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  1. hola hermoso~

    1. Fraudulent


      Hi! How have you been?


  2. I wanted to know the same as well. What percentage of the proceed will actually go to the organizations? @Millie: I was thinking the same as well! "Hmm, can I write this off in my tax?" Then I just shook my head and laughed...
  3. I especially want a personalized GM letter from GM Tryne and GM Ires. Oh wait.
  4. If you win, I better get a share! Haha
  5. At least give him some credit. He was asking: any1 give me assassin gears im noob. Edit: Oh you edited.
  6. I got bored so I decided to play around with perfect dodge and niff. Luckily for me, the map only had one person training so it was relatively easy to mob the entire map. To fully appreciate the number of mobs that I was "tanking." It may not seem but it is because they were still clumped together during the SS. What killed me was those shadow attacks. IGN: Fraudulent
  7. Well, you can still get on with your 1 fps. I cant get on at all!
  8. Good luck to those are are doing Manuk =x My laptop crashed so I wont be able to get on for some time.
  9. Congrats to all the winners and those who participated.
  10. Very nice, its good to hear that the population if finally growing at a faster rate. Congrats to those who were part of it.
  11. Y u do dis? So no more B&b? Sad face.
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