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  1. hello! first of all, a big thank you for INDUNA! tRO has never been better since. one quick question, when will the databases be available online? it was a big help to all players. i hope that we could have it back online the soonest. thanks.
  2. Been 6 years since I joined the server. 6 long, fun years. and I NEVER REGRETTED ANY MOMENT OF IT (except when there were no decent drops on Stings for more than a month!).

    I ❤️ tRO!

    1. Rikki


      Wow a veteran player! Well I can completely relate with the no decent drops experience LOL. Yes it sucks but that's what keep us to strive more! /pif

    2. sto0g3sz


      spot on! 


      sidenote: i would not consider myself a vet player as i still do not have any SQI's (perhaps due to my timezone or lack of social skills online, /heh) but i have had my fair share of unique experiences on the server. hope to see you ingame. PM me: -Tristram 



  3. trove of useful information!
  4. sto0g3sz

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    good idea. dont forget to get kahos after u buy the IP and mes.
  5. sto0g3sz

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    Ice pick and an overupped Mes would do. Kaho's would be a nice investment once you get your primary weapons and armor. if you could, go for dragon manteau and vest combo. slap on some sprint shoes and a chicken hat for that aspd boost if kahos are too expensive.
  6. Hi guys! New member here. IGN: -Tristram. Sadly, I can't participate at the photoshoot coz I shall have been at the office by that time. Nonetheless, I'll see you at Archer Village. I usually stop by there when I'm not farming GN's or stuff. xD Looking to link up with one of the party runs. Not quite sure though if you would want a DD sinx in the group but hey, character's a fun guy.
  7. Seriously people, putting RO on a mobile app takes the life and essence that makes the game a great classic in the first place. Portability might be a plus but c'mon, RO is meant to be played on a PC or laptop for one to fully immerse in the experience. Honestly, I cannot comprehend how so many people in my country are addicted to Ragnarok Mobile. Personally, it kills the game on every aspect as the server lives on ridiculous real-money auctions and P2W principles. Now, we would not want that to happen to our beloved server, do we?
  8. so mysterious may i ask where'd you get the sig?
  9. Thank you @GM Seiren and the GM team for giving your best to make Project Induna a reality soon! And to all beta testers, my hats off to you for your patience, commitment and support to deliver a unique Project Induna to our server! 

    1. GM Phoenix

      GM Phoenix

      Thank you for the kind words! Seeing happy players in the TalonRO Community makes it all that much more rewarding when projects are worked on and completed. :)

  10. @Ellie Valentine wakoko pinay ka pala Ellie?!
  11. yup, i do too. but let's be honest here, dual wielding always casts a shroud of mystery and amazement to wielders and other players alike and that, by itself, is the very reason why I chose to go down the path. i am a sucker for formulas as well as i seek to maximize my damage output in every way possible, but i try to keep the complicated stuff to a controllable level, to strike a balance where it gets quite geeky but still super fun nonetheless.
  12. @Phanman wew..you sure are complicating things with your intricate formulas, man. Here's a quick suggestion: why not have an array of daggers and decide which pairs are the best to use depending on your situation? That's what I do, and that's what I think most of the (few) DD's on this server do anyway. Just have fun and well, tone down on the math and all. It kinda spoils the scene.
  13. wakokoko hahahah. lakas din man-trip ano?
  14. Coconut!!! Pinoy ka pala Seiren! Pre @Ghaspar grabe di ko inakala Pinoy pala si Seiren!
  15. nakakapagpanigabag ng isipan e. takte. sinagot ako nung tinanong ko kung GM pa ba si Venus. marami naman possibilities. bka may staff silang Pinoy db? hehe. san na pala si Venus ngayon?
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