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  1. New Content? /omg

    Why u do this? /sob

    Seriously, I can't focus on my day job. /sob/sob/sob

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      It's okay. Just take the no sleep path when you finished day work /gg

  2. Back to being the JuperMan!!!


  3. MVP-ing Kiel-D-01 /no1


  4. Since Tam-Tam's Odyssey regions include Kiel's Robot Factory, why don't we try killing MVP Kiel-D-01. /no1


  5. Deeply saddened by the loss. 😥

    He's been a great inspiration and will surely be missed! 


  6. Currently in the slums of Lighthalzen /wah


  7. Shoutout to my friend @khrei!

    Your boy, AK, almost got the TWT LCQ championship. I was rooting for him. Congrats to both for a well-played game! 

    Video > TWT LCQ Grand Finals - Bilal vs. AK


    1. khrei


      yea i saw it ady :D

  8. When no one's there to compete with you, you reap everything to yourself. As always, chillin' with Vespy. /gawi


  9. I desperately want to join this. But damn, how do I subtly persuade my wife that I use the oven? What's more is it's tRO-themed. Waaaaah! If ever I couldn't, I'd love to see our fellow Talonians' creations. Make 'em lovely, humurous, despicable, etc.
  10. I am very pleased to see this charity event. The forest fires in the Amazon is very disturbing, which if not ceased, could take away 20% of the earth's oxygen producer. Please do donate.
  11. somewhere . . .


    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Wow! I love the penmanship /fsh

  12. has just been deployed to a new construction site. still no computers, and poor internet connection.

    Good Heavens, have mercy on me /sob

    1. Rikki


      Oh good lord! You now lack one of the basic needs to survive (internet XD). How are you coping up? /sob 

    2. Ghaspar


      by just my mobile phone. /sob

  13. Too bad I can only thank @GM Seiren and the entire GM team working on the bug fixes once on this post (More Iduna bugfixes). I wanted give it 3 Thanks! /thx/thx/thx

    1. GM Phoenix

      GM Phoenix

      You're very welcome! :)

    2. Ghaspar


      Thanks @GM Phoenix and @GM Boreas /thx

      Those Forums Notifications popping up on my screen is a delight and gratifying to watch. /ok

  14. Finally, it's my Off Day! 🤩 And wifey's not here to compete with the Desktop. 😅


  15. I thought I'll be teaching a class today. But why hasn't anyone attended? /swt/pif


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