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  1. I would like to share this recipe for a High Orc leeching sniper. Required Level: 60, with 99% tax from guild Stats: All dex, remaining to Vit. Equipment: LKH Sky Deleter carded armor Deviling carded garment Orc Lady x3 carded weapon (like crossbow) GEC carded footgear 2 pcs Sting carded Bradium earrings Crystal arrows Skills: 10 Improve Concentration 5 Sharp Shooting 10 Wind Walk 10 True Sight Notes: This build relies on one-hit-SSing high orcs. Just kill them before they could come near you. Remove all your base exp past level 60 by saved-suiciding in Niffleheim every after you get a job level. Give free leeches from time to time. ENJOY, and happy leveling
  2. rayonista

    Saying Good Bye

    After 2 years of fun, excitement, grinding, drama, etc, I have decided to leave the server due to real life obligations. It has been a great experience being with you all, and I wish everyone nothing but the best, both in the game and in real life. I wish to thank the GMs for their excellent services, and more power as well. You really placed TalonRO in the #1 spot. I'm not good with good byes, so I'll just say "Good Bye, TalonRO. Thank you so much!"
  3. rayonista


    Hi fellow archer in training! Whisper mask is a 3agi headgear which people either throw away or sell for at most 150k zennies. If you want the classic-looking sakkat, just post your IGN here and i'll send you one, or if not, il send you a lot of trunks. For armor and garment, like Yurneric said, get a pantie-undershirt combo. Pantie is easy to farm in sphinx, undershirt costs 50-100k. If you want a binoculars, you better start pickin' those steel up. Then get 2 rosaries from the church in Prontera. They're really cheap.
  4. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    I'm back to 120ish M right now after buying the gloom sniping suit and +9 chung e hood. it might take me a long time again to get that amt
  5. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    i now have 285 BC, +9 chung e hood +4 gloom sniping suit. Should I get a Bunny Slipper GEC or there are better stuff out there?
  6. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    I have 44 crit as of now. Noted! Should I also bring fly wings if I were to hold 2x celeb rings, or just switch to a [Creamy] Clip before TPing? The latter sounds better coz of weight limit. Also, someone told me to get a bradium accessory with an ifrit card. How about it vs celeb?
  7. rayonista

    Newb sniper here

    Okay, so I got the following and wish to be a GMC/ET sniper. All pieces of advice are welcome! What should I get first? Where could and should I farm? When I compared my Sniper's damage to that of the other ET/GEC snipers, I felt so small. Theirs did 5 digits of damage while mine dealt 5-7k. I really need your advice. Thanks guys! (Yes, that 160M is my lifetime saving T_T and can't afford an Artemis yet)
  8. rayonista

    Custom Auras

    Thank you so much for the Kick Aura, Beavs! <3
  9. rayonista

    Taekwon footgear question

    ^ Thanks for the explanation!
  10. rayonista

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    I LOVE THIS!! May I share this through facebook? O///O Also, I wish to ask for an art with a similar style, I'll gladly pay for it <3
  11. rayonista

    Taekwon footgear question

    Footgear weight does not affect kick damage. I've compared shackles to sandals, and no dmg diff. But if you're wearing Crystal Pumps, you'll see a veeery small difference in your dmg.
  12. rayonista

    starting equipment cards

    Hi jerosel! Since you mentioned that you're new to the server, then here's something I should tell you: There are weapons to which you don't or can't put a card, such as brocca or ice pick. The reason I'm telling you this is that while there are cards that improve your farming/killing potential, it all still depends on your class and skill build. Example: Lord Knights can start killing with a simple ahlspiess, a brocca perhaps, and so forth. Rogues and stalkers use the ice pick for easy farming at sleepers. Ice pick is worth 12-13.2 m by the way. et cetera.. XD As for the question you have, "cards for mobbing", I'd say it would probably consist of the following, but not include all: Dopel for aspd TurtGen for dmg Bapho if you don't have aoe skills (like if you're an assassin) Hope this helps!
  13. rayonista

    How to Make a Taekwon Ranker in 7 Days

    https://forum.talonro.com/index.php?topic=56347.msg582851#msg582851 Glad you liked it! Yeah, I thought I should post it here as well Thank you!
  14. rayonista

    Comment About The Person Above You

    ^ posted almost a third of the stuff in this thread.
  15. Who wants to have a TK Ranker of his/her own in 7 days or less? Here's a quick guide: 1. Make a TK and level it to 90s in the first day, regardless of how. 2. Get two slaves: Bragi and Bless. 3. Equip the following: Kaho, [Rocker] Armor, dex hood, GEC, 2 sting gloves. The goal is to reach as close to 150 dex as possible while wearing GEC. If you can do this and still have high max sp pool, then that'd be better. 4. Get a Creamy-carded accessory and a Marine Sphere-carded ring to do the TK Missions faster. 5. Here's the trick: Spam TK Mission (insta-cast is best) until you get a mob that is easy to search and kill. Remember that it's not the number of mobs you find in a map but rather the speed at which you can search and kill it. This is kinda like considering Population Density of the mob in a map. NEVER take something you will take a lot of time to kill. Example: Siroma vs Andre, which would you pick? Answer: 6. Do this for one week, with at least 10 hours of TKM per day. At this rate you should be able to get 1 TK point in 30 mins or less, 2 to 3 TK points in an hour, and 20+ TK points in a day. After 6 days, you will have 120++ TK points, enough to land you in the ranks. That's a total of 7 days. (This includes TK Mission changing time.) 7. Once ranked, enjoy your privileges: x3 hp/sp, master all skills, any kick in any prep stance, unlimited kick spams (except FSK), and 2 sp per kick combo. TK Reion