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  1. S> +7 Valk Helm [1]

    hm for +7 valk?
  2. S>+9 SuNo Armor Set(Carded) 90m[SOLD]

    hm if +9 breastplate only
  3. Thank you gift for fund raising event

    Okay thanks :*
  4. I have not been online for a month, im kinda still busy now. I just want to ask if the thank you gift has been given already. Its been a month.
  5. Super Novice on Mavka

    you can use somber novice hood , tattered novice ninja suit, novice guard. all 1z per item in novice shop at pronts use novice armlet[1] instead of clip[1] so its cheaper. but the kaho, +10hypno+magical booster[0], 2 imp cards iirc is irreplaceable
  6. New rental item for ninja

    Yes please add
  7. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    Defeating a rainbow poring gives you a CHANCE to open the portal. iirc
  8. God poring loot

    I want kaho
  9. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    Maybe a staff that bypass gtb card. And turn his enemies into a frog.
  10. Spinel (revival item)

    Main purpose of this item is for pvp?
  11. the journey to ginnungagap - a small story

    That is sad, you should find this person in real life and take revenge.
  12. S> Vicious Aura Costume 800m

    trade for +7 gec Sleipner?

    For sale/trade
  14. How cool is this @_@*(Super Novice)*

    Would be cool because of fury and all those dex buffs
  15. How cool is this @_@*(Super Novice)*

    Would ne awesomeeeeee