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  1. ^this and eden quests as well.
  2. Whenever we make a new topic, we are given the option to either make a content or a poll; never both of them at the same time. Sometimes, I really wanted to make my topic interactive with the readers getting feedback from them through a poll. With that said, can we add a poll as an added option in the content? (as shown in the image below) Note: The Poll-exclusive topic can be kept.
  3. Ghaspar

    Dokebi Horn [1] change

    If implemented, we'll see a baphomet user spalshing gold coins all over. Makes me think where the hell did the Rake Scarabas get their money from?
  4. C'mon, guys! I'm sure there will be suggestions that the GMs pay more attention to than those that just requires our little due diligence.
  5. Been playing RO since I was 19 and never played any other MMORPG ever since. Tried many private servers and since I joined tRO, I also never bothered looking at any other servers ever since. It's been great in here.
  6. Ghaspar

    Infinite Fly Wing Box

    I think your suggestion @wobi~ should be to make the Infinite Fly Wing on time-consumption basis rather than a day-duration basis. This way the wing will only expire once you used up all the time logged in. Whatcha think?
  7. Of my 6 years being here, this is the first time I'm participating in a Forum Event. LoL! /heh

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    2. Ghaspar


      Thanks, @GM Spica! Looking forward to it. /no1

    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      Fair enough.
      In my 30 years of life, I have yet to taste $70 ramen 😧

    4. Ghaspar


      I would also love to have that. /slur But anyhow, since I can cook just fine, I'll try to make one in the weekend /no1

  8. IGN: Ghaspar Word Count: 2,500 GM Challenges: GM Lance GM Seiren GM Haru GM Neza
  9. @DeliciousGreenApple I'd be a selfish Dark Lord, snap my finger turning myself into the figure of her fiance. You know what comes next. Bwahaha! But, nice one.
  10. Goodness gracious! Mine exceeds the 2500 word limit count and wouldn't do justice if reduced. I'm in dilemma. Haha!
  11. you will be able to hold more than a billion raw zeny.
  12. SQIs will be Malangdo-enchantable
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