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  1. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    My Kaspersky treats Talonro with no hate - Kaspersky is very fast and light when compared to Avast. BTW no freezing any more. I do not why though.
  2. Ding

    Any oldschool players?

  3. Ding


    Klara Vappen bara vatten.
  4. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    No luck yet Only when I use 4G connections I have no freezing. However the wireless connection is not so smooth overall. I have bought a new ADSL modem and changed the connection cables with no luck. Is it possible that the response time in the fixed net is too short (about 10ms) when compared to the wireless response time (30 ms)? Some small lag type spikes that are typical to RO might be handled too shortly. Of course there can be also a faulty router in the nearest telephone company distribution station. Not too many deaths still and I use my cell phone 4G connection when I get tired of the freezings.
  5. The icantleavethisforum guy
  6. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    But the freezing is still there. I try to make a clean installation
  7. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    I did it. It's behavior is splendid. Thanks.
  8. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    Kaspersky has a bad reputation. But I think I found the problem, my Geforce GTX650 driver had gone out of date along all those Windows updates. This spring was too much for that driver from year 2013. I was a couple of hours in Clock Tower without problems. Thanks for interaction, it helped me. And now that Kaspersky, maybe.
  9. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    Seems to be true. I uninstalled it and I now trust on Windows Defender, no freezing yet. I might try AVG next.
  10. Ding

    Sudden freezing

    My game has begun to freeze. No crashing but I cannot do anything, nothing works and only way to get away from this situation is to close the window from the upper right corner cross. Typically I find myself in Prontera without HP after I start the game again. Could it be Windows 10 update, Avast free antivirus or Windows defender or something else. This problem is quite new, some weeks only. Typically I have no lag.
  11. Ding


    - morjens joole. Juu mikäs pahan tappaisi. Olenkin havainnut jonkin suomalaisen nimen @main:ssa, varmaan sinä. Tervetuloa.
  12. I agree, but that is how it has been at least here. You must have the last killing hit yourself to get the kill point.
  13. Ding

    Back to RO, Also

    Welcome. If you had characters in AnimaRO they should be still here. Maybe your alchemist is still in Prison waiting for you. You might like to send a ticket: https://panel.talonro.com/support/ with all possible information of your past life 11 years ago.
  14. Ding


    Koska täällä ei taida olla suomalaisia, "kehtaan" kopioida tähän hienon runon, joka lapsuudessa kosketti minua eikä se ole väljähtänyt. Olenkin tekemässä uutta champpiä tämän pohjalta. Tirlittan-loru Nattilrit Tirlittan lensi kanavaan, Tirlittan upposi, Tirlittan nousi pinnalle, Tirlittan hengitti. Tirlittan meni torille, Tirlittan varasti, Tirlittan vietiin vankilaan, Tirlittan karkasi. Tirlittan etsi kotia, Tirlittan rukoili, Tirlittan pois-pois potkittiin, Tirlittan rähisi. Tirlittan tuli huvilaan, Tirlittan koputti, Tirlittan piiaks pestattiin, Tirlittan palveli. Tirlittan nukkui kaapissa, Tirlittan kutisi, Tirlittan kaatoi kynttilän, Tirlittan kiljahti. Tirlittan meni pyhäkköön, Tirlittan veisasi, Tirlittan pois-pois potkittiin, Tirlittan morjensti. Tirlittan meni sirkukseen, Tirlittan taiteili, Tirlittan tanssi nuoralla, Tirlittan tipahti. Tirlittan - päivää seitsemän, Tirlittan kamppaili, Tirlittan voitti kuoleman, Tirlittan parani. Tirlittan pääsi kotihin, Tirlittan riemuitsi, Tirlittan äidin, siskot sai, Tirlittan rakasti. Tirlittan - okariinollaan, Tirlittan visersi, Tirlittan kutsui -ketähän? - TIRLITTAN RAKKAANI. (Oiva Paloheimo, 1953)