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  1. Excuse me but holy fuck that showcase was too good. That's all and welcome to the server. Hoping to participate in your events. Btw, how are you gonna as a GM? Will you be merciful or masochistic just like some of the GM's here?
  2. I wanna try this rn too bad im poor af
  3. And probably because of the advent of RO's mobile counterpart which kinda takes all the things that make PC RO kinda boring after a long while, the grind. those goddamn phones
  4. So I was farming Stings. You know that there's Gargoyles at Stings, right? So, you just kill 'em when they're hitting you because they're annoying. So I kill them just like the usual, then one of them drops a bow but I fwinged cause reflex. I try to get back to the spot cause, hey, that's atleast 1m. So i fwing and fwing and fwing. Then i get back to the spot. Saw the bow. Bout to pick it up. Then it dissappears. moST INFURIATING PIECE OF SH!@ I !@#$ING HATE THIS GAME MOTHERF!@#$*!!!
  5. Hey, watch where you're going duude sheeesh
  6. But upon his arrival on to the past, the evil god Aku was already vanquished by a young hero. Without any way of going back into the present, the professor decided to tag along to help the hero achieve his dream. The dream of becoming the Pirate King!
  7. A: I'd hunt werewolves cause as much as shapeshifting is fucken nice af, immortality is still intriguing Q: Best way to cook meat?
  8. And, thus, the poringbuff girls were born!
  9. A: No. Q: How do you farm 4m/hr in Geffenia? And what's the besT bEtWeEn stalKeR aNd SiNx?
  10. ... but the corruption have anticipated GM Gemini's actions and have migrated to the feet!
  11. When the world needed him most, the Poring vanished bUT NOW HE'S BACK!
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