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  1. I think that the old GewenG won this adventure. Are you a sailor? Nice.
  2. Ding


    Hyvää Suomen itsenäisyyspäivää 6.12.2019
  3. Hello, welcome. Main works now with #main in the box left from the chat box. Also #map etc. works in that way. Databases will come online later. Talonro has changed from eAthena to rAthena.
  4. Ding


    Terve Joole. Täällä Suomi-threadissa on niin vähän liikennettä, että tulee harvoin käytyä. Toivottavasti tavataan Aarne. Teen säännöllisesti nuo Daily Talon cash -questit, joten siinä mielessä pelaan joka päivä, muuten hieman harvemmin.
  5. The rAthena begins to be as good as eAthena or maybe better (Gepard might be the main slowing element). #2 Is really done, thanks a lot. #1 Should be possible what I have seen:
  6. I have two question: 1) Could it be possible to make the inventory size adjustable like in eAthena. It is very "nasty" now. 2) The #channels should be off when you log in the game. on/off should be permanent, now you must every time type the long !channel leave #channel_name. That is very annoying. The new tab is not a valid answer. Thanks
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  8. Cats and cakes, we all love them
  9. Ding


    Hyvää alkanutta kesää!
  10. You might need the full installer and a clean folder.
  11. I can see many people in the TamTam maps.
  12. Ding


    Kiitos AlysSariel. Meni hässäkän puolelle tuo joulumäppi
  13. Ooh, so no problems here side, thanks
  14. I made a clean installation. The patcher patches up to the Valentie day but I still have the XMAS things on - strange. Never happened before. There must be a file which I should delete.
  15. I suppose that the patcher does not work for me because I still have the Xmas map and even Halloween loading pics. Some new sprites look like apples in my inventory. The mini installer does not help. What to do?
  16. Belive me: Third jobs 🤡 (I never lie)
  17. I have these two. Someone said once that Tipu is the worst homunculus in the server and Tipi is not better
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