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  1. rayonista

    Looking for black-and-white drawing

    @Medical Mechanica Here's the result! So happy of the outcome! PS: How do I close this thread?
  2. rayonista

    Looking for black-and-white drawing

    Hi Medical! Sorry it took me a while to reply. Lately, I've been busy with silhouettes and portraits. I can dish out 5m-10m
  3. rayonista

    Looking for black-and-white drawing

    Naaaght! ❤️
  4. Recently, I've been doing pyrography away from TalonRO. I think it would be great if I could burn a Ragnarok Online image on a good piece of wood. Here's what I have in mind: I'd like to commission a clean drawing (pencil or pen) of classic ragnarok characters, like a Pecopeco knight wearing fin helm and helm, or a blacksmith wearing boy's cap, y'know.. From the mid 2000's era. I will be waiting for your messages/comments.
  5. I would like to share this recipe for a High Orc leeching sniper. Required Level: 60, with 99% tax from guild Stats: All dex, remaining to Vit. Equipment: LKH Sky Deleter carded armor Deviling carded garment Orc Lady x3 carded weapon (like crossbow) GEC carded footgear 2 pcs Sting carded Bradium earrings Crystal arrows Skills: 10 Improve Concentration 5 Sharp Shooting 10 Wind Walk 10 True Sight Notes: This build relies on one-hit-SSing high orcs. Just kill them before they could come near you. Remove all your base exp past level 60 by saved-suiciding in Niffleheim every after you get a job level. Give free leeches from time to time. ENJOY, and happy leveling
  6. rayonista

    Saying Good Bye

    After 2 years of fun, excitement, grinding, drama, etc, I have decided to leave the server due to real life obligations. It has been a great experience being with you all, and I wish everyone nothing but the best, both in the game and in real life. I wish to thank the GMs for their excellent services, and more power as well. You really placed TalonRO in the #1 spot. I'm not good with good byes, so I'll just say "Good Bye, TalonRO. Thank you so much!"
  7. rayonista


    Hi fellow archer in training! Whisper mask is a 3agi headgear which people either throw away or sell for at most 150k zennies. If you want the classic-looking sakkat, just post your IGN here and i'll send you one, or if not, il send you a lot of trunks. For armor and garment, like Yurneric said, get a pantie-undershirt combo. Pantie is easy to farm in sphinx, undershirt costs 50-100k. If you want a binoculars, you better start pickin' those steel up. Then get 2 rosaries from the church in Prontera. They're really cheap.
  8. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    I'm back to 120ish M right now after buying the gloom sniping suit and +9 chung e hood. it might take me a long time again to get that amt
  9. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    i now have 285 BC, +9 chung e hood +4 gloom sniping suit. Should I get a Bunny Slipper GEC or there are better stuff out there?
  10. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    I have 44 crit as of now. Noted! Should I also bring fly wings if I were to hold 2x celeb rings, or just switch to a [Creamy] Clip before TPing? The latter sounds better coz of weight limit. Also, someone told me to get a bradium accessory with an ifrit card. How about it vs celeb?
  11. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    Okay, so I got the following and wish to be a GMC/ET sniper. All pieces of advice are welcome! What should I get first? Where could and should I farm? When I compared my Sniper's damage to that of the other ET/GEC snipers, I felt so small. Theirs did 5 digits of damage while mine dealt 5-7k. I really need your advice. Thanks guys! (Yes, that 160M is my lifetime saving T_T and can't afford an Artemis yet)
  12. rayonista

    Custom Auras

    Thank you so much for the Kick Aura, Beavs! <3
  13. rayonista

    Taekwon footgear question

    ^ Thanks for the explanation!
  14. rayonista

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    I LOVE THIS!! May I share this through facebook? O///O Also, I wish to ask for an art with a similar style, I'll gladly pay for it <3
  15. rayonista

    Taekwon footgear question

    Footgear weight does not affect kick damage. I've compared shackles to sandals, and no dmg diff. But if you're wearing Crystal Pumps, you'll see a veeery small difference in your dmg.