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  1. Behold, My skills with a tablet. EDIT: 2nd entry! IGN: Windseeker
  2. Ingame Mains: Windseeker and Aluria Stille Characters Used for Screenshot: Attentionseeker and Aluria Stille (two i's instead of L's) Ingame Classes: Assassin Cross (99) and High Priest (99) ----------------- Story ----------------- "Winds! What in the world are you doing?!" she gasped from afar. His knife was high in the air, poised to plunge into the poring, albeit green instead of the usual pink. Maybe it was green because it had better loot? Winds's eyes under his shaggy hair were aglow with delight, but as he dropped his entire weight into the stab, he bounced off. ... bounced? His knife didn't even puncture the green balloon, and it turned around with a mighty grin in its blobby face. With a squish of its cheeks, it sprung into action, headbutting and denting Winds's chestplate with a fearsome strength. Winds and Aluria have only seen the weaker, pinker cousins, but this poring was of stiffer stuff. A poporing, raised in the Novice Grounds for stronger folk, and not to be trifled with by beginners. Aluria leapt to action, dropping the Sticky Mucus she was admiring and unsheathing her Novice Main Gauche, running full speed to Winds's rescue. It seemed that with every stride, the poporing dealt another blow to the poor, poor Winds. With bloody regret on his tongue, he screeched as he ran towards his fiancee. "Heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeee!" Winds ran, nearly tripping over his own legs. But unseen to him, the poporing was winding up for its final blow. It jumped high into the air, and all Winds saw as it descended was a green blob eclipsing the sun, right for his face. ------ "Damn it Winds," Aluria sighed as she nursed him red potions back to consciousness. The poporing scampered off, with obvious glee in its face. And as Winds slowly woke up, he saw his fiancee's lovely blue eyes looking down at him. His head was pounding. "Can we go back to the easier floors, dear?"
  3. So I need a red ingredient (that resembles blood) or powdered sugar (used as "snow"), and have the blood or snow present in my holiday horror story, featuring a kid?
  4. Hello! I'd like to claim a tier 1 crate. IGN: Windseeker Discord: jk#6061
  5. Shoutout to Akatzki on the Art forums for drawing my Assassin Cross, Windseeker! It looks absolutely wonderful. If you're reading this, please commission him! 


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