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  1. OH my, I also missed the Soiree. Why had my friends to come just at the same time . I can hear my song to be played there.
  2. Hi. Strange thing on Ratemyserver. I did make three times my review there fo TRO. Every time the points were very low though I gave the best ever points. But you have the opportunity to answer there, sorry for the points. I might try later to change if it is possible. There might be problems on their website or I made something wrong, o my.



    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      @Ding In that case it might be better to delete the review again. The points lower our overall ranking. :( 

    2. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Maybe RMS is trolling us :(

  3. Good imagination again. Thank you.
  4. Go, do it. They need help in Nepal and we can help.
  5. Thanks a lot Saturnine. That helps me over the sad mood. I go to check the other map. Merry Christmas.
  6. Thank you again. I wonder however what is this anti-SQI tendence? Should we have duplicate gears?
  7. Thanks a lot for the event. The 12x-rates gave me opportunity to make my Baby Novice to 99 and even more - I got my Baby Knight also to level 99.
  8. But Hydrogen is so lonely with only one proton.
  9. Oh no why you do this to me. I lost all those pet eggs. I really need them, and that Peco also give them back.
  10. Thanks guys, well done. O.o where is my baby novice /gg
  11. Thank you again, a very pleasant event again, I mean events
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