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  1. BG Video 04/15/18

    Some people just don't realize that other timezones are the majority
  2. BG Video 04/15/18

    The gms were probably using times when the server population peaked as the time to hold the beta tests. It makes more sense that way since more possible players = more extensive testing.
  3. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Yeah bios could spam ad without free pots but that means they are incurring a cost themselves since ad set is ~4k. If the final implementation lowered ad costs instead of making it completely free, it would help balance out the repair issue since people would be much more reluctant to play the class and blindly spam. On another subject, I have a question. I'm not sure if you all plan on running BG happy hour but, if so, would it be possible to change the modes active during that timeframe? Seiren mentioned that Bossnia, Domination, and Eye of the Storm were removed from the rotation due to them being a bit longer than the other modes but I feel as though Bossnia was one of the crowd favorites among the testers. Would it be possible to have these modes in the loop at a low rate during normal hours and then remove them during happy hours? It might be a way to keep the modes active at times while keeping the super fast paced playstyle for the times when players want the quickest matches.
  4. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    I think most of us are thinking along the lines of, "If AD sets are given for free (and therefore gear is constantly being broken at no cost to the bio), the repair cost should be considered too". We aren't saying that repairs should always be free, it just feels like we are repairing much more often since bios can freely AD spam so the cost to play bio diminishes while the cost to playing a class with breakable gear grows. I do realize bios are given glistening coats as well but the I can count the number of times I was fcp'd during the open beta on one hand. Bios will, of course, fcp themselves but whoever else they fcp is left to their discretion. WoE is different since it is an organized group and the leaders instruct bios to FCP everybody. That being said, I do like the idea of linking repairs to BG coins. Would it be possible to code something like "x amount of coins spent = free or reduced repair fees for a week" that only works on the BG repair NPC in game?
  5. BG Video 04/15/18

    Just random clips from 2 hours worth of BG open beta test.
  6. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Yeah I realize they do but I think they need even more. The 50% resupply upon death idea will help with this. For the large modes, would it be possible to just have them appear at an extremely low rate? Like once every 10 -15 rounds? That way it will keep BG (for the most part) fast paced without completely removing the modes. For conquest, I think you just need to drop barricade HP down. If you want to change the timer, you should add an extra minute to each objective capped after the first barricade (like instead of +5 minutes after breaking the 2nd barricade, maybe add +6 minutes, and then +7 minutes after breaking the third). It takes a while to walk through the castle (and you better pray you have agi up in vanilla mode) so the more objectives you gain, the larger the defending enemy's advantage grows. The 50% resupply upon death thing should help with this a lot since the attack guild usually runs out of pots after the first barricade or so which results in a lot more death and a lot more walking. This is why the defending team generally wins this mode. FCP being free only matters if the bio on your team chooses to FCP everybody (assuming you even HAVE a bio on your team). As Mendics mentioned, repairs are mainly used by pvp/WoE players so I can hardly see anybody stockpiling broken gear and entering bg to save 45k on repairs. The main people who need repairs in PvM are MvPers and the majority of them have Bonus Bundle active constantly (unlike pvp/woe players) so they get free repairs anwyay. If bios get free AD to destroy all high vit targets (and their gear) from a safe distance, I don't think free repairs is asking too much.
  7. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    I agree with mendics that Conquest still heavily favors the defending team. Barricade HP should be dropped a bit. I also like the logic that since AD sets are freely given, repairs should be too. Supplies are definitely too few, after a few minutes, everybody is just dropping to SG since nobody has hp pots left. The tiny amount of HP pots given extremely gimps melee classes since you are forced to wade through all the elemental damage flying around if you want to reach most targets. By the time you reach your objective, you've likely already wasted 1/3rd of your total pots for the entire round. I really miss the Bossnia mode (I know a lot of other players enjoyed that one too). Issues I noticed- Could see damage in a mode (or two?) Required to hold shift to cast single target attacks (seemed random sometimes it was fine in the same mode?)
  8. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Recent changes- !Joinbg command- Didn't test but it seems like exactly what we needed. !order/leader/reportafk- Another thing I didn't see to test but they all seem necessary. Repairman revamp- Great. Much easier to repair by spam clicking enter Storage removal in return room- I think this should be changed back. Some of the modes last a long time and players may realize they forgot an important piece of gear but will have to play through a 10+ minute BG match without the item. I'd recommend re-adding that but place the storage selection option below the repair option (that way people can still spam enter for easy repairs). This way people have a chance to correct gear mistakes if they are quick enough in storage. Free for all- Very fun mode. My only real issue with the mode is the fact that players are able to attack other players while in the return room. Would it be possible to change that or, at least, make it so coins aren't gained for kills in that location. Team balancing- I didn't notice the team balancing feature at all. I had 2 matches with 3 bios on the same team and a match with 2 clowns on the same team. I'm assuming that the reason for this is because the minimum amount of players to start modes has been lowered and perhaps the only time team balancing kicks in is when people are in the process of queueing to begin the mode. Not sure if this can be resolved but, if not, it isn't the end of the world. Removed Party Join option- This seems like a temporary change right? I'm curious if joining as a party puts you into a separate queue where you can only be teamed against another similar sized party. If so, this could be great for GM-led BG events. Coin/badge gain could be turned off for this version (to prevent 2 parties from trading wins by rushing modes). I can't really comment on this further since I don't know the details yet. BG Mode text visibility- Looking good Doctor added to Lobby- Thanks! Green team now Griffe- A nice change to fit the theme. I also noticed that you can now see the green team's score in chat so that's another welcome change from last beta. Fixed barricade placement in Conquest- Not sure where the original placement was so I can't comment on this. Fixed flag bugs/text issues- Thanks! Bossnia MvPs- That mode seemed to run a lot more smoothly compared to the first beta. Suggestions- Clarity- This is likely already being worked on but people were still confused whether they were Croix or Guillaume. Perhaps have players on the Croix side have the bird? emblem above them and the Guillaume side have the lion? emblem above them (with Griffe having another random emblem)? Another option would be to change the player name text to indicate the color of the team they are on or completely change a players cloth dye to a solid red/blue/green for the duration of the match. 2.0 Objectives- For Conquest mode, I feel that the HP of the guardian stone and barricades might be too high. I do realize you get a 6 minute extension every time you break an objective but the mode seems to heavily favor the defenders since there isn't an entire guild working together to break them. Admittedly, I haven't played it enough times to know for certain so it would be nice for others to share their opinions. Rewards- I know this was mentioned a bit on discord but I figured I'd go ahead and post my thoughts since it would be easier to reference here than it is to scroll back up through all the discord chat. I think all the BG gear should be released (including the glorious gear). There are a few pieces that may be a bit problematic but the majority of the items are fine. It wouldn't be hard to have a discussion to suggest possible edits to pieces of gear that people would consider overpowered. I can go into further detail if people are interested. It was also mentioned that costumes/pets probably wouldn't be considered as possible rewards due to the fact that people could possibly take turns to get the reward. I don't agree with that. I feel like a nice account bound costume and PvP/WoE specific pets are a nice addition to the rewards list. An account bound costume (that people really like) is a great way to draw in players who aren't that interested in the PvP side of ragnarok. You could make the amount of coins required to get these items extremely high so that people can't obtain them easily and make it account bound so that the only real value is the value each individual places on it. Costumes are a great reward to draw in players without directly improving their gear/stats. It is pretty easy to deter with people from attempting to trade wins by recommending players report people they believe to be doing so. Active BG players would definitely hop at the chance to get rid of players that ruin the fun. With the new !Joinbg command, players can't simply try and hide when they are entering BG at an otherwise dead time. The !reportafk command also helps to deal with parts of this issue. Pvp/WoE players love pets and costumes. it is generally what we spend our zeny on once we are satisfied with our pvp/WoE gear. If all else fails, the GMs could even grant a small bounty for when players snitch on others with adequate proof and remove the accumulated coins of people who try to abuse anything.
  9. Buff Tome of Ymir

    I couldn't find the SQI discussion topic so I'm assuming it was closed a while ago. If I'm wrong, sorry for making this as a new topic. I feel like Tome of Ymir should have +10% MATK added to the item itself to put it more in line with other caster SQI (like ghostdancer or Staff of Magi). Since SQI are supposed to be one of the strongest available weapons, I think it doesn't make much sense that it is missing +%MATK on the core item when most other caster (prof) weapons have at least 15% (and some as high as 20%. I realize that there is a bonus that gives +10% MATK but there should still be some on the item itself. Another option could be to boost the bonus up to 20% so people feel that it is worth losing one of their other bonuses that are near necessity depending on the type of prof you are. I don't like this option as much though since it still means that you're giving up a bonus to get a boost that a basic staff grants. If tome gets the +10% boost on the item itself and people still get the +10% bonus on top of that, it would help put the tome more in line with Staff of Magi at the cost of 1 bonus slot.
  10. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    I think the triple inferno is best left to 3 teams. 3 teams of 4 is more chaotic than 2 teams of 6. Every other mode is only 2 teams so no harm leaving the only 3 team mode alone (since it seems to be a crowd favorite anyway). A chatbox for respawn isn't a bad idea. To make sure that people don' t afk there, that area could have a 20 second max safe period before you're sent out automatically.
  11. This meta mentality is what's actually killing this game

    Once you hit endgame groups for many games, people treat it similarly to jobs :/ Not saying it's the best thing but it is what it is.
  12. This meta mentality is what's actually killing this game

    The analogy you just used actually does occur in the real world so I'm not sure why you mentioned it. Of course the person with actual job related experience has a better chance at landing the job compared to somebody who has experience at a job that is "similar". The sad fact is, DPS pally/gypsy do NOT dish out as much damage or utility as their meta counterparts. It isn't even that close, to be honest. Most parties would rather risk getting an incompetent meta class compared to a competent off-meta class because the meta class will still generally manage to outdo the non-meta class. You can blame that on RO balance. Generally speaking, Good meta class > good non-meta class, mediocre meta class =/= good non-meta class. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between. Why risk running with an off-meta class when the meta classes will perform just as well (with less effort) or much better (with similar effort). As I mentioned before, once you get established as a good "off meta" player, parties will invite you.
  13. This meta mentality is what's actually killing this game

    Not sure why this turned into a large debate but reading some of these posts make me believe that some people fail to understand an important point. @GoldenCrossThe "meta" exist because it is (generally) the most efficient means to complete stuff. If you wish to play a class in a different manner, more power to you. Just realize that it is likely that you will never be as efficient as classes that do fit the meta with the same amount of effort. You will likely have to invest more into your character's gear and play your best in parties to prove your worth. Once people recognize your name and realize that you are good at what you do, you will be welcome to parties. There are other classes that can do similar things without having to go above and beyond in when they are in a party. For example, an average sniper would still dish out as much damage a great gypsy and the gypsy's utility doesn't really make up for the damage loss (and so on, and so forth...). It is simply what the mechanics of the game (and the gear) allow. The "meta" issue isn't a tRO issue, it's an RO issue in general. RO is an old game filled with vets across many servers and most of them have played through the leveling and "fun" aspect of early/midgear and wish to accumulate gear/wealth efficiently so they look at the server's meta and opt to play those classes. You'll see examples of this across all servers. The older a server is, the more "tried and true" the meta is.
  14. glorious weapons

    Agreed. What you gain in the demi reduction you lose in neutral/ranged reduction combo which scales better. The weapons can always be nerfed a bit until the numbers are what people would like to see but honestly mot of them are perfectly balanced with the current gear.
  15. This meta mentality is what's actually killing this game

    I agree that people should still be using clowns but I think people find it a hassle making sure the clown has exactly the right amount of int to be efficient. That's something only the clown knows I don't think there's an issue with bragi being normal though. Yes it means that clowns will be in nearly every party but I'd rather have 1 clown in every party compared to the current state when the class isn't even used. No other class took the place of clowns post-nerf. It simply meant adding 1 more sniper/hp/champ which were already in those parties to begin with. @GoldenCrossWhen a game is as old as RO is, people tend to desire the most efficient route to get to whichever part of the game they deem, "the fun stuff". What you listed is simply the ideal party setup. You can still party as those classes but you'll have to be much more skilled than players who are playing their counterparts. Some of the stuff you listed won't work either but you can just mess around until you find something you like. Bios AD here, they CAN spp/pp too if you want to offer more to the party (and a great heal that bypasses gtb!), champs/lk/sinx can dps, and so on. You just need to prove to others that you are just as efficient. This happens to be the case for almost any established game.