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  1. Is this a good build for Geff farming?

    how bout dealing with low-end MVPs?
  2. Is this a good build for Geff farming?

    Thanks for this. In that case, might u suggest other viable places where i could farm? I dont care much about the sbk/ma build coz DD is what i love. https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibAbEaLaOacaeubbaj0haQaQitaagqeaaaaaaaahkaawjaauktlcltogwqggdtwh9twbNeeeeaikkffaaababvkaaahqaaaaHanaaa how bout this?
  3. hi guys! just wanna seek your opinion on my proposed DD sinx. It's quite cheap coz I don't have that much time and convenience to farm for powerful items. https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibAbEaLaOacaeubbaj0haQaQitaagqeaaaaaaaahkaawjaauktlhPtogwqggdtwh9twbNeeeeaikkffaaababvkaaacuaaaaHanaaa thanks.
  4. The Switch to SinX

    I've reclassed to a SinX from an LK. Now, I'm clearing up my cheap items to make way for powerful ones. Selling the following trash: +7 GEC Shoes Bradium Ring [HP] Bradium Ring +4 Vali's Manteau Jeje Cap Costume pm me here for offers. again these are relatively cheap items.
  5. PC> +4 VF (SG) (SG)

    Need a PC for a +4 violet fear carded with 2 SG.
  6. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    This. BOOM!
  7. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    What do u mean by this?
  8. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    Thanks man.
  9. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    is that possible on the server???? i never knew that
  10. Switching to SinX

    Selling the ff items: 1. +4 VF [SG] [SG] 2. +4 Meteor Plate [GUN] VIT+ 2 3. +7 Shoes [GEC]
  11. T> + 4 Vf [SG][SG] to your IP

    switching from LK to SinX. need gears. pm me ingame -QuickHands or pm me here, (but I prefer that you pm me here).
  12. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    Gee!!! Thanks for all the info guys! I do have an LK now but I must admit, I'm pretty much bored with it..I'm thinking of doing a DD sinx or DS sniper.. Anyway, thank you guys!!!! Love lots.
  13. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    hmm..well in any day, i'd go for snipers but given that the server is populated with these..well..hmm.. how about dual dagger sinx? would they be any good?
  14. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    @My Wife for Hire hm..what about sinx's?
  15. Hello everyone! I've been playing talonRO and Ragnarok, in general, for a couple of years and I could say that I immensely enjoy the experience. My glaring predicament is that I never stick to one character as I can't find the most suitable job for me. Now, this is not to say that I have unrealistic standards and expectations, I just wish to find a character that suits my play style. To start, I am looking for a character that could handle MvPs (pretty much the low-end ones, as high-end MvPs require parties) solo. I could go either way: melee, magic or ranged as long as the character could handle mobs (during farming) pretty well. I don't mind working with parties as long as the character is not party-dependent to level. Additionally, the character should also be a pretty darn good farmer so I don't need to switch between characters just to farm. Thank you to everyone who would reply.