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  1. Fraudulent

    Nenkaras (Non-WoE) Proudly corrupting minds since 2011!

    Here's a name that I haven't seen in a long time.
  2. hola hermoso~

    1. Fraudulent


      Hi! How have you been?


  3. Fraudulent

    ~ Choice Shop ~

    Why I am not surprised to see you trading still?
  4. Fraudulent

    Fond Memories Brought Me Back

    Welcome back!
  5. Fraudulent

    Mark of the Elite: Open Recruitment!

    Why am I not surprised?
  6. Fraudulent

    Pictures Of Players

    Picure of Pyong and I drunk last night for his birthday
  7. Fraudulent

    Players you miss, and why?

    What's good, Rimz? Hit me up so we can catch up.
  8. Fraudulent

    +7 Valk Helm [1] +7 Sleips [1]

    Just give them to me.
  9. Fraudulent

    Hey everybody

    First and foremost, welcome to TalonRO! I believe you would enjoy your time here. You noted that you've been playing since 11 years old but you didn't really give an age reference (or years/date of playing) so it was hard for me to gauge on the timeframe that you've actually been playing RO... But I digress... How to play "proper" RO on private servers is subjective, given that each server has their own unique environment and style so give yourself more credit. Though, I am sure this community will help out if you ask on !main. You can also check out TalonRO's wiki page for more info. Again, welcome!
  10. Fraudulent

    ~ Choice's Big Sale ~