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  1. cant connect. server down?

  2. Well Well Well... By Neptune's thick manhood! Yer back from the realm of hiatus.

    I sure am glad to see you 'round again Reion! Hope ye'll be enjoyin' yer stay with us
    once more! Welcome back lad!

    1. yujinori


      So I think its safe to assume that you're quite familiar with Neptune's manhood, eh Cap'n?

    2. Hazzarr


      One could say that... Wasn't easy to drag around as a trophy. I'll tell you this much ;-)

    3. TK Rayon

      TK Rayon

      Thank you cap'n! :D <3


  3. \o/ New costumes! I want the marionette strings <3
  4. :o :o So many great entries! I know the others will win, so I just gave my vote to my friend Graves even tho his work looks weird XD <3
  5. The GMs look so kawaii in the comics and yes, that's how I remember the party. There were looooong autofollow trains lead by the GMs /heh
  6. Did that thing just eat GM Howl? /wah nuuuu! Also, I'm so amazed by all the artworks on this thread. @_@
  7. Notes: -Wanted to add instead one of a certain high GM checking out (participating? supervising?) the Amazing Race, but I already have a GM SS here so... -I'm pretty sure that last one is out of the time limit, but I just couldn't resist~ /sob T_____T You uploaded it first T______T /sob I was gonna have this as my entry, but... /sob :
  8. I think the community should also hold a GMs Appreciation Week <3
  9. Thought I was the only one who wanted to keep seeing that >_< poring XD
  10. "The NPC will assign you one of perhaps several types of quests. They might include killing a specific number of a certain monster, collecting a number of special items, or working to locate a specific NPC across the world. The quests are designed to be completed by most players of various levels as well as newbie friendly! Once you've completed the task, report back to the same quest manager to finish the quest within the one hour." This. GMs, I think the "Hunt 50 galapagos" quest is not newbie friendly at all. Only 20 spawn in the map at a time, and the map also has mobsters and fur seals
  11. I just love this funny story. I spent a few mins reading it and didn't get bored at all. I didn't even think it was a waste of time. Had a good laugh. Over 9000!
  12. Looking at all the submissions, I feel like the GMs are gonna have a hard time deciding which entries are to be announced as winners!
  13. Here's my request: Looks like this will be fun fun fun! <3 <3 <3
  14. For some inspiration perhaps: Today has been a wonderful day for all of TalonRO! <3
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