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  1. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Reserved for my entry. Get ready for your bellies to be rekd. >:3
  2. wot in tarnation
  3. Wonderful! <3 That's an awesome system you guys have and I will be checking it out. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone! Verdi here. My common in game names are Tounna and Serif and I am a fellow TRO player! Yes! It's true! Hello! I'm here because like many people, I am guildless. And I would like to change that. So let me tell you cats about me and maybe we can make some guild matches here or however things like that work. I have been playing RO off and on since.. oh god.. 2005-2006ish? My first server was Animaro and I've been along for the whole journey with my lovely current stop at TRO. I am here to stay. I've always been on low rate servers and I love love love it. I love the grind. I love the community. I love the interaction. Even though I have been on RO forever and a half, I am not necessarily GOOD at it. I've never had great gears. I've never had the money to really pay for stuff, and honestly I love working hard for all that juicy juicy zeny. With that being said, I love in game PvE and grinding and leveling. I take it seriously, but I try not to take myself too seriously. Does that make sense? I love social guilds. I am not interested in WoE unless it's to fool around and try something new. I'll try to be as social as possible. I work from home so I get to have this wonderful thing called constant computer access (and yes I get to wear PJ's all day IF I WANT and I DID) With that being said, I will often go a few days without logging in because I have to get some grinding done at home, so y'know. Life. Job. Dog. etc. I'd like to be around others who are at least relatively compassionate. Humble. Wholesome. Etc etc. I'm definitely NOT a religious person by any means but I'm beyond interested in befriending people who are jerks or say racist/homophobic/misogynistic/etc. words. I'm not here for it. That being said, I'm extremely tolerant and way laid back. I will not police you, I won't be a jerk. I won't tell you how to be. I just love the social aspect of RO and I miss it a heck of a lot. Even though my gears aren't great, I'll share what I have and help others in any way I can. If I can help level up some lower level people or give tips on stuff, I'd jump at the opportunity! OH OH OH. And I love guilds that hit up dungeons and stuff. This IS an MMO, right? And what's an MMO without slaughtering some monster baddies with all your favorite chum chums? SO. TL;DR: Hi. I like guilds. I don't like jerks. I want you all to be happy and if I can make you smile I'm happy. Let's do some PvE monster hunting and hang out on RO because you also like to have conversations that are deeper than talking about pop culture and talking about how hot someone is. Hi. I'm Verdi and I'm very pleased to meet you. Thanks you guys and I hope to meet some super rad people! <3 -Verdi