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    T>OVH Kaho to DoB Kaho

    Trading my Old Valkyrie Helm Kaho to a Diadem of Bruenhild Kaho Leave a message here or mail me ingame: Slave 666 or Slave 69 or send me a message through discord: Bob Bob#5315
  2. WAIT are you saying after 2018 .... IS 2019?!
  3. Gugma

    OVH Kaho to DoB Kaho

  4. Ok. I am now eagerly waiting for the next gif about this dog-thief
  5. Gugma

    OVH Kaho to DoB Kaho

  6. Gugma

    OVH Kaho to DoB Kaho

    Trade Old Valkyrie Helm Kaho for Diadem of Bruenhild Kaho PM here or mail @Amyyy / Slave 666
  7. I can view it fine, tho. I'll just tell you what's in it
  8. I love how it makes a dent in the podium when he swings it down But damn these artsu are so fine
  9. just to prevent another 24-hours-since-last-reply scenario