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  1. Ghaspar

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    Wow! Bro, this put a smile on my face this morning! I haven't seen this before. Great idea!
  2. I have my main account only for my Whitesmith. The reason behind is that when my other character reaches lvl 85 I can just leech him to 99 while I farm. And in my farm spot, the mob allows me to use frilldora to cloak the characters I leech. Saves me the effort, time, buying leech service, and economically efficient since I earn while leveling. The only drawback is that I have to do the seal quests for each which I'd be favorable of anyways. Just my personal preference. Pros: Screenie all your main characters at once. Cons: Can't do the above
  3. Ghaspar

    Card chance to proc

    watching these two, @howrah & @DoucheEnrique doing their tests, while I grind my hours here doing this work with utmost boredom makes me wonder why the hell don't i have this luxurious time nowadays. irl is taking a toll on me. by the way, if the crit rate did not stack, that alone explains a lot. only 1 card is activated at a time. at least this number is clearly visible in our stats. proc chance isn't. so, it's safe to say that with 2 vanberks you have a better chance of getting +100 crit bonus by having 2 rolls of independent proc chance activating just 1 card at a time. nice work!
  4. Yes, a Whitesmith can solo the Queen!


    Queen Scaraba!

    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      Oh, I thought you meant *Da Kween*

      Getting past all those Ugandan Knuckles spitting at you is the hardest part

    2. Ghaspar


      Indeed, it is. However, as a Whitesmith utilizing Bapho with Sniper the mob actually is my friend. The more they are, the better survivalibity I will have.

  5. Ghaspar

    The most horror monster you ever met?

    nothing is more terrifying than when i see 10 missed calls from my wife. I cannot even imagine the horror that awaits me.
  6. Ghaspar

    bad confessions

    well, let me try... I was 9, and while in school my 3 classmates played poking my back multiple times provoking me to guess who the f*** is poking. Alas to the 3, I had enough. I grabbed my pen, removed its cover, and stabbed them hard in their legs. We all got detention.
  7. Ghaspar

    Item Over Price

    I always see market fluctuations as an opportunity and do trading discreetly. there was a time when I bought all bone plates at 8m each and vend them 12m each because this item does not have a fixed item price and can be determined only on who vended it first, and the price war proceeds after. I got considerable profit for it.
  8. Ghaspar

    Nightmare map for Magma and niff

    Nightmare Juperos Core, please! And, it should be activated in the elevator itself!
  9. Ghaspar

    New Player

    Now all newbies coming next to him will be doing the same thing, especially when it's tolerated Welcome to the server anyway!
  10. Ghaspar

    Weapon upgrade

    are the weapons somehow equipped on you? the weapons to be upgraded should be in your inventory, not worn/equipped.
  11. Ghaspar

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    why oh why? I haven't told you yet how to mob there like SB Champ but anyways, I'd also love to have one SB champ to serve as a tank for my friends! 😃
  12. Ghaspar

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Both @khrei and @~Lunox are among my close friends here at TalonRO! And I follow both guides. I will also read Kels'.
  13. Ghaspar

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Hi @Goyu, I've been planning to make SB Champ and I will definitely make this guide of yours as a reference. Cheers
  14. Missed everyone here in this lonely dungeon! /ok /no1