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  1. ⚡The Elements ⚡ PvP guild - Now Recruiting!

  2. Super League (of Win) WoE 01/21/18

  3. Super League (of Win) WoE 01/21/18

    Thank you for your kind comment!
  4. ⚡The Elements ⚡ PvP guild - Now Recruiting!

    we back!
  5. Super League (of Win) WoE 01/21/18

    Quality kinda iffy, watch in 1080p. Small clips of WoE, enjoy!
  6. Milu's commish

    I'd like to be added to the wait-list if you decide that's a thing!
  7. Battle Ground

    @I am Ark I'll respond to each thing individually so it looks better to read Assumptio - High priest are already EXTREMELY useful in BG due to the limited amount of supplies you get. I'd be willing to go as far as to say that HP are probably one of THE most useful classes in BG (even without assumptio). Damage Reduction - 2 snipers and a bragi would have a field day in BG if the damage restrictions were lifted. That's about 30k damage per second (even if they aren't using an element that counters your armor. Asura becomes instant kill against most classes unless you have deviling, toad, GR on (and they could still kill classes with less than 15k HP. There are plenty of scenarios where BG will just become completely one-sided as soon as a single mistake is made. Endure - A player can gear an LK that's freeze/sleep/stone curse immune, quag is a small surface, and decrease agi can be countered with Guarana candy. Flinch is a necessary feature in group fights. Flee - not too sure about this restriction. It was created with "vanilla" in mind and just kept in place as the game progressed. Flee build has never been a wise thing to run in unres group-pvp so I'm not sure if this matters much. Knockback - You're only partially correct about the reason this was implemented in WoE. It was implemented for multiple reasons but the main reason is this simply benefits the defenders too much. In WoE, you could use this to push people back out the portal (of a 1.0 castle) or just keep pushing them away from the Emperium. You mention that there's no Emp in BG but you seem to forget that there are similar objectives. Knockback also causes mass position lag and would just make a terrible mess of things in general. This isn't something that can even be considered to remove. Damage Indication - The primary issue is flooding. Many players with older pcs will have issues with this even with 10 people vs 10 people. Of course, pvp players can tell what gear/elements other players are using by the numbers that appear but that doesn't mean it takes more "skill" than trying to analyze what an enemy is using without the numbers. It's actually the reverse. It takes more "skill" to do this when the damage isn't displayed. What you're saying is akin to believing that a blind person needs less "skill" to play golf effectively compared to a player that can see. Elemental Scrolls - Since you addressed the examples I used, I'll just refer to those for now. LK does have Nibel but that's valuable time spent casting a skill and declaring what element you are using. That is completely different than an LK simply spamming elemental scrolls so you can't even react in time to armor swap properly (or even see which element they are using in the first place). SinX does have many elemental weapons (if they go dagger build) but it is FAR more destructive to just wear a Twinfang, EDP, and pop an elemental scroll. Your enemy can use a whatever reductions they like (and run 40k HP) but they're still gonna die in 4-5 seconds without pots (2-3 for normal players). I feel like this is actually a discussion for another topic. Most players on this server are pretty well adapted to this customization so I'm not sure many pvp/woe/bg players will support elemental scrolls. You keep saying "Bg is not WoE" (which is correct) but the creators of BG used the WoE mechanics upon releasing BG. You say the rules should be different but I feel as though you're one of the only people who feels that way. BG was created with WoE mechanics in mind so even the initial creators disagree with you. It's okay to be against certain restrictions but you can't simply write it off as "BG is not WoE". Most of these are things the original creators must've discussed over and decided upon specifically FOR bg. You make it seem like these were all just randomly thrown into the BG mode for no reason. The objectives, game size, and gameplay styles are what make it BG, not the restrictions. Not trying to be rude but, based on some of your responses, you sound rather unfamiliar with Unrestricted PvP and WoE on this server (despite mentioning it exactly).
  8. Battle Ground

    I feel like of those changes have a purpose that suits BG too. I'll go ahead and respond to each skill individually to make it easier to read Assumptio - isn't needed when all the other damage reduction changes are in place. Would be fairly rough if one side had assumptio while the other didn't (if the damage nerfs weren't in place). Backslide - The one isn't that necessary for BG. I can't really think of a solid argument against it so I'll concede this point? Endure effect- If an LK/Paladin could rush through enemies without even flinching at the skills thrown there way, that would be the scariest class around. Flee reduction- Pretty fair, average geared melee players would almost always miss flee geared players otherwise. Long ranged + skill based damage reduction - 100% necessary. If this wasn't the case, all it would take is one small mistake for an entire group to die off instantly. The higher the number of players involved, the more necessary this becomes. Knockback - already addressed this in a previous post. BG would be a game of "keepaway" with everybody spamming skills to push people back from the objective. Damage #'s dont appear- Turning this off would flood the screen with numbers and make it a lot messier for people. Newer games have the ability to turn this off in player settings for the very same reason. This is another example of a change where the change becomes more necessary as the player count grows. Elemental scrolls - if this rule was changed, physical (melee) classes would rule supreme. Classes like LK, WS, and SinX would easily mow through the enemy since their element couldn't be guessed to be reduced. A sinx with EDP active would be even deadlier and other classes would be required to carry at least 4 armors and play "guess the element or die (assuming you don't die anyway)". Instead of just saying "ALL OF THESE don't make sense in BG", it might be better to explain which changes (in particular) and the reason why you're against them.
  9. bio end-game gears

    To hit the maximum amount of casts per second with bragi, bios need around 185ish aspd. Without aspd, your motion delay is longer.
  10. Battle Ground

    Allowing knockback is a large change but it is 100% necessary. If you could knockback in WoE, Stormgust would be too destructive. You could also charge arrow/jupitel people out of the portal and prevent them from even WoE'ing... if you factor in things like position lag, it would just be miserable.
  11. Battle Ground

    Out of curiosity, which WoE restrictions do you find stupid? I think they're all fairly well thought. The WoE restrictions were put in place to make group vs group fighting more enjoyable for all. I don't think I'd mind the restrictions at all. Pvp is pvp, WoE is WoE, and BG is bg, regardless of the restrictions.
  12. "Potless" pvp map

    If such a feature was added, it would need to have both a cooldown (something along the lines of 2 minutes) and an obvious animation on the player that use it (so nearby players know). I'm not sure that's entirely necessary but I'm not against the idea.
  13. "Potless" pvp map

    What does that have to do with anything? You make it sound like they aren't capable of doing that now.
  14. "Potless" pvp map

    I would like to suggest changing two of the existing pvp maps (1 vanilla and 1 unres) by disabling HP recovery consumables (all) and disabling dual clients (like was done before for Battlegrounds?). The map sprite doesn't really matter so the change could simply be made to the 2 least used PvP maps (one vanilla, one unres). The current state of pvp is, generally, the person who is most willing to spend money on slims or most willing to prebuff with bragi wins and the rest die. This is really disheartening to many different groups of players (players that are saving up for better gear, players who enjoy playing support classes, players who only have a single account, and players who realize that fights come down to whoever can carry more potions) so it wouldn't hurt to have a map (or two) that cater to those groups. Since we have 6 total pvp maps, I figured it might be nice to change one map from each mode. Reasons- 1. So those who cannot afford to buy an abundance of Condensed White Potions/Cake have a place to pvp on a playing field that is closer to even. Pot spam means that players can have incredible survival without sacrificing any offense stats/gear/skills. In general, if two (equally geared) players fight each other, the player that pots will win. If players aren't equally geared, the player that is willing to spam pots generally has money to afford that which means they already have a decent amount of gear (sqi or items of similar value) while a player that isn't willing probably owns less gear. This means the the player spamming potions (usually) already has gear advantage and is making the gap between players that much larger with the constant potion use. 2. So people are less likely to be able to dual client a clown, linker, hp, or bio to prebuff themselves. Currently, the best way to fight against potion spam is to bring in a HP client to assumptio yourself and bring in a clown client to bragi yourself. This way you can attempt to dish out damage quickly enough that it overwhelms your enemy's pot spamming. This is why Unres PvP is currently filled with SoulBreaker spamming bragi'd SinX. Linked clowns spamming tarot cards, and bragi'd pressure spamming paladins seem popular as well. One of the first things I have to do when I enter pvp is scout the walls for cloaked bards/clowns/linkers/high priests. It's pretty obvious they're dual clients by the fact that they have no gear on and most active PvPers are now aware which dual client belongs to which player. 3. So support and healing classes have a place in the pvp room besides being relegated to a buff slave dual client. Most healing/buffing skills are cast by dual clients. SPP/PP/Heal/Sanctuary/Bless/AgiUp/Assumptio/FCP/Bragi/Link/Kaite/Kaupe/Kaizel are all skills that seem to get used more often by a dual client rather than the main character a player is pvp'ing on at the time. These are core class skills for these classes but you won't see them (the classes) PvP'ing actively because people just pot and prebuff. Making these PvP maps will help players who want to PvP but don't want to simply lose due to the enemy's ability to afford healing items or client multiple characters at the same time. Possible arguments against? 1. PvP should be Free for All. This suggestion only changes 2 out of 6 PvP rooms so there will still be 4 maps that are FFA 2. People won't use the new PvP mode Considering the amount of people are are outspoken in pvp about the pot spammers and dual clienters, I doubt that. I'm sure a few players will try to avoid it for a bit but, the generally state of pvp right now is that people join the active map. If three people decide they want to enter the new pvp mode, then it is already worth the effort to make it. If people see that there are three on the map, they are likely to join it. 3. You mentioned HP recovery item removal but not SP Recovery. Grape juice is extremely easy to make, inexpensive to buy, and so ingrained in the minds of players that SP items should be allowed. Even in the most ridiculous dueling scenarios (where one side states limitations such as "no breakers, no aspd pots, no statusing") SP recovery is allowed by all. If the map were to limit SP item use as well, nobody would use it. 4. This is unfair to classes that don't have a heal skill I can agree with this to an extent but I don't believe it's completely unfair. Most classes that have healing skills are more supportive in nature to begin with. Bio has 2 hp recovery skills but they are extremely limiting and the bio gets so much more out of simply spamming ranked slims compared to using PP or SPP due to their "learning potion" passive and the natural skill delay. Champions are the one class that seems strongest with the heal skill but they are S-Tier anyway. If a champion (in the current pvp mode) opted to spam slims instead of heal, they'd be that much more destructive. Even without a passive like "learning potion", using a healing skill and spamming a healing item are completely. TalonRO's skill delay is something around .33 per skill cast meaning you can cast 3 heals per second (IF you have high enough aspd and aftercast delay). A single class, using the heal skill, probably heals around 2,600 HP per cast. Without bragi, you'd be lucky to get 2 casts per second but (from experience) I'd say it's actually a little less than that (maybe closer to 1.5 heals per second). 2 heals per second would mean you are healing 5,200 HP every second. It also means that you cannot cast any OTHER skills (or perform many actions in general) during that time. Spamming pots is different. A ranked condensed white potion heals 487.5 to 607.5 per use (without factoring in VIT and passives) and it is pretty realistic to spam at least 4 a second. Once you factor in VIT and passives, it is SO much quicker to recover HP through potions than through healing. You can also actively cast other skills so you are healing WHILE ATTACKING. Comparing the recovery heal healing skills to the recovery of good healing items isn't realistic.
  15. White Potions in the PvP Arena

    As an active pvp player I don't like this suggestion because, as Boreas mentioned, REGULAR pvp rooms should be free for all. If the GM's were to change every room to limit slim consumption, there would be plenty of people who would be upset. I understand where you are coming from @Emperor Cha but this suggestion would create more issues than it solves. What I would suggest is modifying one of the pvp rooms (I'll type up a full suggestion later in a new topic). There are currently 6 pvp maps (3 vanilla and 3 unres) which is great for a change of pace but people will generally flood into whichever one is populated. I'd suggest disabling HP recovery items in 2 of the maps (1 vanilla and 1 unres. This will completely solve the issue of potion spam (if you don't like it, swap to another map and people who are like minded can do the same. I'll elaborate more (about the reasoning and the issues it solves) once I make the actual suggestion topic.