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  1. Sachi

    #map channel notifications

    That would be better, yeah.
  2. Sachi

    #map channel notifications

    I was only posting that to show what I was talking about, but here's a reasonable example: It happens even if you say, go to the Betty npc, go back to Kafra, go to Betty again, then back out to Prontera. That's 4 lines in a pretty short amount of time. (Start in Prontera) -> Prontera inside -> Prontera -> Prontera inside -> Prontera And that's not even if you go out to check your Kafra, then use !sj to buy whatever items and happen to be taken to another map, then back to Prontera, then to Betty, then back out to Prontera. That's 7 lines of chat in a minute or so: Prontera -> Pront inside -> Prontera -> (map with autotrade shop, like Payon) -> Prontera -> Pront inside -> Prontera. None of that even considers if you save to another city that isn't Prontera, so even more unnecessary chat spam. Doing quests; going somewhere that makes you go through several maps like going through Sphinx, down to Geffen dungeon, etc; dying while leveling and having to return to whatever map; all of these require changing maps fairly quickly and are normal and reasonable daily experiences.
  3. Can we remove these notifications? I don't see a point in having them, and it can spam your chat if you're moving between maps a lot. Thank you. These are what I'm talking about:
  4. Monster invasion events are supposed to be difficult. I don't see how a map for lower levels "to level and farm" is in any way related to a monster invasion event. Also, the notion that being max level and/or participating in the monster events means that you have endgame gear is 100% false. Participants under this assumption are in no way at all guaranteed not to be dead 90% of the time. I saw most people dead more than anything else during the last one I participated in, including myself. I KNOW there are people who assume that I have "endgame gear" just because I've been here a long time... and that's not true. My gear is just okay. But you want an event that's much easier and still shut out a huge number of people purely based on their level? The current monster invasions are not even level-restricted! Besides that, monster invasion is one of many, many events that take place. You're complaining about one event that you aren't even being excluded from because you're dying quickly just like everyone else. Everything else is open to everyone too. Last point - end game gear doesn't make you good and doesn't let you survive if you aren't good. You can have great gear and you will still die during these events.
  5. Sachi

    Installation Guide

    Welcome to TalonRO! This is just a step by step guide to downloading and installing TalonRO on your computer. This is for Windows 10. Step 1 - Download Go to https://talonro.com/download/ and you will be greeted with these links. This guide will show you how to download the Web Download version. Step 2 - Extraction Step 3 - Installation Step 4 - Patching This is the TalonRO patcher! There is a button in the top right to change options such as resolution and more. When it is done, click on Start Game. Enjoy! If you have issues with patching or other errors, please use the Technical Support forum or on Discord. Common Troubleshooting - Try this first!
  6. Honestly, you're going to want to get some kind of 2+ slotted bow and throw 2 Doppels in it. Then you'll have the stats you'll need for good Falcon damage and a high proc chance. Right now, agi is taking up way too many points, so you don't have a good amount of int. 40 is nothing. I agree with tri_999 about the gear generally.
  7. Is that a baby Prof, Bio, and... Sniper? So cute *_______*
  8. Sachi

    Sachi's Customs

    Auras! Put the grf you want in your main Talon folder, and PM me for installation instructions. Only 1 can be used at a time. https://mega.nz/#F!I9xQBITB!LWT0g-jPcMcROSQjfCwUNw Alternate link - https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4dshmj0jg8axy/ ~Previews~ Palettes! Same instructions as above. https://mega.nz/#!o85CwILL!QYu6ugZPvFuaLqh3vnbXrdPKUNRym7qohwCAFSfEvoA Alternate - https://www.mediafire.com/file/olf0xvwob6hz6y6/mypals.grf/
  9. Looks good! Great job!
  10. Sounds good. Definitely post pics when you're finished. I got scraps and stuff just at any fabric store or even fabric section of like, Walmart and stuff. You can also get fabric by buying clothing at Goodwill, and just taking whatever it is apart and re-using it. You can find stuff with already-finished hems and such there too, and buy clothing pieces in larger sizes for bigger usable pieces. I used fabric from a dress I made for a formal event in HS to make my costumes.
  11. I saw a whole group (10?) at SakuraCon in Seattle, back in like... 2008 or something. I made a HW and a HP costume and wore them there too. Looks pretty decent! What's the rest look like? Kind of makes me want to make another costume, but I don't have anywhere to wear it. lol
  12. Sachi

    Drooping Cat Costume

    @GM Boreas Yep..... ->
  13. Sachi

    Bookslapper Nerfs

    It'll be fixed shortly, thanks to Phoenix!
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