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  1. I've seen more people ask about this recently, so please make use of it.
  2. Sachi

    Bookslapper Nerfs

    Blitz has a 1 second ACD, so if it's a global change, it should prevent you from using any skill during that time after it procs.
  3. Sachi

    Bookslapper Nerfs

    Question - do you have to stop to use another skill while auto-attacking on another char? IE have to stop to self-buff while auto-attacking with a Sniper, or LK, or whatever. My game isn't functioning right now so I can't test this myself... but if you can still do that on other chars, then there's no reason why it would be that way with Hindsight. The reason is really simple - Hindsight is not what is causing you to auto-attack, that's a normal mode of attack regardless. The Hindsight skill is only the proc chance for bolts. So if you can still use a skill while auto-attacking on another class, then Hindsight is broken and interfering with normal attack mode. Even with an after-cast delay present after an auto-casted bolt (normal behaviour, not applied to subsequent auto-casted bolts), you should still be able to use other skills, even if they stop you from continuing to attack (also normal behaviour). Someone wanna test this? Edit: The comparison to Storm Gust isn't the same, because Hindsight is not a damage-dealing skill in itself. It's basically just a trigger to automatically use your skills.
  4. Sachi

    Custom Auras

    I don't know if we can make a guide or post links to custom auras. I won't be describing the process and details unless an admin says it's acceptable.
  5. Sachi

    Custom Auras

    Auras are handled by grf now.
  6. Sachi

    Drooping Cat Costume

    Please ❤️
  7. Sachi


    A bit late, but I hope you found out that you need int for falcon damage. If you go for a pure auto-Blitz build, then you'll need a lot of int rather than a lot of dex, and medium-high luk in addition to high aspd. I personally play an auto-Blitz/crit build, so I have high dex, medium int and luk, and high aspd (mostly from Doppels). I found that it works better than just a pure Blitz build. That build also gets you a decent SP pool for buffs and occasional skill use, and you can easily switch to DS without needing to change your stats.
  8. Uh, just wanting to throw it out there, but it could say you can equip some stuff because it's possible with a soul link. Obviously doesn't apply to everything, but what the link covers might be applicable and explain some of this.
  9. Sachi


    I've been around. No, this was after.
  10. Sachi


    Honestly, you probably just need to get better. Better equips, better build... something is lacking. I went against plenty of Champs as a Bio when I MvPed a lot, and with my shitty equips and without buffs I still won against them more often than not.
  11. This needs to be a thing like, immediately. Holy shit that's cute as hell!
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