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  1. Testing out my new Mjolnir.

    The Bishop Has Fallen!20299759_FallenBishopHibram.thumb.jpg.1d2e76d2145578ed7161a88ac724687b.jpg

  2. The quite unexplored WhiteSmith Class needs more love. 😔


  3. Unboxing My Trick or Treat Box! Not much! /hmm/swt1223665708_UnboxingToT1.jpg.5cdb5dd641294ca82a2ac6b94d3d8730.jpg

  4. Just when I thought I'm alone again in the dungeon, look who I came across to /heh


    and THIS <<< forum post was way back 2 years ago. time flies really fast, bro @Jailbroken. too bad @~Lunoxisn't here.

    1. Jailbroken


      Good to see you bro! Thanks for your help bro! That was quick! Unfortunately, i had very bad connection ☹️

    2. ~Lunox


      Sorry i am hiatus guys , enjoy the game 😀

  5. Irony is when you've obtained 5 Frus Cards and only 1 Earring [1] /hmm/swt


  6. IGN: Ghaspar Word Count: 200 Entry No. 2 The Ceiling
  7. IGN: Ghaspar Word Count: 200 Entry No. 1 The Bloody Murderer
  8. Finally evolved my pet. /swt


    1. Mellodas_co.


      Hey man, this might be a silly question but I'll appreciate if you can answer. Can evolved pets be traded with other players or be transferred to your other chars? 

    2. Ghaspar


      2038992101_PetCannotBeTraded1.jpg.4aa86068c4a069a3717e0375ddc0d80b.jpg 666732383_PetCannotBeTraded2.jpg.8c09d6889bd5aa410bae2a5eb703694d.jpg

      Tried it (above).

      Nope. Evolved Pets are yours alone. 

    3. Mellodas_co.


      Alrighty! so it is character bound then, good to know for future reference! Thank you 😁

  9. Reluctantly, just created my YouTube channel /swt. Not sure when 1st vid will be uploaded. No current plans at all. 😅

    1. Zeiniru


      Go for it im going to watch ur vid when its out /ok

    2. Ghaspar


      I want the vids to not just be a "watch me play" type. I don't want to disappoint, even myself. Hopefully, it will be something the audience will have a lot to learn from, not just plainly showing off.

  10. 5 pcs +7 Dragon Manteaus look promising to get at least 1 pc of +8. Got too greedy and tried it. Viola /! 

    They just turned to nothing /heh

  11. A moment of thought:

    The world is governed by the rich and wealthy. Ironically, this has been utterly exposed by the current pandemic crisis. 

    The world immediately has become very concerned when the wealthy is shaken. They invest for the cure, do whatever they can to stop the virus growing exponentially.

    However, there is a virus called "Hunger," "Famine." The cure is "Food." Sadly, while this is true, the world doesn't bother as much. Because, it doesn't affect the rich.

  12. H a p p y   E i d ! ! !

    To All Muslim Talonians


  13. So this is how a CARD looks like now when it's dropped. Cool!




  14. New Content? /omg

    Why u do this? /sob

    Seriously, I can't focus on my day job. /sob/sob/sob

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      It's okay. Just take the no sleep path when you finished day work /gg

  15. Back to being the JuperMan!!!


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