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  1. xPandaExpressx and Ansa's entry HP: Ansa Sniper: xPandaExpressx ======================================================================================================================= xPandaExpressx: Hey! Do you wanna make babies? Ansa: ”Yeeeee sure bruh, you seem like a fun ,stupid Panda”. And that’s how the story of xPandaExpressx the dazzling Sniper and Ansa the fiendish Dark Priest began. Despite the light and dark ,Yin and Yang nature of Panda and Ansa, they are actually much more similar to each other than what their costumes suggest. They like to constantly tease each other in a joking way and they enjoy each other’s existence. After we married in the game, Ansa teleported me to my doom in Brasilis field (using the Marriage teleport skill) without my knowing while I was afk. Ansa was waiting for the right moment to strike and did not hesitate to do so as soon as the Dark Priest found an opening. Be careful of this weird hooded figure; Lower your guard around Ansa and you might just meet your untimely doom. We took this photo together in The Diel in El Dicastes because this place represents the cold heart of the Dark Priest. However, the heart was pierced with the cupid’s bow and the charismatic aura of the dazzling Sniper. We like to roam the vast world of Rune-Midgard together! If you run into us , don't hesitate to say hi so we can give you free pizzas with pineapples and convert you to the dark, edgy side. Cheers! -Panda and Ansa
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