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  1. Auction: see attached

  2. Just wanted to ask for your input regarding: Weapon: Red Naght Twin thingie [3], Sniper Sniper Kiel <-- is this a good weapon for the build? Why or why not? Shield: GTB, Tirfing, or Hodremlin? Also, which shield would you recommend? Thank you so much for your replies! <3
  3. Auction: see attached

    Highest bidder gets this weapon. Bidding starts at 5m.
  4. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    May I know how much I have to save up for the service? <3
  5. Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    Merry Christmas, Talonians!
  6. Show Your Characters!

    Let's showcase our characters!!
  7. hsum the best wizard ever??

    I love that amaranth bgm @Brea
  8. That Costume Tho :O

    Pics taken down as per Venus' request
  9. Voting when suddenly

    In the end, it doesn't even matter~
  10. My Kind of Thing

    I don't know what you call this thing I do a lot, but I'm now opening my ART corner for you, fellow Talonians! If you got pictures you want me to do for you, just post it here PS: Added two samples with their originals set side-by-side for comparison.
  11. How to Make a Taekwon Ranker in 7 Days

    Very unlikely

    Hello and welcome to TalonRO, Anton! Vote for the server and get rewards! Feel free to ask for Hunting Board parties via !recruit channel. There are great rewards in the Reward NPC that you could find useful, such as excellent weapons and a refresh shoe (adds 20sp per 10 secs). See ya around!
  13. random

  14. random

    Inertia does not apply to everything. Unless acted upon by an unbalanced external force, an object at rest will remain at rest, Or an object in motion will maintain its speed and direction; But a person who loves you today may not love you as much the next day.