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  1. Because Sharp-Shooting with Bragi is life
  2. I thought I'll be teaching a class today. But why hasn't anyone attended? /swt/pif


  3. Tam-Tam!!! What you doin' with @GM Spica?!!! IGN: Baby Ghaspy Medium: Graphite Pencil Paper: Yellow Sticker / Post-It Duration: 20 mins.
  4. Ghaspar

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    Added +7 Ancient Horns [1] - 49m
  5. To whom will the GM send the Talon Coins to, then? Nice artwork!
  6. The Cursed Brooch might be the culprit. Upon getting Cursed your LUK becomes 0 reducing your Crit rate by approximately 15 (based on your 45 LUK). Landing a Crit is further reduced by the High Orc's LUK of 40. Also, based on your equips, I can see you aim to go for the Morrigane's Set which means you're still missing the other 2 accessories, namely the Morrigane's Belt and Morrigane's Pendant before enjoying the set's Bonus Stats and Effects. I can judge by the equips you have where you are right now financially. I'd try completing the Morrigane's Set first and just improve the equips later on. Also, with that FLEE, I think you'd do good in Sleepers. Just have your weapon endowed by Fire, either from a Sage or from a Flame Elemental Converter. Good Luck!
  7. I'm following the thread, and so far, I'd say all artworks were nice and entertaining. And boy, someone really knows exactly where to put those cute poring smileys. 😅 Keep 'em coming!
  8. Ghaspar

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    Added +7 Mjolnir [DBSn] - 850m
  9. Invested 336m for 16 pcs. of Proxy Skin Fragments[1] to refine to +7. Ended up with, guess what?..... NOTHING! So, yeah, maybe you can try this up! Truly inspiring...
  10. any armor upgraded to +7 will have it's base price multiplied by 8-9 which will vary depending on market competition, supply and demand. Since this armor isn't easily available, I would expect the seller would sell it from 240m-280m, based on a 30m-35m base price.
  11. This was not in the list but I actually made a Quadruple Lucky Main Gauche and equips it while refining armors. Pumping up my Luck, I even cast Gloria.
  12. Ghaspar

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    What about implementing a Bill System? An NPC will convert the zennies into bills. It can be like the following: Each 1B z - 1 Billion Bill Each 1M z - 1 Million Bill Each 1000 z - 1 Thousand Bill Each 100 z - 1 Hundred Bill Each 10 z - 10 Bill Upon doing so, we will now be able to hold more than a billion zeny in our hands. Items valuing more than a billion may now be available in the market as a vended item. The vended items can now be bought in a system shown below:
  13. Ghaspar

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    It would really be better if we really can hold more than a billion. It will open doors to items previously unvendable to being vendable.
  14. Ghaspar

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    The server has been running since 2007. We don't have millionaires, we've got billionaires. Currently, attempting to breach this limit will get the deal cancelled, forcing the zeny holder to transfer funds somewhere, convert it into something, etc. Is it possible to change this limit? Post Iduna, perhaps? Note: This was asked with sincerity, not showing off.
  15. This, however, will somehow deprive the other person's privacy not letting him/her able to choose whether to befriend him/her in just one of his/her characters or not.
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