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  1. Ghaspar

    Hello, Main ~

    Really? Never had an intro before @L e e? I would love to see you in-game but I'm currently not capable of playing that long anymore. I hope I could bump into you soon! 😉 25? still really young 😁
  2. Ghaspar

    Enjoying my LK

    oh that? 😅 I actually never played my LK till it got to Trans 99/70. Low level leeched it and when it got to 85, I leeched it again while farming my WS in Juperos Core till the LK gets to 99/70. But if I'd share how my WS got to 99, I remembered I just stayed in Sleepers, then Geff or Niff. I personally didn't like Magma Dungeon. I tried the typical Vamp - didn't like it. Only when I became 99 did I start taking risks.
  3. Ghaspar

    Enjoying my LK

    comment deleted 😊
  4. Ghaspar

    Enjoying my LK

    I've done enough farming in Juperos. So, while my WS is in idle I've tried playing my LK alternative in Abyss, and boy, this LK is fun. It's been a long time since I played this LK in other servers. I've been a Lord Knight in all servers I played in and only in TalonRO I've decided to be a WS Main. It's such a fresh breeze of air. I'm really enjoying this 😉
  5. The health of a server is also somehow impacted by the players' optimism. The players encouragement is contributed greatly also by the players themselves. Be negative, let's not.
  6. FREE EMBLEM: Yes, it's free! This is my way of greeting TalonRO a Happy New Year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, TALONRO!!! 🍻🥂🍻🥂 Details: Emblem: 2020 Concept: A calendar-like emblem reflecting the year to come with our beloved server's initial on top. 😊 Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, searching for references, and design. The Challenge: None for now. This is from the heart of my bottom, a giveaway. 😃 Grab it here in the Discord Channel Link >>> FREE EMBLEM HERE!!! I hope you like it! 😊
  7. Convert it to the following through Reward Guru: Talon Coin = This is THE tradable/vendable item. If you want to trade it to other players. Talon Cash = Non-tradable item. This is used for buying items in the Talon Shop. Conversion Rate = as explained by GM Boreas above. Simple 😊
  8. 1. Congratulate thyself! You have just joined the best, long-running, stable and balanced server available. Kudos to you! 2. If you could, be social – join a guild, a party, random runs, chat, etc., or initiate/lead it yourself. 3. If you couldn’t, don’t be dismay, some adventures are worth doing alone. 4. Build genuine friendships. Getting better at the game comes from information and experience. This is best acquired through/with friends. Learn from them. 5. Don’t get carried away by peer pressure. Play at your own pace. You have your own IRL issues. Prioritize that. You’ll enjoy the game more this way. 6. Farming does not make you rich. It is what you do with what has been earned that will. Let the zeny work for you, and not the other way around. 7. Just because the mainstream suggests a specific spot is the best farm spot doesn’t mean it is so for you. Believe me, the most lucrative places are kept secret by the benefiting few. Find yours. 8. An established META doesn’t mean it will be for you. Learn from the idea and work your way to find the play-style that suits you best. 9. It’s OK to admit you don’t know than not learning it at all. Ask. 10. When something new, outside of the majority’s knowledge, is discovered, don’t get too excited. Ponder on it first if the information is worth sharing or just keep it to yourself. 11. Don’t beg for fame. 12. Don't cheat. Yes, you might get away with one or two, but you are depriving yourself of the sense of fulfillment. 13. Don’t get too worked out in your goals. Emptiness follows a goal achieved. 14. Workout. It’s just an hour or less. You need it. Do it prior to playing tRO. 15. Give away stuff only the ones you never care to see again. 16. Wear a costume. 17. Keep a pen beside you. There will be prompting ideas that are worth noting. 18. Be a keen market observer. 19. Got a talent? Share it. It can also be lucrative. 20. Join Forum Events. 21. Donate. The server needs you.
  9. I like the enthusiasm. I also hope to see you @Scherie in game 😊.
  10. Emblem Update: Emblem 216 - Santa Poring is added MERRY CHRISTMAS, TALONRO!!! 🍻🥂🍻🥂 Details: Emblem: Santa Poring Concept: It's Christmas, so why not make a Santa Poring for the festivities. 😊 Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, searching for references, and design. The Challenge: Incoporate a santa hat on a cute poring. This will now be hanged in my Emblem Banners as part of the 200 Series. I hope you like it! 😊
  11. Ghaspar

    BG Costumes

    I'm looking into getting involved in BG and the costumes is a good addition for player-luring strategy and encouragement. If these costumes can somehow be bought through another player, then I'd never consider playing BG. Also, going through the painstaking grind gives the player bragging rights in obtaining these - a symbol, a manifestation of one's incredible feat. Let the discouraged ones be discouraged is typically what the achievers would say.
  12. sounds fun. i might immerse myself on these adventures as well.
  13. Ghaspar


    As requested, the guild feature in my art thread had been removed. 😊 Cheers!
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