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  1. has just been deployed to a new construction site. still no computers, and poor internet connection.

    Good Heavens, have mercy on me /sob

    1. Rikki


      Oh good lord! You now lack one of the basic needs to survive (internet XD). How are you coping up? /sob 

    2. Ghaspar


      by just my mobile phone. /sob

  2. However, if you're communicating to someone in the same map, you could use the map channel. Someone correct me please, but if I remember this correctly - the English restriction is only at Main.
  3. Commission Update: Done a commission for Michael. Details: Emblem: Griffin Concept: Griffin Team of League of Legends. Griffin logo with cast shadow on a shiny orange plate. Incorporated the G initial. Duration: 80mins. This is now hanged in the Done Commission banners. Want yours too? Just PM me up. 😉
  4. A: The Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster, perhaps. Q: Rate from 1 to 10 the quality of your fart you've liberated from confinement this morning. 1 to be the worst and 10 be the best. Why is that?
  5. Thanks, Toki 😃 I'll always keep updating the thread.
  6. The Featured Guild of the day is “The GM Team” E M B L E M D E T A I L S Emblem: GM Team 1 Emblem: GM Team 2 Emblem: GM Team 3 & 4 Concept: Tam-Tam with GM logo using tRO logo color palettes. Concept: The Ban Hammer with the word BAN as a logo using tRO logo color palettes Concept: The GM logo is tied by a ribbon on a plate having the GM Team's uniform colors. Duration: 90 mins. Duration: 90 mins. Duration: 100 mins. My color reference for Emblems GM Team 3 & 4 is Boreas: Watch out for your guild. Yours might be next! My personal favorite woud be GM Team 4 Emblem. 😊 Cheers! For now, this will be hanged in one of my emblem banners.
  7. Adding 3 more emblems on my hanged banners 😃 Details: Emblem: Pulse Rates 1 & 2 Concept: Make an emblem for Pulse Rates. Good for a guild named "Pulse" or anything related to it. I made 2 themes; Black Pulse with Red Background, and a Red Pulse with Black Background. Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, reference search, and design editing. Emblem: Butterfly Concept: A beautiful blue butterfly having half of its body frozen in a blue crystal. Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, reference search, and design editing. Hope you liked it! 😊
  8. Oh, well, so here it goes! 😊🖐️ Good morning, everyone! ⛅⛅⛅
  9. LoL @Rikki! Alright. But not today. Maybe the day after tomorrow. 😅 Watch out for that
  10. It was alryt @Rikki. As for me, this is the only Forum Section where I haven't been in. A few times maybe. It's actually nice to see Players' pics. Hesitant to upload one though. 😊
  11. The guild has been featured in my art corner. 😊
  12. The Featured Guild of the day is “Crimson” E M B L E M D E T A I L S Concept: The Red/Crimson Butterfly boasts its reflected beauty on an opaque glass which leaves us in adornment. Two glasses were used, namely Blue and Red. The guild uses the initials “Cr” and had incorporated it accordingly into the glass. Duration: 100mins. for thinking of the concept, looking for references, and editing. Watch out for your guild. Yours might be next! Personally, I'm pleased with the results. 😊 Cheers! For now, this will be hanged in one of my emblem banners.
  13. Got my hands on another work. Details: Emblem: Spider Concept: A spider on a green-reflective surface. Duration: 90 mins. for thinking of concept, searching for references, and design. The Challenge: To make the spider cast a shadow underneath and make it look a 3D image. This will now be hanged in my Emblem Banners as part of the 200 Series. I hope you like it! 😊
  14. For my own personal pleasure, I will be featuring every now and then any one of the existing guilds of tRO. The Featured Guild of the day is “Sempiternal.” E M B L E M D E T A I L S Concept: The Guild name adapts the root word Eternal as a suffix; therefore, I used the Infinity symbol. And, since the guild name starts with the letter “S,” I rotated the Infinity symbol imitating the letter S. There are two parts of the vertically-erected Infinity symbol – the upper part, and the lower part faded mirror reflection. The upper part represents the organization, while the lower part represents the guild members on which without this faded mirror reflection, the guild will not form as a whole. Initial “S” had been inserted a bit unnoticeable, as intended. Duration: 100 mins. This breaks down in thinking of the concept, looking for references, and trial & error editing. Watch out for your guild. Yours might be next! Cheers! For now, this will be hanged in one of my emblem banners.
  15. Ghaspar

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    Added a link to my EMBLEM SHOP.
  16. Hello there! Please come in! Welcome to my humble shop. Well, what do you know? Yes, I also have an artistic side in me 😊. While my talent goes to traditional art IRL issues don’t allow me to sit and do my artwork unnoticeable, hence, I’m opting to express myself in making you guys guild emblems. Why the sudden endeavour? Family and work demands restrict me in playing for long hours like I did before. However, that doesn’t mean I will no longer play or do other tRO stuff. I see emblems in-game that is either poorly executed or were just copied from other sites. Anyway, since emblems are made in small pixels, it is easily understood that not everyone can make them or at least in a more sophisticated way. This made me thought of helping the community in producing new and innovative emblems. This way I’d still feel I’m contributing positively to tRO. I always try to make emblems to a high quality and to the best they possibly can. What’s cool about this art is that you can actually use the finish product in-game which may be a solid representation either of yourself or the guild. At the time being, why don’t you take a glance at my pre-made emblems and when you like one PM me here in the Forums. I’ll send them to you right away. Once the emblem is received, please send the payment through mail to my Super Baby (IGN: Baby Ghaspy) My pre-made emblems are priced to just your typical hourly farm rate which is 3m (or 3TC) and 5m (or 5TC) depending on the quality. F E A T U R E D All featured guild emblems were made just for my own pleasure and the respective guilds herein do not own these emblems, unless requested. So if you like to have these emblems, fee free to PM me and I'll send them to you. 😊 These are priced the same as the 200 Series above. Did you like the quality of my emblems but would like have yourself more than what is offered above, and wanted me to design an emblem specifically for you or your guild? G U I D E L I N E S Follow these steps: 1. Concept Tell me the Concept: a) What is the Subject? b) What is the Background? (if any) 2. Preparation I will prepare the requested emblem and if there is any specific change, please do tell and I will do it. Only when a customer is fully satisfied will I send the final product. If in case the requested concept cannot be reproduced to a 24x24 pixel emblem, we will make adjustments accordingly. 3. Payment Commissions will be charged 7m (or 7TC). Why not 6m? 2m additional to the already-available emblems will surely add encouragement and enthusiasm for me. 😃 Once the emblem is sent, please send the payment to my Super Baby (IGN: Baby Ghaspy) D O N E C O M M I S S I O N S Updates... For the time being, I'd be taking only 5 slots due to my hectic work schedule. I hope you understand. Slots Name Number of Requests Slot no. 1 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 2 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 3 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 4 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 5 -------------------------------------- Note: I don’t work on Fridays. Please give me this day for my family time. Thanks. I received the emblem, what happens next? G U I D E L I N E S Follow these steps: 1. Locate your TalonRO Main Folder and open it. 2. Inside this main folder, you should see a folder named “Emblem.” Open this and paste the emblem inside. 3. Log in your character who is the Guild Master of the guild. Press Alt+G to open up the Guild Window, and from there you can edit/change the emblem of your choice. All emblems available in step no. 2 above will appear as a selection choice. 4. That's it! Congratulations! You're good to go. 😊 Thank you for your time hopping in. I will keep adding pre-made emblems from time to time and will keep posting updates that hopefully you guys will enjoy. Don’t want to miss my updates? Just hit Follow button to keep you updated. If you like the content of this shop, a thumbs up would be nice. Cheers!
  17. While it's true that you won't be needing half a billion gears to farm at Geffenia, one should not shun away from dressing up your character to your satisfaction which is the sole purpose of farming anyway. As to why Stalkers opt to wield a Sherwood along with Sin-Xes wielding Brisingamens, it gives them better playstyle and convenience plus the sense of contentment that you are at your end game gears making one's farming more gratifying. Furthermore, a Brisingamen is a non-class specific SQI. Players do not use it only for the purpose of farming. It's a shared gear for all of his/her characters, especially the Sting-compounded ones. To simply put it, they gear up because they want to, and because they can. I prefer Geffenia, it's my go-to quick & chill farming map whenever I get the chance to.
  18. the mobs in there spam Soul Strikes. It's actually the reason people wear Bathory.
  19. which makes us wonder where he got that info from. and, removing any asset that generates money is a folly. If the server did get any benefit from the voting sites, that would definitely be traffic.
  20. the way i see this is - it was not an easy decision for the GM Team to finally remove this feature and to engage in the transition from eathena to rathena risking some players' displeasure, especially certainly finding some in-game/technical bugs (which is substantially getting or got fixed by now), which the server may end up losing some, in contrast to gaining some faithful-in-game players. often, the people who complain are the ones who are not actually playing and just waiting building up their accumulated Talon Coin treasure. for what use? well, just to accumulate them again in hopes that one day, some day, in the near or far future he/she might play again. I am someone who is not frequently active in-game and yet I am pleased with this change. Gives the server a promising future with active organic players. I would gladly let the server favor those who are actively playing.
  21. Pre-Iduna, the Bonus Bundle has a display icon alongside the skill icons. Post-Iduna, the said display icon is not present. Can we incorporate the display icon again? However, since this is a TalonRO-exclusive feature, can it have the following details: Make it a Captain TamTam-themed icon. I actually made this icon (just in case you want it. for free ofc). or Upon cursor pointing, it displays the expiry details. Double clicking (or Right clicking) it will display all the built-in features, i.e. commands. Maybe adding the Infinite Fly Wing?
  22. Ghaspar

    Infinite Fly Wing

    not to mention also making Creamy Card more redundant than it already is.
  23. Ghaspar

    WhoSell's Equal Signs

    Uhm... @GM Phoenix I think nothing has changed 😅
  24. I'm sure everybody would love to see @GM Haziel's works be implemented in the server.
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