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  1. Is that a baby Prof, Bio, and... Sniper? So cute *_______*
  2. Aww. I can't go see @GM Howl in his swim trunks because I'm in Hawaii right now. QQ. Damn hurricane!
  3. Oh my god, please make a submission with someone who has this expression ( like maybe seeing Howl in his mauscle-y glory in his swim trunks LOL ). PLS
  4. omg that's my signature /sob 

  5. This needs to be a thing like, immediately. Holy shit that's cute as hell!
  6. Aww yeah.
    Soooo I found a cake for ya, isn't it cute?

    So just use those big strong mauscles to cut the cake. You know, these ones.
    Yeahhhhh.... :D



    Tee hee. Happy birthday! From the Most Dedicated High Priestess of the Church of Howl. /heh/fsh

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Ahahahaha! Truly, your enthusiasm and sense of humor are as great as ever, Sachi. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! /no1/thx

    2. Sachi


      You're welcome, Howlie! /heh

  7. master sachi its me sew just wanna ask about plant cultivation with luna kaleet is it viable? i mean does it wrok here

  8. HowlxKuma is a beary good pairing. I bet the kitchen is positively grizzly though. @GM Howl ❤❤❤ @GM Kuma ❤❤❤ Relevant images:
  9. Happy Holidays! You all do such a lovely job on the server, and although I can't give you a gift, I can say... thank you very much. ❤ Your hard work has been greatly appreciated all these years.
  10. Oh god, I'm old now. :(

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    2. * Zyon ~

      * Zyon ~

      Happy Birthday!!

    3. GM Saen

      GM Saen

      Happy birthday Sachi~

    4. ssjVegeta


      just saiyan......happy birthday!

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