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  1. Uhmm... instead of suggesting a costume which is already available in the slotted mids, and since the original suggestion only benefits the GS class (which ofc devalues the already available mids), why not then, if I may, suggest the scouter be customizable (like that of PCB) with an additional fee.
  2. Hi Billy, welcome to the server! 😊 Since you're a hunter, a soon-to-be Sniper, you'll have no problem in achieving your goals: explore all of Midgard. Snipers are in great demand in every party which will greatly help you in your journey. be able to MVP, something I've never been able to do. You are one of the deadliest damage dealers in a party. The MVP pop-up will be yours. gather inspiration to write a server based fan fiction with characters being based off of people I meet in game. I see you don't have a problem on this. and have fun! That is most certainly to happen. Enjoy and see you in-game (when I get back from hiatus, that is 😅). Cheers!
  3. somewhere . . .


    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Wow! I love the penmanship /fsh

  4. has just been deployed to a new construction site. still no computers, and poor internet connection.

    Good Heavens, have mercy on me /sob

    1. Rikki


      Oh good lord! You now lack one of the basic needs to survive (internet XD). How are you coping up? /sob 

    2. Ghaspar


      by just my mobile phone. /sob

  5. However, if you're communicating to someone in the same map, you could use the map channel. Someone correct me please, but if I remember this correctly - the English restriction is only at Main.
  6. Commission Update: Done a commission for Michael. Details: Emblem: Griffin Concept: Griffin Team of League of Legends. Griffin logo with cast shadow on a shiny orange plate. Incorporated the G initial. Duration: 80mins. This is now hanged in the Done Commission banners. Want yours too? Just PM me up. 😉
  7. A: The Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster, perhaps. Q: Rate from 1 to 10 the quality of your fart you've liberated from confinement this morning. 1 to be the worst and 10 be the best. Why is that?
  8. Thanks, Toki 😃 I'll always keep updating the thread.
  9. The Featured Guild of the day is “The GM Team” E M B L E M D E T A I L S Emblem: GM Team 1 Emblem: GM Team 2 Emblem: GM Team 3 & 4 Concept: Tam-Tam with GM logo using tRO logo color palettes. Concept: The Ban Hammer with the word BAN as a logo using tRO logo color palettes Concept: The GM logo is tied by a ribbon on a plate having the GM Team's uniform colors. Duration: 90 mins. Duration: 90 mins. Duration: 100 mins. My color reference for Emblems GM Team 3 & 4 is Boreas: Watch out for your guild. Yours might be next! My personal favorite woud be GM Team 4 Emblem. 😊 Cheers! For now, this will be hanged in one of my emblem banners.
  10. Adding 3 more emblems on my hanged banners 😃 Details: Emblem: Pulse Rates 1 & 2 Concept: Make an emblem for Pulse Rates. Good for a guild named "Pulse" or anything related to it. I made 2 themes; Black Pulse with Red Background, and a Red Pulse with Black Background. Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, reference search, and design editing. Emblem: Butterfly Concept: A beautiful blue butterfly having half of its body frozen in a blue crystal. Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, reference search, and design editing. Hope you liked it! 😊
  11. Oh, well, so here it goes! 😊🖐️ Good morning, everyone! ⛅⛅⛅
  12. LoL @Rikki! Alright. But not today. Maybe the day after tomorrow. 😅 Watch out for that
  13. It was alryt @Rikki. As for me, this is the only Forum Section where I haven't been in. A few times maybe. It's actually nice to see Players' pics. Hesitant to upload one though. 😊
  14. The guild has been featured in my art corner. 😊
  15. The Featured Guild of the day is “Crimson” E M B L E M D E T A I L S Concept: The Red/Crimson Butterfly boasts its reflected beauty on an opaque glass which leaves us in adornment. Two glasses were used, namely Blue and Red. The guild uses the initials “Cr” and had incorporated it accordingly into the glass. Duration: 100mins. for thinking of the concept, looking for references, and editing. Watch out for your guild. Yours might be next! Personally, I'm pleased with the results. 😊 Cheers! For now, this will be hanged in one of my emblem banners.
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