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  1. Ghaspar

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Hi @Goyu, I've been planning to make SB Champ and I will definitely make this guide of yours as a reference. Cheers
  2. Missed everyone here in this lonely dungeon! /ok /no1


  3. To say that the server isn't as active or glorious as it was is subjective. The server itself keeps on improving and updating new stuff to encourage players in playing the game. The GM Team is doing a good job in keeping the server alive and healthy. I, myself, came from a hiatus of almost 3 years and am very glad to still play the game as it used to be. I see new players around and the market has changed as well. That being said, Ragnarok Online has been released in 2002 which means that the players of this game right now are middle-aged men who are now busy with their own lives, families, career, and other priorities on which TalonRO was once squeezed in one of these. What we need to do is be optimistic, create and make new goals (as for me is making a Champ ) and promote tRO to new players and encourage younger ones. And, as @GM Seiren had suggested, make positive reviews in RMS to keep our no. 1 spot in the top servers list. Being advertised as the top server helps a lot and you often see this being mentioned in the Introductions Section of this forum when a new player arrives. What excites me now is the re-vamping of SQIs!
  4. Ghaspar

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    Added Hwergelmir's Tonic (Dex+10)
  5. Ghaspar

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    PMed you 😉
  6. Ghaspar

    Voting Anomaly

    Where the hell is the Bus???
  7. Ghaspar

    Khrei's Leech Service

    1 - started making a Taekwon to eventually sell leech as a StarGlad in DG. 2 - saw @khrei's post of selling leech. 3 - deleted the character. 4 - bump for my good old friend here.
  8. Ghaspar

    holy element buff?

    or just use holy marching hat for convenience and you will not run out of Aspersio. The Aspersio's proc rate of this hat is good. Just slap a BK card to cope up with the damage you lost for not using LKH. Switching headgears can be a bother.
  9. Ghaspar

    Need help vampsmith skills

    but... there are just maps where a Sinx or a Stalker dares not lurk. 😜
  10. Ghaspar

    Need help vampsmith skills

    Okay bro, here goes my screenshots 1st & 2nd Screenshot - Without Meltdown. Damage taken is 200-240ish 3rd Screenshot - With Meltdown Activated. Damage received from a number of mobs becomes 130-150ish Hope this helped!
  11. Ghaspar

    Need help vampsmith skills

    it looks as if it does, bro all damage i receive decreases (the red numbers) when i'm on meltdown mode compared to when i'm not. i'll verify this and take screenshots when i get in to my desk
  12. Ghaspar

    DBSS vs DBSnSn vs DBSnS

    I prefer not to put them together for you will not benefit much in each of their use. Either use SnSn to maximize life steal or SS to maximize damage, something in between is less beneficial. I, for one, am using Mjol with 1 Sn and I find it a little less effective than having 2 on orcish axe when it comes to life steal, but overall performance Mjol is my weapon of preference due to its damage and bonuses. more damage more life stolen, more mobs killed (more loots) in even lesser time compared to OA[4]. So, for me, if you're using OA, stick with either SnSn or SS, not mixing them with each other.
  13. Ghaspar

    TBT - Throwback Thursday

    and those are the prices when I made my +10 VF[2], and when i came back from hiatus i was like
  14. Ghaspar

    TBT - Throwback Thursday

    Hunting Dragon Fly for that Clip[1] which was 300k each back in 2013
  15. Ghaspar

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: A 26-episode action series starred by Steven Seagal. Q: My cat crawls like a gator when seeking for a mate. What's a funny thing your pet does?