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  1. So there is a thing with gunslinger color theme. Most of the palette sets are just repeating each other. In few pelettes color of shoulders change, but that color never appears other time :c For example, I've seen skin with White shoulders/outline and grayish outfit color. While there is deep blue outfit with golden outline. I would love to combine white and blue but sadly, we can't choose customize by parts. Another thing I noticed that the most of the colors do not have PecoPeco color. It's solid black.
  2. Nikslg

    Rate your leecher!

    Leech Information 1. Date of leech: 10-03-2018 2. Name of leecher: ~McGroggy 3. Price and Duration: 2,5m for 1 hour. I paid additional 100k because I felt like it, for finishing my leveling, which took 8 minutes. 4. Map of Leech: abbey03 5. Experience Gained: 212,447,808 EXP (exp shoes and 2 of Hand Made chocolate were used) during one hour + 14,144,971 (during the last 8 minutes without bonus exp, someone was messing around with safe spot) 226,592,779 (total) Base levels: 95,5 to 99NT Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5 7. Professionalism: 5 8. Effectiveness: 5 General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Truly 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Compared to others, I would say it was quite cheap for me. 11. Additional comments: Good person, gives you HIS exp boots for leveling. Brings leafs to revive you. Surprised nobody made a review.
  3. Nikslg

    New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    If that the answer about my "p.s." part, then I am sorry. You don't have to add new job classes, that's just a mere suggestion, cus sometimes extra stats would help. Also, I met some people that though that Gunslinger can rebirth, so that also would fix this for them. The idea of previous post is to give weapons like "Altea & Ares" from rebellion job to gunslinger job, and the same with Kagero/Oboro exclusive weapons, I am pretty sure there are some.
  4. Nikslg

    New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    Well, since TalonRO doesn't have Rebellions/Kagero classes. They could get weapons that were created for those classes instead since content from renewal patches (locations/items) is rebalanced to fit pre-renewal server. Or maybe gears that can be used only for those classes. Kinda like ones at BG. P.S. Or maybe just allow people to be "High Ninja/Gunslinger"? I know that sounds strange, but that could make it so those classes will get more stats allowing them to have vary their builds even more.
  5. Many people enjoy playing as Ninjas and Gunslingers. But cruel reality shows that in the end they wont be as good as HW or Snipers. And since there wont be any plans for Rebirth or second jobs for them, i'd like to ask GM's to give some love to those classes. I mean, some players want to try GMC as those, but very often cant make it because damage output is way different. Like some Gunslingers (maybe some best geared can) wont be able to match the damage Snipers can do with their aspd even if you are spamming rapid shower. This is probably going to get rejected but I wanted to try it. P.S. still glad Gunslingers got elemental ammo, that's still Something.
  6. Nikslg

    new content

    It would be nice if they revived Aldebaran Races with new content. Seriously, those games were fun to play in past. Now it's all empty...
  7. Nikslg

    Remove Death in Poring Catch

    Like hell it was Implemented. Yesterday we died again.
  8. Nikslg

    Add "item buyers" list to Shops

    Yes, and since we Don't have it anymore. My idea was to give an option at least to see what people are willing to buy. Just there are tons of shops and some quite rare buyer shops in cities, it's pain running around every city looking for them just to check what Items people want to buy.
  9. Nikslg

    Add "item buyers" list to Shops

    The point of idea was to show what people usually buy. In past we could use search buyers in Payon/Prontera/etc using this site. Now we can't and that's why I had idea to show total amount of each item being in those kid of buyers shops.
  10. Nikslg

    Add "item buyers" list to Shops

    I think I am not the only one who usually getting troubles with "what should i farm"? I know some high level people that usually getting stuck with max level and nothing to do but repeat "cake run". So, my suggestion is to show Items that people want to buy the most. Some new people are used to farm strawberries (usually ones that start at ant hell because of Tutorial Skip) But I sometimes there are no merchants to buy it. So, they are left out with tons of strawberries and no money, because they are just started and didn't make Merchant yet. So... "item buyers" is basically old feature like "show buyers in City" but for overall, and only items. example: 4 people are willing to buy 2000 cakes each. So that list would show: "Piece of cake (8000)" So people would know what to farm. I'm sorry if this sounded confusing. P.S. I know that I based whole idea on cakes...
  11. Nikslg

    Expanded Second Class for Ninja and Gunslinger

    They are good, that's no doubt. But i am pretty sure that people like me would like to be able to hunt solo at thor and etc as those two. As i stated above. I dont really care about other classes because i saw them killing MvP solo at official servers of different countries. Rebel is not finished either (or atleast i can judge that from info i found), that's why i got this idea. To be fair, Gunslinger is a good class, but if you are trying to be an MvP killer as you can be with Taekwon Kid (i know few taekwon leaders from past that were able to do that), there appears to be a problem. You wont get really high HP as if it was some tank melee class. And there is no doubt that you might never get the same raw damage as you can deal with Sniper. Sure Desperado rules, but when you get closer to the target, you might get insta-kill. Some people say that you should switch to Shotgun because of it. Then another problem comes named "reload".
  12. Reason why I decided to post is because rule said no third class. And this one isn't third class. anyway. Most of gunslinger/ninja users are pretty much know that no matter how you player you are barely able to keep up with endgame tier unless you got a priest for yourself. I was against third prof myself, but its kinda sad that those 2 can't really keep up due to stat limit. I mean look at sniper for example. sniper is able to deal 10k without even using a skill. and monk ofc is the one of strongest if not the strongest with his move. before posting I've read about other gunslinger requests. we ain't getting elemental bullets, we ain't getting anything. so why can't we have those 2 classes as if it was trans class? sure, it could cause other imbalances but as talk to says "nothing is impossible" then we should get a chance to stand up against.
  13. Desperado is basically an melee damage skill.Will EarthDeleter Card work with it?Or because TalonRO is semi-renewal it wont work?
  14. Hello, My girlfriend recently started having issues about talonexe.exe. Once she press "start" logo of talonro just freezes and file doesnt changes. I heard that you can fix it in direct X settings. how can i access them?