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  1. I love the expressions you gave them. I don't know them but the expressions kinda show their personality. Haha.
  2. I see a Cherri and a Howl (or is that Seiren? Haha). o: Those random dead knights are so random. Those Jakks... are they going to do a performance?
  3. 2012 Halloween Loading Screens: 1. Fadiel 2. *~ Greed Is Good ~* 3. Rushifar 4. Skadus 5. Akirawr Be sure to make space for the login box as well. Good luck~ Wow, it's been 2 years. Time's fast. >_< Looking forward to the entries this year! Good luck to all the participants~ (:
  4. Thanks for this Howlie! 8D <3 Just noticed that the album art displays "July XX, 2014" instead of "September 6, 2014" but don't think that's an issue. XD
  5. Congrats to all the winners! They all look awesome! /no1
  6. Unless you posted in the wrong topic. xP
  7. /slur I will probably give this a try. I haven't written any story yet but I get ideas from time to time. I wonder how many times I've said I'll give these a try. x_x
  8. I think one can win all but 3 not 5. As seen from the winner of Banner Competition 2013. Haha.
  9. If only I knew how to write stories. Maybe I will. Maybe. Good luck to the entries!
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