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    Hyvää Suomen itsenäisyyspäivää 6.12.2019
  2. Hello, welcome. Main works now with #main in the box left from the chat box. Also #map etc. works in that way. Databases will come online later. Talonro has changed from eAthena to rAthena.
  3. Ding


    Terve Joole. Täällä Suomi-threadissa on niin vähän liikennettä, että tulee harvoin käytyä. Toivottavasti tavataan Aarne. Teen säännöllisesti nuo Daily Talon cash -questit, joten siinä mielessä pelaan joka päivä, muuten hieman harvemmin.
  4. The rAthena begins to be as good as eAthena or maybe better (Gepard might be the main slowing element). #2 Is really done, thanks a lot. #1 Should be possible what I have seen:
  5. I have two question: 1) Could it be possible to make the inventory size adjustable like in eAthena. It is very "nasty" now. 2) The #channels should be off when you log in the game. on/off should be permanent, now you must every time type the long !channel leave #channel_name. That is very annoying. The new tab is not a valid answer. Thanks
  6. Ding


  7. Cats and cakes, we all love them
  8. Ding


    Hyvää alkanutta kesää!
  9. You might need the full installer and a clean folder.
  10. I can see many people in the TamTam maps.
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