" if still interested in leech.
  2. exor003


    I know that there were some negative changes in DG that pulls people away form dg leeching. Been AFK for a while now and just recently farm DG and I say it is still okay.. the time it takes to get you to 99 may vary but I will get you there NT> 80 to 99 = 9mil 95 to 99 = 6mil Trans> 80 to 99 = 12mil 90 to 99 = 9mil 95 to 99 = 8mil regular rate: 3.5mil per hour IGN: LightloveExor (Stalker) -LightloveExor- (Champion) TOWN : El dicastes UPDATE: 8/13/2016 (+8GMT) Leech Availability is now only During weekends (+8gmt) for more info pls send a mail to my ingame characters. Thanks guys...
  3. Same here. I login with another RO then erything else DC.
  4. exor003

    Summer Login & Loading Screen Contest

    Epic Arts! keep up the good work guys.
  5. exor003

    RGM> GILAS Guild

    sali po
  6. exor003

    Will of the D ~ Recruiting closed

    yay. more vids pls
  7. exor003

    Knights of Hyrule - Let the Journey Begin

    bump for this awesome guild
  8. exor003

    Will of the D ~ Keep the fire burning! ~

    yay hello guys
  9. is this guild still active?
  10. exor003

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Do you guys have a guild for event NPC search Can I join?
  11. exor003

    Summer 2014: The Amazing Summer Race!

    Will try this isn't 4 char at the same time OP?