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  1. ^Thank you for this @DoucheEnrique! I have learned things in this video which deserve mentioning in the guide (you may have not noticed some of them). I will update the guide inserting these details and expanding it more. Allow me guys for some time.
  2. Boy, @GM Seiren and @GM Boreas sure are working their assess off right now fixing bugs and stuff for our Iduna patch. Filled my account notifications of only from both of them. We really do appreciate the effort! 

    And this wouldn't be possible without our beta testers as well. Kudos to them.

    No emoticon fits this feeling of gratitude. 

    1. GM Phoenix

      GM Phoenix

      It's definitely a lot of work! Thank you for such kind words, it's greatly appreciated and cherished. We're always working hard to bring the best possible experience for you, the players. :)

  3. We'd then be anticipating streamed videos and screenies from our testers
  4. Well, tbh, I appreciated it. It improved the guide and leads the readers more correctly. It's always better seen early than late.
  5. di yan Pinoy pre, pinagtitripan lng tyo nyan hahaha!
  6. Langya! Nahulog ako sa kinauupuan ko! ROFL
  7. Pareng @sto0g3sz, i'm sure pinagtatawanan n tayo ni @GM Seiren sa harap ng desk or phone nya. Lakas mantrip And, I see @GM Mikzie also chiming in.
  8. YAN ay mananatiling misteryo na babagabag sa ating isipan habang-buhay
  9. Ghaspar

    Raw Blue Gems

    All Your Raw Blue Gems for 650k each.
  10. Hi @~Lunox!!! Nice seeing you landing in here
  11. That was a typo. I have missed to put OHP (Off Hand Penalty %) which has to be added. Also, the 0.80 is not fixed, it should be replaced as OHP as well. The formula has been revised accordingly. Apologies for that. (Been working on my monthly report when I did that ) The Revised Formula then is: Damage Output = (MC+1*MH+OHP*OH)*EP*[OHP+(0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level)] Let's apply that, shall we? Using the same weapons, Main Gauche and Jujube Dagger Off Hand Level 1: (171+1*43+0.40*39)*2*[0.40+(0.29-0.07*1)] Damage Output = 284 Double Attack = 568 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 563 Off Hand Level 2: (171+1*43+0.50*39)*2*[0.50+(0.29-0.07*2)] Damage Output = 303 Double Attack = 606 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 603 Off Hand Level 3: (171+1*43+0.60*39)*2*[0.60+(0.29-0.07*3)] Damage Output = 322 Double Attack = 644 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 643 Off Hand Level 4: (171+1*43+0.70*39)*2*[0.70+(0.29-0.07*4)] Damage Output = 342 Double Attack = 684 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 683 Off Hand Level 5: (171+1*43+0.80*39)*2*[0.80+(0.29-0.07*5)] Damage Output = 362 Double Attack = 724 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 722 Off Hand (Level 1 to Level 4) Screenshots (Level 5 already done in the guide above) Now, that's as close as I can get. Me neither . But this is the Equation of Element Multiplier Penalty I got to get the best results. At least we got it. THAT was just plain wrong. I stand corrected, and I appreciated the analysis you've given. Made look into it. Guide Updated.
  12. Hi Brother @Phanman & @DoucheEnrique! Formula for Off Hand Elemental Property Multiplier has been updated: Off Hand (Level 1 to Level 4) Screenshots (Level 5 already done in the guide above) Observations: Off Hand (Level 1) Mastered only 40% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 563 Off Hand (Level 2) Mastered only 50% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 603 Off Hand (Level 3) Mastered only 60% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 643 Off Hand (Level 4) Mastered only 70% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 683 Off Hand (Level 5) Mastered only 80% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 722 Equipping the Elemental Weapon in the Off Hand is still beneficial, carrying the Element multiplier over to the overall damage output. However, since you have not mastered that side of your hand (which you never will, given 80% even at max), the innately-endowed Element Property of that weapon will suffer a certain factor of: 0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level. The Revised Formula when Elemental Weapon is equipped in the Off Hand then is: Damage Output = (MC+1*MH+OHP*OH)*EP*[OHP+(0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level)] Note: Guide has been edited accordingly.
  13. maybe citing a sample computation will help us understand what you were exactly thinking. Just to note: the game actually obliges you to maximize Hands mastery to avoid the said penalties. And, c'mon guys, the topic is already complicated. Let's not make it more complicated to avoid readers confusion. 😉
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