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  1. Hayata

    Dancer/Gypsy — Wanted?

    Being Gypsy main myself, advertising yourself is definitely way to go. Odin party "damage dealer & support", Abbey party "banshee killer & crowd control". You can try coming to the map in person to ask for a party slot. Be prepared to spend a lot of Grape Juice/SP for switching songs (GEC & Kaho is not enough), and do NOT Scream XD. Additionally, find a guild PvM or WoE as soon as possible. Join/host/tag along guildie random farming/HBQ, and if they're lenient, ET/GMC (SP is a pain for Sniper, constantly). I was a WoE Gypsy for a short time, definitely viable for Trans Vanilla Woe, fun, extremely annoying & game-changing if pulled off properly. Hope you enjoy a Gypsy journey!
  2. Hayata

    ☕Helia's House

    Can I join as well? :3
  3. slot pls EDIT: Will add ref for a chibi once I reach home.
  4. Hayata

    A guide to duets (Clown and Gypsy for PvM)

    *drop iela a credit for writing this out*
  5. Hayata

    Costumes & Event Headgears List

    Lightning Speed Costume (obtained in "TalonRO helps Nepal" event) A helm designed to show off your agility. Its shape is sharp as a blade. Also got Jack Skellington Rucksack Costume from Surprise Box. It seems to give random rare costume, since my other friend got Protection Feather.
  6. Your forum status might be silent, but your dA spoke.
  7. Hayata

    [SLOTS WON] Elza's Doll Cart

    A bump just because.
  8. Hayata

    Professor armor help

    If you really wanted to avoid Water damage, a Wind armor would've been a better choice, reducing more without being hurt from Lightning Bolt and Jupitel Thunder (Water weak against Wind, and Byalan mobs have those skills) Marc would be most useful, since some mobs mentioned has a freezing skill. Ultimately cheap would be a Succubus, useful but doesn't help much in end-game contents. Besides, as a battle sage you should have Kaahi from Soul Linker and good MDEF anyway, so don't worry too much, save the Marc on sth more universal (Glittering Jacket, etc)
  9. Hayata

    LF> Artist

    For the bored artistic minds
  10. I still remember my first days in RO, spending half an hour answering the Job Quiz (got recommended to a Thief ._.) I know a lot of players dislike lengthy questions that stands between them and the gaming world, but I suggest we bring such a quiz back to life. Do you prefer attack, support, or a mixture of both? Do you prefer magic or physical? You enjoy screen-wide attacks or single-target tactics? You prefer face-to-face combat or run-n-gun strategy? (Like how many ppl know Prof can do close combat with magic ._o) You prefer toughness or agility? Do you aim to be the strongest of the crowd, or you prefer being unique to the rest? Ending with a brief of the beginning class of the recommended job, the targeted final class, and an alternate option if one follow that path (like "you can go the path or Archer to become Sniper, or you can go that path but becoming a Clown/Gypsy) A plain quiz is discouragingly tedious, but the original quiz so many twists into it, referring to action choices and personality, that really got on my nerves >.<
  11. Hayata

    Guide to Clowns

    I have mixed feelings for the nerf. Old Bragi popularity encourage people to try out Bard/Clown and explore more from there, and it makes party levelling and hardcore gaming much simpler. I rarely view it as an OP skill, but more like a barrier to creativity though. With the nerf, as Howrah said, bragi is now pretty much for non-IC newbies, and requires more calculation to reach effective DPS than before. However, I feel bragi can still stand with support classes (obvious, I know), and other bard skills aren't necessary that bad. Apple song cost SP to heal, but good HPs usually heal with Sanc anyway; Assassin song doesn't affect bow, but SQI staffs carded with Doppelgänger is common enough to see how ASPD can affect casters. Snipers may have a hard time employing Bragi for high DPS in claiming "attack is the best defence", but they can still increase survival chance using A Whistle for Flee and PD in conjunction with Apple song. As Mia have said, melee classes - who benefit greatly from non-bow ASPD, Flee and HP buff - rarely join parties, and ranged classes own, but is it bad for the status quo to change? All parties will still need HPs, damage penalty can be decreased using lower lvl Bragi (lvl 10 Bragi reduce 50% cast delay and 30% cast time, lvl 9 - 27% cast delay (!) and 27% cast time, lvl 1 - 3% cast delay and 3% cast time reduction), and Bard/Clown now has a reason to go offensive a bit - better Dex for cast time reduction, adding Agi to help everyone flees annoying mobs. A final note on changes: as a Gypsy, it's a great joy for me that whenever I join ET, Snipers would gladly change from Gryphon mid (increasing CRIT) to Stormy Knight mid (increasing ATK) to increase DPS under Fortune's Kiss. It encourage me to put off some Int and reach out for Luk, and work extra hard to balance the songs out when switching. Changes are uncomfortable, and the majority just want a fuss-free gaming experience, but they open up possibilities that people were reluctant to take, and possibilities are one step to a better game. (PS: Ensemble is also a cure to Bragi nerf )
  12. Hayata

    PVP/WOE Ninja

    Melee ninja only works in PvP, Shadow Slash is disabled in WoE and WoE:SE (not to be confused w/ Taekwon's High Jump, which only disabled in WoE: SE For PvP, a good trick against Sinx is to get some aftercast reduction, and bait them to unhide and SBK with Flip Tatami - it blocks Soul Breaker. Flip Tatami has the same cooldown as Soul Breaker, so if you can lower your cooldown or make the sinx SBK after you flip, you can deal damage when he's still in cooldown and you aren't. Shadow Slash - Hide is generally too fast for human reflex anyway, and I heard sinx HP pool only lose to LK and Paladin :/
  13. You can run, but you can't hide. I will stalk you, until you come to light.
  14. Hayata


    I'd have taken first slot, but my laptop broke down so I have no mean to access the game and pay. Such is life. Edit: Dat smexy Sani made my day.