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  1. A moment of thought:

    The world is governed by the rich and wealthy. Ironically, this has been utterly exposed by the current pandemic crisis. 

    The world immediately has become very concerned when the wealthy is shaken. They invest for the cure, do whatever they can to stop the virus growing exponentially.

    However, there is a virus called "Hunger," "Famine." The cure is "Food." Sadly, while this is true, the world doesn't bother as much. Because, it doesn't affect the rich.

  2. H a p p y   E i d ! ! !

    To All Muslim Talonians


  3. So this is how a CARD looks like now when it's dropped. Cool!




  4. New Content? /omg

    Why u do this? /sob

    Seriously, I can't focus on my day job. /sob/sob/sob

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      It's okay. Just take the no sleep path when you finished day work /gg

  5. Back to being the JuperMan!!!


  6. MVP-ing Kiel-D-01 /no1


  7. Since Tam-Tam's Odyssey regions include Kiel's Robot Factory, why don't we try killing MVP Kiel-D-01. /no1


  8. Deeply saddened by the loss. 😥

    He's been a great inspiration and will surely be missed! 


  9. Currently in the slums of Lighthalzen /wah


  10. Shoutout to my friend @khrei!

    Your boy, AK, almost got the TWT LCQ championship. I was rooting for him. Congrats to both for a well-played game! 

    Video > TWT LCQ Grand Finals - Bilal vs. AK


    1. khrei


      yea i saw it ady :D

  11. When no one's there to compete with you, you reap everything to yourself. As always, chillin' with Vespy. /gawi


  12. I desperately want to join this. But damn, how do I subtly persuade my wife that I use the oven? What's more is it's tRO-themed. Waaaaah! If ever I couldn't, I'd love to see our fellow Talonians' creations. Make 'em lovely, humurous, despicable, etc.
  13. I am very pleased to see this charity event. The forest fires in the Amazon is very disturbing, which if not ceased, could take away 20% of the earth's oxygen producer. Please do donate.
  14. somewhere . . .


    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Wow! I love the penmanship /fsh

  15. has just been deployed to a new construction site. still no computers, and poor internet connection.

    Good Heavens, have mercy on me /sob

    1. Rikki


      Oh good lord! You now lack one of the basic needs to survive (internet XD). How are you coping up? /sob 

    2. Ghaspar


      by just my mobile phone. /sob

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