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  1. Wow almost 1 day since last reply
  2. Deviling is good. Can also be carried over onto Geffenia but if you really want to commit to sleepers, you can also try Magmaring. But i suggest Devi.
  3. N is for anything, anywhere at all! Here in the deep blue sea F is for Fire which burns the whole town, U is for uranium bombs, N is for noO SURIVOORRS Here in the deep blue sea o/ Hello~ welcome to the server . Hope you'll take a longer walk down the lane and and create more memories
  4. Don't be. At least you have the tRO family I also have friends. Like close friends. I don't talk to them also. Not because of insecurity or anything, just that, just like me, they're in front of their PCs playing their own games And just like you, i used to think the same way, then i just went ahead of my insecurities and found out that people would be willing to interact with you, if you're willing to interact with them. Pass your own walls, don't force it, but do it slowly, at your own pace You can do it!
  5. Sleip GEC and a clip osi maybe. After asura change to clip, die, resu, asura again. Rinse and repeat
  6. Just bought from these guys. And they're absolute professionals on what they do. They're very friendly, kind, and understanding Didn't took too long to finish all of the seals. They actually deliver on the amount of time they said on their ads. All in all, very good, might buy from them sometime in the future P.S. The feel of a handcrafted arte is totes amaze
  7. Hello and welcome to TalonRO! Hope you'll have a great time old ma-- bud! Oh, and
  8. Also, you can try do the binoculars quest and pirate dagger quest for your mid and lower headgear. Check the wiki for that.